Friday, July 31

NCJ Blogthing: Plea Agreements Reached in Federal Murder Case

CHIV’D: “We only have so much time, we need to deal with what is on calendar today”; Jeremy Kish pushes his luck with the Judge and gets called on his court shenanigans

Redheaded Blackbelt: National Guard Joins Cal Fire Battling Blazes Around the State

Redheaded Blackbelt: Bolt Cutters Allegedly Used to Threaten Robbery Victim

CHIV’D: DA's motion for continuance in gross vehicular manslaughter case continued for input from victim's family; defense counsel tries to negotiate Lockhart's release to agree to DA's continuance

CHIV’D: Local grants available to reduce crime, recidivism from Humboldt County Corrections Partnership

KINS: Talkshop 073115 – Lewis Quinby

KINS: AM News 073115

Mad River Union: Dave Goggin: Surveilled for life after a $500 ripoff

Redheaded Blackbelt: My Craziest Humboldt Day Ever: One Grower’s Account of Rescuing a Friend’s Pot Patch From a Lightning Fire

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Sports Stadiums

KINS: Sam Pennisi – CC073115

Redwood Coast Business: Aviation News: Pen Air to Klamath Falls

Redheaded Blackbelt: The Lightning Fires, Day Two

Fern and Fog: Blueberry, Basil & Cream Popsicle

Redheaded Blackbelt: Reggae on the River Streaming Live

Thursday, July 30

Redheaded Blackbelt: Fully-Involved RV Fire on 299

CHIV’D: Humboldt Consequential's commenter ken d nails it!

Redheaded Blackbelt: Sunset on the Humboldt Lightning Fires

Redheaded Blackbelt: Nissan Altima Rolls Off Road Near Arcata

Redheaded Blackbelt: Over 200 Lightning Strikes This Afternoon, Multiple Reports of Fires

Samoa Softball: Fresh Tuna on Maria Isabel! Woodley Island welcome!

CHIV’D: A taste of BIM, Caribbean style food and bar to open at former Avalon Eureka location

KINS: PM News 073015

The Humboldt Consequential : Ding, Dong, Jacqueline Debets is gone!

Redheaded Blackbelt: Willits Fires Caused by Rogue Lightning, More Lightning in Southeastern Trinity

Mad River Union: Mr. Gaiera meets polar bears, dodges angry terns, jumps into the Arctic sea… for science!

The Guardian: Great white shark thwarts marathon swimmer's Golden Gate bridge quest

Savage Henry: She’s Just That Into Me

Redheaded Blackbelt: Fire Has Traffic at ‘Standstill’ Through Willits

Marin Independent-Journal: Marin athletes gear up for big kite-foil event on bay

Redheaded Blackbelt:

CHIV’D: Two defendants plead guilty, one proceeds to preliminary hearing in crow killing case

CHIV’D: EPD gives some additional details on Old Town Coffee break-in

Redheaded Blackbelt: Followup on Gabe Jackson’s Death:Thomas Kane’s Court Case Moves Forward

CHIV’D: Help EPD and Old Town Coffee and Chocolates catch these crooks; check LOCO link for details

LYGSBTD: Make it to The Makers Fair This Weekend

Mad River Union: Obituary: Walker Owen Greacen

Mad River Union: Dogtown: Handsome Heathcliff & marvelous Mona

Mad River Union: Companion Animals: Greek gods and goddesses incarnate as Siamese kittens

SoHum Parlance: Linda Stansberry’s Radio Talk Show Host Debut Tonight

Redheaded Blackbelt: So…Let’s Review All [the Many, Many] Places California Burns Today

Redheaded Blackbelt: Picking Up Dirty Needles: A Local Group Launches a Program

Redheaded Blackbelt: Law Enforcement Visiting South of Cooks Valley

KINS: Talkshop 073015 – Lt. Fabbri

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Yet Another Damned Political Quiz

KHUM: Local Author Book Signing During Arts Alive

Redwood Coast Business: Aldaron Laird at the Harbor Working Group

KINS: AM News 073015

KINS: Ron Pierre – CC073015