Wednesday, March 25

Kym Kemp: SoHum Murder Trial Scheduled for April

Free Thought Project : Government Orders Banks to Call the Cops When Customers Withdraw $5,000 or More

National Geographic: The Azores: First Witness to Global Marine Plastic Pollution

Wired: France Is Letting 14-Year-Olds Drive This Tiny Electric Car

KINS: Talkshop 032515 – Estelle Fennell

KINS: PM News 032515

CHIV’D: GMOB foiled in Old Town? Police searching area near Caito Fisheries

Times-Standard Breaking: Rodney Ortiz pleads not guilty to murder, attempted murder charges

Two Rivers Tribune: Stories, Legends and Other Things: Sheet Iron Jack

CHIV’D: Benjamin Carter “likely to resolve in two weeks” according to defense

Two Rivers Tribune: Lucky Day

CHIV’D: Rodney Ortiz murder suspect gets his wish for speedy trial; preliminary hearing on April 7

Humboldt Made: 2015 Eureka Symphony Youth Competition

Tuluwat Examiner: California has the strictest Timber Harvest reg’s in the country, apparently that doesn’t mean shit

Times-Standard Breaking: Reminder: It's a test of the tsunami warning system

Early Morning Fog: Sacramomentum

Mad River Union: ‘Voices’ advocacy group heavily criticized, fails to get support

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Racist or Politically Incorrect?

Mad River Union: McKMAC to discuss alternative to rent control

Times-Standard Breaking: Man disappears near Orick trying to save dog from surf

Kym Kemp: Attempted Abduction, SoHum Police Artist Draws Sketch of Suspect

KINS: Bill Schaser – CC032515

KINS: AM News 032515

Mad River Union: Search continues for man who entered ocean

Liberal Jon: Boston Globe Urges Senator Warren to Run

Kym Kemp: Tsunami Test Today

SF Chronicle: Environmental groups urge feds to consider beef’s cost in U.S. diet

SF Chronicle: AP investigation: Are slaves catching the fish you buy?

SF Weekly: Cheese Festival Shows Norcal’s Artisanal Community Is Thriving - Including Cypress Grove

Fox News: Monsanto seeks retraction for report linking herbicide to cancer

NWR: Autistic child improves on antibiotics, raises question of autism-gut bacteria connection

Fern and Fog: Skyscrapers & Fog

Tuesday, March 24

Lumberjack News: To SIRF, or Not to SIRF

Lumberjack News: HSU Lawsuit Settlement Conference Scheduled

Lumberjack News: The Cal State

Lumberjack News: Second Installation in the “Race to the Bottom” Papers Released Tuesday

Lumberjack News: CSU Fails to Prioritize Faculty Over Administration

CHIV’D: Male missing after he tried to rescue his dog near Redwood Creek

Kym Kemp: Man Attempting to Rescue Dog Pulled Out to Sea

Humboldt Made: Humboldt Comfort Food

Marin Independent: Drake students lobby restaurants to drop plastic straws

Kym Kemp: Humboldt County Man Sunbathing in San Diego Popped for Pot

KINS: Talkshop 032415 – David Hull

NCJ Blogthing: Stabbing Prompts Knife Sale

Tuluwat Examiner: Arkleyville goes nationwide: Episode 2 – Dark Money

Mad River Union: Making traffic terrific in the Sandy Outpost

Two Rivers Tribune: Health Front: How to Reduce Colon Cancer Risk

CHIV’D: Former Sheriff deputy held to answer on charges against 1 victim, insufficient evidence for other victim's charges

Two Rivers Tribune: Senior Prank Gone Wrong

Two Rivers Tribune: VOICES: Community Member Speaks Out on Dead Deer Senior Prank