KINS: Talkshop 013015 – Carol Rische & Barbara Hecathorn

KINS: PM News 013015

Watch Paul: The real soap opera started once we were in the courtroom…

CHIV’D: Ryan Robinson's family stares at Judson Stiglich's family; preliminary hearing set for February 17

NCJ Blogthing: Eureka School District Settles ACLU Lawsuit

Tom Sebourn: Former Humboldt Bay PG&E Power Plant Worker And Whistle Blower Writes Book

KHUM: In Studio: Cleopatra Degher

CHIV’D: With 33 court cases, five previous criminal cases Judson Stiglich, suspect in the death of Ryan Robinson is no boy scout

Tuluwat Examiner: Is Myrtletown Do it Best going the way of the Towndowner?

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Hybrid Cars: Time to Buy?

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Academic Freedom

Mad River Union: It’s been a dry month, but rain may be coming

Daily Beast: Scientology and D.A.R.E. Are Coming for Your Kids

KINS: AM News 013015

KINS: Sam Pennisi – CC013015

The Oregonian: How teenage lumberjacks can keep Oregon's timber industry alive

Press Democrat: Report on state parks urges fundamental changes

Press Democrat: State seeks water rules for pot growers

Thursday, Jan. 29

Press Democrat: Legality of Ukiah tribal pot operation questioned

SoHum Parlance: Kudos to a very courageous woman

KINS: Talkshop 012915 – Andrew Mills

Humboldt Made: Headed to LA, and Better Together!

KINS: PM News 012915

Mad River Union: Eat. Run. Hike. Quest. Love. Stop and smell the flowers.

Tom Sebourn: Trinidad To Clam Beach Run This Saturday!

Mad River Union: Dogtown: Choose your friends wisely

Mad River Union: Companion Animals: Help in Hoopa

Tuluwat Examiner: “Eureka Citizen” apparently wants to end the public debate

CHIV’D: Hoopa shooting victim in stable condition, lookout issued for suspect

Mad River Union: Sneaker wave alert today; rain on Sunday night

Huffington Post: Why isn't Suboxone being used to help more heroin addicts?

Mad River Union: Students ready to face charges

KINS: Mike Goldsby – CC012915

KINS: AM News 012915

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: That E- Cigarette Study

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Craigslist Stealth Campaigns

Wednesday, Jan. 28

NY Times: White House to propose allowing oil drilling off Atlantic coast

San Francisco Chronicle: 1 dead, 4 injured in Mission District fire

CHIV’D: Criminal justice reform brings together unlikely alliances

Samoa Softball: Lets protect the Humboldt brand and small farms. Before we don't have that option.

SF Chronicle: DEA chief: US abandoned plan to track cars near gun shows

San Jose Mercury: California declares electronic cigarettes a health threat

Press Democrat: Sonoma County in top U.S. 10 markets for rent hikes

KINS: Talkshop 012815 – Mark Lovelace

KINS: PM News 012815

CHIV’D: $100,000 bail set for “Creeper” aka Anthony Burgess who responds “Oh F…k” when criminal gang association charge is read

KHUM: Audio: "Screaming Like A Little Girl" During The Quake

CHIV’D: “In the Stiglich case, they charged him with voluntary manslaughter claiming it was a crime of passion. In that case, the victim did not even have a firearm. In our case, the victim had a firearm and it was basically a home invasion.”

CHIV’D: Offer made by defense in Benjamin Carter case for District Attorney to review;

KHUM: 5.7 Earthquake Rattles the North Coast (MAGNITUDE UPDATE, AFTERSHOCKS)