Coastal Grass-Fed Freezer Beef
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Organically raised Angus steers on our hillside ranch in Fortuna—$7.00 / lb. Our steers are pasture raised and fed only our grass or grass-hay and the drink only our spring water (no additives or Chlorine). We have fed the NO hormones, antibiotics or additives of any kind. This is some of the best beef you can buy, based on our many repeat customers every year.

Here is how it works:

If you agree, then send us a $200 deposit by mail or Venmo to reserve your side. We will begin to process sides around Oct 4th. The animals are humanely dispatched on out ranch, field dresses and transported to your choice of butcher (Springville Meat Co. or Ferndale Meat Co.) They will weigh your side upon receipt and that is the weight you pay for. (Avg. side is 250 lbs. +/- X $7 = about $1,750 less your $200 deposit. The butcher ages your side for about 14 days then custom cuts and wraps the beef to your specifications. They charge about $1/lb. for their service. You pay them their fee when you pick up your meat. So you pay about $8/lb., less then grocery store burger, but you get all the premium steaks (Ribeyes, T-bones, Sirloins, Filets) plus ribs, roasts, stew meat, brisket, flank, soup bones plus a lot of burger. This is really the best meat you can buy, based on my many repeat customers:

If you have questions or want to do this, contact me below.

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Posted: Sept. 7, 2023

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