Wednesday, Aug. 27

Redwood Coast Business: RCB On Hiatus For Awhile

Times-Standard Breaking: Governor Jerry Brown honors Eureka native Sgt. Chris Mulalley

Times-Standard Breaking: Updated: Deja vu: Irrigators ask judge to cut off water for salmon

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Why Repair Brick Chimneys?

KINS: AM News 082714

KINS: Phil Arnot – CC082714

Tuesday, Aug. 26

Times-Standard News: Harley-riding history teacher shoots TV show episode in Eureka

Times-Standard News: Central Valley irrigators ask judge to stop releases for salmon

Times-Standard News: Supervisors wait for next move in Klamath Basin agreement

Times-Standard News: Statewide challenge pushes Arcata residents to conserve power, reduce emissions

Lumberjack News: Alumni Reach Out to Incoming Students

Lumberjack News: Welcome to Humboldt State University

Lumberjack News: Silly Freshman Fears

Lumberjack News: Jacked UP!

KHUM: AUDIO: Ozomatli on Upstate Live

Nooks and Crannies: Post Harvest

Times-Standard News: Deputies: McKinleyville dad drives with daughter on roof

Times-Standard News: Police remind drivers to slow down near schools

Times-Standard News: Deputies sniff out 14 pounds of pot during Orick traffic stop

KINS: Talkshop 082614 – Regan Candelario

KINS: PM News 082614

Times-Standard Breaking: HCSO: Man drives car with his daughter hanging onto the roof

Mad River Union: Dad drives car with daughter clinging to roof – for her own good

CHIV’D: Woman climbs on roof of car to prevent dad from driving away with the car

Times-Standard Breaking: Deja vu: Irrigators ask judge to cut off water for salmon

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: An Enterprise Rent- A- Car Adventure

Mad River Union: What the GMO Four aren’t telling you about biotech food

NCJ Blogthing: Eureka Serviceman Dies in Afghanistan

Tuluwat Examiner: Public (Enemy) nuisance # 1

Times-Standard Breaking: Hot days ahead for Happy Camp Complex fire crews, containment at 20 percent

Times-Standard Breaking: Colfax man arrested after deputies find 14 pounds of cannabis in his car

Mad River Union: Man busted with 14 lbs of ‘medical’ nugs

KHUM: Funding Funding Funding! Plus Maureen McGarry and RSVP

CHIV’D: City flags half staff in honor of Sgt. Mulalley

Mad River Union: McKMAC may select new officers

Times-Standard Breaking: July Fire Complex evacuation orders, advisories changed

Mad River Union: Conference: Trauma. Addiction. Social Change

KINS: AM News 082614

KINS: Tom Cookman – CC082614

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Scary Earthquakes: Large or Small?

LA Times: Study suggests medical pot could reduce pain pill abuses

Times-Standard Breaking: Update: Evacuations lifted in Weaverville area by 6 p.m.

Monday, Aug. 25

Times-Standard News: Local soldier dies in Afghanistan, family awaiting investigation report

Times-Standard News: Baby sea stars hit coasts

Times-Standard News: Fatal accident near Honeydew

Times-Standard News: National aid sent to help fight Hoopa Valley blazes

Times-Standard News: $3.1M awarded to Arcata for bicycle, pedestrian trail

Times-Standard News: Man accused of burglary at Gingerbread Mansion arrested

Times-Standard News: Educators undergo week-long intensive STEM guidance

CHIV’D: If getting arrested frequently is making a statement, ferndale burglar Dan Dobbs gets an A+