Tuesday, Nov. 25

LYGSBTD: Pacific Fishers, Owls, and Talking Gorillas

LYGSBTD: Daniel Quinn Talks To Us About His New Book, The Teachings That Came Before and After Ishmael

Monday, Nov. 24

Times-Standard News: ER doctor killed in plane crash warmly remembered

Times-Standard News: Humboldt, Del Norte fire season ends

Times-Standard News: Car stuck near Humboldt Bay prompts false emergency

Times-Standard News: Wanted Eureka man arrested in Arcata

Times-Standard News: Coroner: Eureka homicide victim killed Nov. 15 by single gunshot wound

Times-Standard Breaking: Ferguson grand jury decision: Officer won't be indicted in Michael Brown's death

CHIV’D: Support small businesses and not because Moonbeam says so

KINS: Talkshop 112414 – Rob Arkley

KINS: PM News 112414

CHIV’D: Prop 47: One way to clear Humboldt County court backlog; except for 1 guy who added to his fate by arguing with his lawyer in court

CHIV’D: Dollison's Docket on LOCO and Ryan Burn's post Cannabis Voice, as some LOCO commenter' like to say are spot on

CHIV’D: Frequent DA informant Quentin Williams lucks out getting Allan Dollison appointed as his defense attorney

Humboldt Made: Rainy Day Remedy

Times-Standard Breaking: Giants lose Pablo Sandoval to Red Sox

SoHum Parlance: Prop 1 Aftermath

Times-Standard Breaking: The Wire: Ferguson decision today; Hagel resigns; Israeli nationality law; Australia's miracle baby; Erdogan's anti-feminism

NCJ Blogthing: Ready, set, squash

NCJ Blogthing: Plane Crash Investigation Continues; Autopsy Scheduled for Tomorrow

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Eureka Crime Out of Control?

Tuluwat Examiner: Meet the new Linda Atkins

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: People PIssed Over Prop 47

Press Democrat: Sonoma Co. struggles with stream protections vs. private property rights

KINS: AM News 112414

KINS: Jon Sapper – CC1102414

Liberal Jon: Some Insight to the Current Immigration Debate from Liberal Blogs

Fern and Fog: DIY Copper Candelabra

Bill Kowinski: This North Coast Weekend: Dell'Arte Holiday Show

Sunday, Nov. 23

Times-Standard News: Rainfall deficit: Recent storms help, but won't end drought

Times-Standard News: Palliative care may soon ECHO through NorCal

Times-Standard News: Gas prices dipping heading into Thanksgiving holiday

Times-Standard News: Wanted Eureka man arrested in Arcata Saturday night

Times-Standard News: Wanted Eureka man arrested during Saturday night traffic stop in Arcata

Mad River Union: Mostly, but not entirely, sunny skies through Thursday

NCJ Blogthing: Judge Denies 'Unseemly' Motion in Kneeland Murder Case

Samoa Softball: Slumoa project may move forward! 14 years late (r)!

Redwood Coast Business: The Eagerly Awaited Humboldt Soup Company

Nooks and Crannies: Maple Spring

Liberal Jon: Dear Times-Standard: Why Numbers Matter

Mad River Union: Poorly-lit bicyclist arrested on the same charges he was on PRCS for, plus warrants

The Guardian: Now e-cigarettes can give you malware

NY Times: Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park

Saturday, Nov. 22

Times-Standard News: Eureka mail move: Gauging election impacts

Times-Standard News: New research tool tracks changes in ocean acidification

Times-Standard News: Samoa developers seek to amend project plan; grant must be used next year

Times-Standard News: Palliative care may soon ECHO through NorCal

CHIV’D: Tasty healthy signature food, friendly service at Humboldt Soup Company drive thru opens Monday

Tom Sebourn: Family Of Eureka Man Shot And Killed By Police Has Hired An Attorney

Bill Kowinski: Quoth