The Campbell Fire, from Peach Tree Road. Photo: Jesse Jimenez, via Inciweb.

Press release from the unified command of the Six Rivers Lightning Complex:


The Lightning Complex Fire is currently 12,375 acres with 0% containment. There are now 1,410 personnel area assigned to the incident. USFS, CIIMT 11 and CAL FIRE continue to work together to create a single unified operational plan for firefighters to collectively fight fire and support the communities impacted.

Overnight firefighters did a good job of maintaining the hard work that was put in by day shift firefighters.

Today firefighters around the southern edge of the Bremer Fire, which is burning within the Lightning Complex, will continue to mop up and improve the hand line near the Patterson community, up into the Bigfoot and Peace Tree areas and will work to mitigate the fires spread on the western edge in the direction of Waterman Ridge.

On the Waterman Fire, burning within the Lightning Complex, crews were able to do firing operations that removed fuels along the Waterman Ridge line until the humidity recovery increased and slowed the firefighters’ ability to remove those fuels. Crews will continue to look for opportunities to improve the prep line. On the north and northwestern edges of this fire, crews will look for areas to directly fight the fire and will utilize aircraft to assist firefighting resources on the ground. On the southeastern area of this fire area, firefighters were able to reduce fuels which will slow the fire’s ability to spread in that direction. Overnight in the Waterman Ridge and Little Quimby areas, dozers were able to complete line and conducted firing operations that are expected to reduce the fire’s spread potential in that area.

On the southeastern area of the Campbell Fire burning within the Lightning Complex, firefighters in the Trinity Village area will continue to improve and hold the line as fire backs down in the Quimby Road and Salyer areas. Crews continue to improve and hold line that has been put in the southern edge of this fire in the Salyer Loop and Campbell Ridge areas.

On the Ammon Fire within the Lightning Complex, firefighters in Ammon Ridge have prepped the southeast corner and will continue to improve the section today. On the southwest corner, crews will continue to work between the Ammon Ridge line and Route 1. Dozers putting in contingency line will continue to work on the western side of this fire past Friday Ridge to Route 1. Much of the dozer line has already been put into the south and west sides of this fire area.

Weather today will be warmer and dryer than it has been in the last several days and humidity will decrease. Wind is not expected to negatively impact the fire today. Fire behavior is likely to increase for the next few days as the inversion layer lifts earlier and fuels are warmer and dryer. Fire on the ridges in the Lightning Fire Complex will increase today and in the next couple of days due to the warmer and dryer weather conditions.

Strategic objectives are to keep the fire north of Ammon Ridge Road, south of Lone Pine Ridge Road, east of the FS-1 road and west of the boundary with the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.


** NEW WARNING ISSUED FOR HUM-E032-B. Zone description: North of Forest Route 7n02. South of Horse Linto Creek Road. East of Horse Linto Creek Road. West of Forest Route 7n10.

The fire threatens communities along the Trinity River. Five main fires burn North and South of Highway 299. Primary areas of focus are the communities along the 299 corridor, Waterman Ridge, Friday Ridge Road, and Ammon Ridge. Evacuations continue around Willow Creek, Friday Ridge, Salyer and Trinity Village. Additional fire growth could impact communities and residences along the Route 1 road.

To find the latest evacuation information go to Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services ( or Trinity County Office of Emergency Services (https://www.trinitycounty.). For an interactive map of evacuation zones visit: https://community.zonehaven. To sign up for alerts: If you are under an evacuation warning, take the necessary steps to be ready to leave.


Trinity Valley Elementary School
730 Highway 96, Willow Creek, CA 95573


Hoopa Rodeo Grounds
1767 Pine Creek Rd., Hoopa, CA 95546
Phone: (707) 492-2851

** The Hoopa Rodeo Grounds has several single pens and larger pens for whole herds. Call directly if you need directions or help transporting your large animals. They cannot house sheep, goats, poultry, or small animals, but they can potentially help arrange for temporary foster placement. If you can foster, please reach out regarding your availability and capacity.


State Route 299, State Route 96, and Route 1 remain open to through traffic. Residents are encouraged to visit to check for state highway closures.

The following roads into evacuation zones have been closed. Residents may still use these roads to travel out of evacuation order zones:

  • Horse Linto Creek Road at Saddle Lane

  • Country Club Road at Kimtu Bridge

  • Friday Ridge Road at Hwy 299


Heavy smoke and strong inversions continue to affect the health of those who are not yet evacuated.

Please check for air quality resources.