Wednesday, Aug. 26

Mad River Union: Huge toxic log pond now clean, maybe

Mad River Union: Boone’s woozy, booze-fueled boondoggle

Redheaded Blackbelt: Man Allegedly Assaults Woman With Lawn Chair, Beats Other Victims

Savage Henry: Inside the Mind of a Yearbook Photographer

Redwood Coast Business: Here’s the Humboldt Anglers’ Summer Newsletter

Times-Standard Breaking: Trinity County Democrat Fire evacuations and road closures lifted

FIRE UPDATE: Denny: River Complex Update 08/26/2015 (River Complex Wildfire)

Redheaded Blackbelt: YOUR FIRE MAPS 8/26/15

Mad River Union: Humboldt to get new radio station

NCJ Blogthing: St. Joseph Nurses Allege Understaffing, Departure from Values

Mad River Union: Mountain lions spotted at McK Park

Redheaded Blackbelt: Sheriff’s Office Asks For Help Identifying Burglary Suspect

Redheaded Blackbelt: Trinity County Road and Evacuation Information

FIRE UPDATE: Hayfork: Trinity County Evacuation/Closure Update 08-26-15 9am (Fork Complex Wildfire)

Redheaded Blackbelt: Convoy Headed South on Benbow Drive This Morning

FIRE UPDATE: Hyampom: Update: Route & Mad River 8-26-15 (Route Complex Wildfire)

FIRE UPDATE: Ruth/SoHum: Update:route & Mad River 8-26-15 (Mad River Complex Wildfire)

Redheaded Blackbelt: Day 28: Lightning Fires

Mad River Union: Rainstorm to hit Humboldt Friday

The Oregonian: Klamath County sheriff under investigation, seven deputies put on leave

FIRE UPDATE: Nickowitz: Nickowitz Fire Update – Wednesday, August 26, 2015, 6:00 AM (Nickowitz Wildfire)

LA Times: Nation Does marijuana smell bad? An Oregon court issues ruling on 'olfactory assault'

Daily Mail: Studies show incense is more toxic than cigs

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Sonoma County's Homeless Plan

KINS: Phil Arnot – CC082615

KINS: AM News 082615

Mother Jones: Salad Seems Really Virtuous, Right? It's Not.

Redheaded Blackbelt: New Fire in Zenia Area

Newsquench: Grand Canyon riddled with mercury pollution

SF Chronicle: Abalone diver dies off Mendocino Coast

FIRE UPDATE: Burnt Ranch: South Complex Morning Udpate 8/26/15 (South Complex Wildfire)

Lumberjack News: UPD Arrests Suspect in Paintball Gun Shooting Incident

Lumberjack News: CSU Presidents Get Pay Increase Over Summer Break

Lumberjack News: HSU Tries to Address Parking Problems

Lumberjack News: City of Arcata Extends Foster Avenue, Begins Trail Project

Lumberjack News: HSU Athletic Lawsuit Sets Trial Date

Lumberjack News: From Green to Golden: How will HSU Change in Response to the Drought?

Lumberjack News: Remember Prop 30? It’s About to Expire

Lumberjack News: Firefighters Call HSU Home

Tuesday, Aug. 25

LA Times: Resident group files suit over Mount Shasta water bottling plant

Aljazeera: European carbon trading fails to reduce emissions, harms climate, study says

Press Democrat: Sonoma County lays out plan to end homelessness

SoHum Parlance: Secret Government Creates 70 Years of MIsleading Books on Clouds!

Watch Paul: Would YOU go to work at the Humboldt County DA's Office?

CHIV’D: Humboldt County has a plan for matching funds for construction if the proposal for the new Humboldt County Corrections Re-entry and Day Reporting center goes through

FIRE UPDATE: Denny: Public Meeting (River Complex Wildfire)

FIRE UPDATE: Burnt Ranch: South Complex Evening Update 8/25/15 (South Complex Wildfire)

Savage Henry: How Not to Cry While Reading your Yearbook

NCJ Blogthing: Uri Driscoll Announces a bid for the 3rd

Times-Standard Breaking: 20 acre fire burning west of Weaverville