Friday, Aug. 29

Times-Standard Breaking: Fortuna Police: 46 arrested in anti-DUI crackdown

KINS: Sam Pennisi – CC082914

KINS: AM News 082914

Seattle Times: Warm waters forcing WA sockeye to Canadian streams

Thursday, Aug. 28

Times-Standard News: Assembly approves statewide plastic bag ban, Senate to consider amended bill

Times-Standard News: Exceptional drought status continues: Eel River flows at record low

Times-Standard News: New state law will allow customers to dine outside with their dogs

Times-Standard News: Poaching, perjury trial for harbor commissioner pushed back to November

Times-Standard News: Summer/Labor Day DUI crackdown enters final weekend

KHUM: If it's got soul, it's got a place on The South Side

Times-Standard News: State Parks ranger suspected of DUI

KINS: Talkshop 082814 – Adam Jager

Times-Standard Breaking: Ranger arrested for alleged DUI

KINS: PM News 082814

NCJ Blogthing: On-Duty Ranger Arrested for Suspected DUI

Nooks and Crannies: Black Butte

CHIV’D: Eureka Fifth Ward City Council member Chet Albin emphasized jobs at his election kick-off today

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Sacramento Bee Secession Poll

Times-Standard Breaking: Assembly approves statewide ban on plastic bags

Times-Standard News: FISHING THE NORTH COAST: Big kings continue to pour into Klamath; Klamath spit fishery to close Sunday

KHUM: Here's Why All Those Water Trucks Are Lined Up AlongsideThe AmeriGas Yard In Arcata

3ureka Live: #25 Cornelius Loewenstein, Naveena Bird, Anger Management

Times-Standard Breaking: Update on the July Complex fires

Times-Standard Breaking: Smoke advisory for Orleans, Hoopa, Willow Creek, Weaverville

CHIV’D: Supervisor Ryan Sundberg comments on on Federal Judge's decision to deny restraining order to stop release of water into the Trinity River

Times-Standard Breaking: Faulkstein, Frying Pan fires grew over 2,000 acres each yesterday

KHUM: Humboldt Business Challenge

Times-Standard Breaking: Authorities make 43 arrests during anti-DUI campaign

Tuluwat Examiner: Is the US falling right into Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s trap?

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Fred and Marcy Sittin' In a Tree…

KINS: AM News 082814

KINS: Matt Harvey – CC082814

Times-Standard Breaking: HCSO: Heroin, suspected meth found after traffic stop

Wednesday, Aug. 27

Times-Standard News: Southern hurricane to send large waves to North Coast shores

Times-Standard News: Judge won't stop water releases for Klamath salmon

Times-Standard News: Federal marijuana mailing investigation seeks Willow Creek supplier

LA Times: U.S. government to grow 30 times more marijuana this year (for research)

Times-Standard News: Governor honors Eureka soldier

Times-Standard News: 10,000 marijuana plants seized at largest bust this year

Times-Standard News: Heroin, methamphetamine confiscated, wanted man arrested

Times-Standard News: Officials: Enrollment up at HSU, slightly down at CR

Times-Standard News: Police seize 800 marijuana plants from Arcata residence

NCJ Blogthing: Gets in Your Eyes, Lungs

CHIV’D: Jury currently deliberating the fate of River bar “White Power” suspect Douglas Powers

CHIV’D: EPA secret maps for water control?

Times-Standard News: Councilman Albin announces Eureka campaign kickoff

Times-Standard Breaking: Feds track marijuana mailing operation to Humboldt

Nooks and Crannies: Mad River Paradise

CHIV’D: Trinity and Klamath still have water, temporary restraining order from Water District denied

CHIV’D: Humboldt lovey dovey duo get a friend arrested in court