Wednesday, May 20

Ukiah Daily Journal: Mendocino County homeless population dips, according to count

Ukiah Daily Journal: Ukiah Police seeing upswing in gang activity

Willits News: Ukiah man’s wool dreams may boost Mendocino County ag economy

Watch Paul: A variation on crying “Wolf!”

Watch Paul: Mug-shot city

Press Democrat: Sonoma County Fairgrounds takes new tack on marijuana festivals: High Times Out

LA Times: Santa Barbara oil spill at 105,000 gallons

LA Times: Editorial: If we're going to eat cattle, let them eat grass

Mad River Union: Arcata Fire bell restored to noontime service

CHIV’D: Dan, you asked on LOCO so here is my wish list and a possible name to replace Judge Watson

Mad River Union: Gasoline dumped at Liscom Slough

Mad River Union: And your point would be…? Part 3

CHIV’D: I reported on Omholt back in February, Arnie Klein dismissed charges against him, this man is more dangerous than EPD press release states

Redheaded Blackbelt: Breaking News: Vehicle Accident, Woman With Baby Crashes Off ‘100 Foot Cliff’

Mad River Union: Oetker outlines hazy, cannabis-fueled vision

KINS: PM News 052015

NCJ Blogthing: There's a New Theater Owner in Town

Mad River Union: Obituary: Glenn Walter Saunders 1924-2015

Mad River Union: Obituary: Barbara LuAun Estes

Mad River Union: Companion Animals: Young Sherlock among those seeking homes

Mad River Union: Dogtown: Hot Diggity dog! Two tongue-lolling treasures!

Redheaded Blackbelt: Honor Promise and Release Water Into the Klamath River, Says Congressman Huffman

Redheaded Blackbelt: Injury Accident on Broadway and Henderson

CHIV’D: Media shows up only to find Jason Warren date for today vacated

KHUM: Anti Anti-GMO March Planned For Saturday

Mad River Union: For the Gloria! Photos from Rutabaga Ball

KHUM: Coastal Currents: Explore Adventures

Redheaded Blackbelt: 64-Year-Old Woman and Dog Found After Night in Woods

Redwood Coast Business: We’re Gonna Have a BOAT PARADE!!!

CHIV’D: Will Eureka get a higher minimum wage with new Council?

CHIV’D: Both Jason Warren cases on court calendar today

CHIV’D: DA charges Island Mountain home invasion suspect with burglary, tear gas and shhoting in an inhabited dwelling

KHUM: ID This Killer Plant

KINS: Talkshop 052015 – Ryan Sundberg

Tuluwat Examiner: Dismantling Public Safety the Mills way

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Nomophobia

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Eureka's Heads Up Campaign

Mad River Union: Mack Town organizers push for town center

KINS: AM News 052015

KINS: Bill Schaser – CC052015

Redheaded Blackbelt: Benbow Eaglet–6 Weeks Old

Liberal Jon: Why North Carolina’s Charlotte Observer’s Editors Are So Liberal…

Del Norte Triplicate: Tribe members explore importance of tradition in diet

LA Times: 21,000-gallon Santa Barbara oil spill coats beaches with tar!

SF Chronicle: Strange findings: Bacteria recreating medications … in sewer systems

SF Chronicle: Counterfeit goods may bring down Etsy

Tuesday, May 19

NY Times: A Way to Brew Morphine Raises Concerns Over Regulations

NY Times: Many Probiotics Taken for Celiac Disease Contain Gluten

NY Daily News: 70 kg of heroin snagged in the Bronx is biggest DEA seizure in New York State history

The Guardian: This is not the 'paleo lifestyle': I learned to thrive in the wild, as my ancestors did