Wednesday, Jan. 21

KINS: PM News 012115

CHIV’D: Judson Stiglich preliminary hearing continued due to outstanding discovery

Savage Henry: Women, Am I Right

Bill Kowinski: Pick Yourself Up

CHIV’D: Limmie Curry continued agsin, request by People, new trial Feb 9

KHUM: Robot-Human Jam Band

Savage Henry: How to Tell If Your Roomate’s a Zombie

Savage Henry: Destruction Therapy

Savage Henry: 10 things worse than The New Old Cosby:

Savage Henry: This SHIT’s for Reelz

Mad River Union: Photos released of McK Denny’s robbery

Mad River Union: Healing prescriptions rejected in Manila

Tuluwat Examiner: Bass does it again; appoints another crony sidekick

KHUM: 104.3 Returns To The Airwaves!!!

Mad River Union: ‘Corner Intentions’ planned in response to stabbing

KINS: Dick Johnson – CC012115

KINS: AM News 012115

Del Norte Triplicate: Felony charges for two accused in dog shooting

Daily Beast: Why Fly Fishing Is the Key to World Peace

Press Democrat: California community colleges to offer bachelor's degrees

Lumberjack News: “Why we are Fighting”

Lumberjack News: High Breast Cancer Death Rate in Humboldt County

Lumberjack News: Students Refuse to Stand Down

Detroit Free Press: Smoking burns up more than $1.4M in a lifetime

Tuesday, Jan. 20

Humboldt Made: Gone Fishin' - in Blue Lake

SoHum Parlance: Thursday Night Talk KHSU

Mad River Union: Rambling Jack: Overcoming butthurtedness

KINS: Talkshop 012015 – Mark Andre

KINS: PM News 012015

CHIV’D: Rest of Measure Z committee finalized

Savage Henry: The New Bill of Rights

Mad River Union: Unified Students of Humboldt issue demands

Humboldt Made: Four Humboldt Companies Doing Social Media Right

Mad River Union: Native students disrupt classes to force Rossbacher’s hand

LYGSBTD: Hard Disc Crash

Savage Henry: Which Biblical Disaster Will Befall Upon You?

CHIV’D: Frank DeMarco as Interim County Counsel?

CHIV’D: Jason Omholdt of Eureka's Most Wanted apprehended and booked

Savage Henry: The Four Horsemen of the Rapocalypse

SoHum Parlance: The Impressions We Make

Savage Henry: History of the Norwegian Black Metal Scene

KHUM: Bay Trail & McKay Community Forest - Coming Soon!

CHIV’D: Courts are need in space now and ” the Judges want us to light a fire under the State for a new court facility and keep it on this block”

Mad River Union: HSU statement on Native Forum occupation

Tuluwat Examiner: Chief Mills “Believe me if I could find a way to make this not look bad I would”

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Free “Buzz” Cuts

CHIV’D: Ginger Campbell, Mike Newman, Shon Wellborn, John Flyer and Helen Edwards are board appointments on Measure Z committee

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Greenhut Looks at New Disability Law

Mad River Union: Weather: Dry and mostly sunny this week

Watch Paul: Call to action!