Thursday, July 21

RHBB: Marijuana Eradication Continues in Northern Mendocino for 4th Day

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Sidestepping The Law?

SoHum Parlance: All Things Reconsidered – Bernie Supporters, How will You Vote in November?

Mad River Union: The Hum: Special Throwback Thursday edition on the Sun Valley Seven

KINS: Talkshop 072116 – Fred Van Vleck

RHBB: 911 Call Reporting the Hit and Run Which Left Two Girls Dead Last Week; Warning, This Is Graphic Audio

KHUM: Lost Coast Kennel Club Fun This Weekend

Fred’s Humboldt Blog: N.C. Journal on Guns In Eureka

KINS: AM News 072116

KINS: Kim Floyd – CC072116

RHBB: ‘The film they don’t want you to see’….Vaxxed

Wednesday, July 20

RHBB: A Little Humboldt History

News Channel 3: Huffman salutes Obama administration for expanding Pace Program

RHBB: Rio Dell City Council Agree to Talk More About Former Eel River Sawmill Site Becoming a Home for Cannabusiness

RHBB: Fingerprints Lead Police to Armed Robbery Suspect Who Was Already in Jail on Similar Charges

News Channel 3: Emergency responders say “close call” for Alibi after grease fire

News Channel 3: McKinleyville man serving time in jail levied with more charges

North Coast News: Local law enforcement reacts to Proposition 57

RHBB: Debris From a Semi Caused Fatal Accident, Says CHP

North Coast News: Armed robber sought in Umpqua Bank robbery

North Coast News: Humboldt County athletes contending at the CrossFit Games

News Channel 3: Eureka to crackdown on personal property stored in public areas

News Channel 3: Goodyear Blimp Spirit of Innovation graces the North Coast

Independent: Supervisors Approve Marijuana Tax Rates

The Humboldt Consequential : (UPDATE) Rio Dell City Council are a bunch of flip-floppers that can’t get off the pot!

North Coast News: Mobile home affordability ordinance qualifies for November ballot

KINS: PM News 072016

News Channel 3: Humboldt Bike Challengers smash 5,000 mile goal

News Channel 3: “The Secret Garden” combines local and out of the area talent

News Channel 3: Ferndale City Council to adopt budget, vote on transportation sales tax

CHIV’D: John Chiv's Big Wednesday!

News Channel 3: Pokemon Go, the most popular mobile game in US history hits the Arcata Plaza

Mad River Union: Fingerprints lead to suspect’s arrest for robbery

Mad River Union: Local man severely injured in dog mauling

News Channel 3: Henderson Center bank reportedly robbed

Mad River Union: Grease fire doused at Alibi

KHUM: The Disappearing Man

Mad River Union: Grocery Outlet to be built in McKinleyville

RHBB: City of Fortuna Hosts Election in November

News Channel 3: City of Rio reconsiders ordinance for cannabis activity

News Channel 3: EPD locates stolen vehicle

News Channel 3: McKinleyville man arrested for alleged marijuana cultivation

NCJ: Eureka Seeks Dismissal of PalCo Marsh Lawsuit; Plaintiffs Look to Make it a Class Action

News Channel 3: Operation Yurok begins to eradicate illegal marijuana grows, help environment

Mad River Union: Companion Animals: Soft, what light breaks in the east?

Mad River Union: Dogtown: A sleepy princess and a pair of jokers

Mad River Union: Theatre Review: Opera for the people

KINS: Talkshop 072016 – Mark Lovelace

RHBB: Pokemon Go too Virtual for You? You Need the World’s Biggest Marble Hunt!

RHBB: Get One of Those Scary Letters About Growing Marijuana From the Waterboard? Or Worried You Might?