3ureka Live: #38 Holiday edition. Music M.C Confuz/Jenni Nexus

San Jose Mercury: Psychiatrist takes kids off psychotropic meds; aggression stops

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Shelter Dogs In Jeopardy

Fern and Fog: Acey Stacey & Sister's Wedding Video

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Milk Bottles and Milk Men

Liberal Jon: Property Should Be Verified Before Any Citizen Speaks to the BOS

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Mad River Union: Nearly 1 1/2 inches of rain yesterday; flood advisory today


CHIV’D: NYPD police officers assasinated by a coward

International Business Times : Can Marijuana Black Market Compete With Legalized Industry?

International Business Times : Eureka's Staples store among those hacked on site

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CHIV’D: EPD, Fire Department and Target shoppers get the true meaning of the holiday spirit

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Samoa Softball: Port of Oakland delays: 'Absolute madness’ threatens business.

Tuluwat Examiner: Machine Gun America! take the whole family

Nooks and Crannies: All the Rain Brings

Friday, Dec. 19

And Now U Know: Corporate giant buys up $17 miilion strawberry farm in Salinas

KINS: Talkshop 121914 – Greg Orsini

KINS: PM News 121914

NCJ Blogthing: CHP: Suspect Attacked Officer with Machete Before Fatal Shooting

Mad River Union: Drugged man battles deputies, gets Tazed

CHIV’D: Prime example of Humboldt's finest criminals: Booked and rebooked

CHIV’D: Protect and serve should be look out and duck

Bill Kowinski: HSU: The Forbidden Stage

Redheaded Blackbelt: Redwood Drive Temporarily Closed

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Cuba

CHIV’D: Burglarly suspect admits to EPD that he intended to break into vehicles

Tuluwat Examiner: More on geoengineering science fiction

KINS: Sam Pennisi – CC121914

KINS: AM News 121914

Ukiah Daily Journal: Hopland: Ownership of Real Goods is back in local hands

Seattle Times: Seattle mayor’s task force wants more tent cities for the homeless

Del Norte Triplicate: Del Norte bird count hits ‘all-time high’

Huffington Post: What Happens When We Send Minors To Adult Prisons

Wall St. Journal: Drug cartels, violence are a “challenge” to energy investors in Mexico

LA Times: Surfers regain access to Malibu's Paradise Cove; pier to be unlocked

NY Daily News: L.A. neighbors go bonkers over Santa smoking a big doobie on medical marijuana store sign

SF Chronicle: No charges for Richmond cop who took home 4 lbs of pot

SF Chronicle: Colorado vows to defend its pot laws against states' challenge

SF Chronicle: 2 states challenge Colorado marijuana legalization

Press Democrat: Undocumented immigrants readyiing for CA driver's licenses starting in January

Press Democrat: Man tasered 20 times sues Sonoma County

Thursday, Dec. 18

KINS: Talkshop 121814 – Fred Van Vleck

Two Rivers Tribune: Feds Give Tribes Green Light to Grow and Sell Marijuana on Tribal Lands

San Jose Mercury: California drought: Feds forecast good chance of wet conditions for next three months

NCJ Blogthing: County Homicide Total a 30-Year High

KINS: PM News 121814

KHUM: VIDEO: Shook Twins Duet w/ Marty O'Reilly & A Tattoo Gun

Humboldt Made: Humboldt Distillery: Holiday Spirits