Tuesday, Nov. 18

CHIV’D: Help Humboldt Cider Company reach theirvgoal for their kickstarter campaign

Mad River Union: Memorial Sunday for Danielle Nemetz (Rippeon)

Tom Sebourn: Mr. Green All Stars Benefit For Trinidad Skate Park This Sunday

KHUM: Palco Marsh Interpretive Trail

KHUM: Free Drought Kits For Low-Income Humboldt Residents

Tuluwat Examiner: Surprise! The Examiner agrees with the “Old Guard”

Times-Standard Breaking: Motorcyclist crashes after trying to allegedly evade Arcata police

Redwood Coast Business: Fun in the Sun

Mad River Union: Motorcyclist probationer lets gal-pal dismount, flees, crashes, is injured and arrested

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Ernie's Letter

Watch Paul: Fieldbrook homicide suspect Jason Arreaga prelim on Dec 17

KINS: Tom Cookman – CC111814

KINS: AM News 111814

Fern and Fog: Dick Taylor Sipping Chocolate

LA Times: Op-Ed: Are electric cars greener? Depends on where you live

Mad River Union: Dogetipbot: Mohland’s ‘magical Internet money’ at tipping point

Mad River Union: Karen ‘Fox’ Olson: Together, we can do this

Mad River Union: Arcata Fire’s much-maligned Old Guard is only asking ‘why?’

SF Chronicle: Neil Young boycotts Starbucks over Vermont's anti-GMO ban

Monday, Nov. 17

Times-Standard News: Eureka fatal shooting victim identified

Times-Standard News: Willits man sentenced in grandfather's dragging death

Times-Standard News: Study links virus to sea star wasting

Times-Standard News: Arcata City Council set to approve citywide open container ban, calls for requests for new wireless tower

Times-Standard News: No board of supervisors meeting today or Nov. 25

Times-Standard News: Eureka weather shelter to welcome homeless during extreme conditions

Times-Standard News: Fisherman finds body in Mad River

SoHum Parlance: Voter Turnout Discussion on KMUD

KHUM: Skywest To Be All-Jet, All The Time

KINS: Talkshop 111714 – John Dalby

CHIV’D: Prop 47 continues to be the get out of jail card for some ; will shopping cart ordinance ever see prosecutions?

KINS: PM News 111514

Times-Standard Breaking: CHP nude photo scandal: When can police search your phone?

Times-Standard Breaking: Charles Manson gets marriage license with 26-year-old woman

Times-Standard Breaking: The Wire: Beheading suspects; Ebola death; body parts mailed; birthday suit break-ins

Mad River Union: Body of white male pulled from Mad River

Times-Standard Breaking: Man shot in Willits home invasion

Bill Kowinski: Obama Traded to Canada

CHIV’D: Fieldbrook homicide suspect Jason Arreaga prelim on Dec 17

Times-Standard Breaking: Fisherman finds man's body in the Mad River

CHIV’D: County Counsel Wendy Chaitin last day Dec 31, who will take over?

Liberal Jon: Lunch Buffet. Cartoon and/or Rattner on Inequality

Times-Standard Breaking: Willits man sentenced in grandfather's dragging death

Times-Standard Breaking: Wind firm sues to block release of bird-death data

NCJ Blogthing: AHHA Talks Housing for the Homeless

CHIV’D: There are two Casey Campbells in Eureka, investigation in the 15th and Williams incident still ongoing

Times-Standard Breaking: Traffic barrier installation to shutter Golden Gate Bridge next year

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Hardest Places To Live In U.S.

Tuluwat Examiner: Inquest into death of an Independent Coroner’s office = suspicious circumstances

Times-Standard Breaking: Eureka fatal shooting victim identified

Samoa Softball: “Dignity Dump” or “Dump with dignity at the Dunes?”