Tuesday, Oct. 28

Redheaded Blackbelt: True Survivorman! Missing Hunter Found After Seven Days in Trinity County Wilderness

Liberal Jon: Midtvejsvalg får middelklassens lave lønninger frem i lyset

KINS: Talkshop 102814 – Regan Candelario

Redheaded Blackbelt: Missing Hunter and His Dog Still Sought in Southwestern Trinity County

KINS: Erin Dunn – CC102814

KINS: PM News 102814

CHIV’D: Medical Marijuana ordinance. on small parcels passed with unanimous vote

NCJ Blogthing: Fundraise the Roof

CHIV’D: How refreshing to have our District Attorney elect attend Board of Sups meeting

Times-Standard Breaking: Gone for an hour: Captured walkaway inmate had 93 days left

CHIV’D: Medical marijuana ordinance “highly flawed” and is a “medicinal and civil liberties ” issue

Mad River Union: Humboldt Flakeboard – where firefighters daren’t tread

Times-Standard Breaking: The Wire: Boston conviction; nurse Ebola-free; Kurdish reinforcements; was it Kim's ankle?

CHIV’D: Humboldt County CAO and Board of Supervisors take a needle in the arm on camera

NCJ Blogthing: 'Days of Action' Sparks Protests

Mad River Union: Marna Powell: Awesomeness at Stone Lagoon, benefit for Dry Lagoon Saturday, Nov. 1

Mad River Union: Arcata Marsh Birds of the Year

Liberal Jon: 2014 Supervisor Bass to 2010 Electorate – Vote for Bonnie

Fern and Fog: Classic Butternut Squash Soup

SoHum Parlance: Electronic Billboards in Humboldt County?

KHUM: Tonight's Cocktail - Hunter's Cocktail

Mad River Union: The Union’s view on the Arcata City Council race, Measures P and Z

CHIV’D: Voters have a choice in a week, is it an informed one?

Times-Standard Breaking: Giants, Royals ready for wild World Series finish

Mad River Union: Bill Schaser: Yes on Measure P, a grassroots movement for fairness, prosperity and protection

NCJ Blogthing: AT&T Blames 'Fiber Issue” for Blackout

Mad River Union: Mark Wilson: No on poorly written, misinformation-based Measure P

Samoa Softball: Samoasoftball only one to vote for Measure Z?

CHIV’D: AT and T Director of Communications responds to my question about outage cause

CHIV’D: Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to vote on Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance this afternoon

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: A Sun Caused Outage?

Mad River Union: Recent letters to the Editor, Oct. 2014 – GMOs, trails, candidates and more

Mad River Union: Arcata City Council candidates respond to unasked forum questions, part 3

KHUM: Ukiah Rail With Trail Now Under Construction

Times-Standard Breaking: Communications restored at local Coast Guard command center

Mad River Union: Arcata City Council candidates respond to unasked forum questions, part 2

Mad River Union: Arcata City Council candidates respond to unasked forum questions, part 1

Mad River Union: Rain tonight and a week of showers

KINS: AM News 102814

Tuluwat Examiner: Failure has it’s rewards

Liberal Jon: Big Soda and Push Polls in Berkeley

Times-Standard News: Humboldt State president addresses questions at campus protest

Times-Standard News: Service outage strikes Humboldt County; cell tower blamed

Times-Standard News: 'Project of the Year': Teen Center undergoing major renovations

Times-Standard News: Election Roundup: Union endorses Arroyo for Eureka City Council

Times-Standard News: Robbery suspect surrenders to police at Eureka crime scene

Times-Standard News: Sheriff's office finds stolen laptop during traffic stop

Times-Standard Breaking: Frontier confirms cell tower problems causing service outage

Two Rivers Tribune: Learning to Burn Again

Monday, Oct. 27

Times-Standard Breaking: Local Coast Guard station loses communications system due to service outage