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CHIV'D: Julian BrownSundberg arrested for criminal threats and child endangerment

CHIV'D: EPD arrests two for criminal conspiracy, receiving stolen property and other charges

CHIV'D: Leslie Castellano to be appointed to Workforce Board and BOS wastes more money on litigation against DHHS

CHIV'D: Kyle Zoellner's mother arrested by the HCDTF

CHIV'D: Second arrest for Heather Toland in 2022


CHIV'D: Arroyo leading with 53.95%, others maintain leads

CHIV'D: Fourth confirmation of counsel hearing scheduled for Gary Landergen

CHIV'D: Humboldt Public Health provides free lockboxes to store cannabis, medication and firearms

CHIV'D: The face you make when you are booked for bringing drugs into jail or prison

Thursday, June 23

CHIV'D: Hydesville PD does not exist

CHIV'D: Second motion to continue sentencing for former Humboldt correctional officer

CHIV'D: "The State Bar just gave up."

CHIV'D: Attempted murder suspect apprehended in Willow Creek

CHIV'D: One arrested for criminal threats and assault, the other for stalking and violation of restraining order

Wednesday, June 22

CHIV'D: Another motion to compel in Kalin vs Elvine-Kreis, Brownfield and Reavis lawsuit

CHIV'D: Deputy County Counsel hires Roseville firm in his lawsuit against Humboldt Superior Court

CHIV'D: Jury trial for Sean Allman vacated and to be reset for later date

Tuesday, June 21

CHIV'D: Former EPD dispatcher appointed to Advisory Commission on Special Education by Newsom

CHIV'D: Besides celebrating milestones, these local businesses regularly give back to our community and youth

Monday, June 20

CHIV'D: One year probation, no jail time in drug case

CHIV'D: Two continuances in Little Eagle Moon case, one because subpoenaed officer not present

CHIV'D: Bikes By The Bay helps various local organizations

CHIV'D: Casandra Kress arrested for domestic battery

Saturday, June 18

CHIV'D: Estimated damage $10,000 for structure fire on Walnut Drive

CHIV'D: Cousins Street suspect preliminary hearing continued twice, both times due to medical reasons

Friday, June 17

CHIV'D: The homeless man pushing shopping cart claims that the guy in blue sweater pulled a knife on him.  I have no idea if that's what happened but the first video shows the young punk grab the older man's shopping cart."

CHIV'D: Natalie Arroyo's lead increases with second post election report

CHIV'D: Approximately  9,233 unprocessed ballots as of today

CHIV'D: "Only the final report on SCO’s review will be published."

CHIV'D: "It is very disappointing that the SCO chose to wait until after the election to release the report because even in its multiply-revised form the report and the information it provides would have been very useful to voters in their decision. "

Thursday, June 16

CHIV'D: "She then followed the caravan of evil to Utah"

CHIV'D: After rejecting an offer once, Latham later decided to resolve his case with a plea

CHIV'D: Looks like Landergen having tough time coming up with money to retain a lawyer

CHIV'D: Do you agree with willow creeker or Trickle Down?

CHIV'D: Blue Lake man arrested for child endangerment after Narcan is administered to infant

CHIV'D: "There comes a point where the health and well-being of those staying at encampments and the surrounding neighborhood must be prioritized, if not by the individuals themselves then by the very mechanisms in place to assist them; to include the Arcata Police Department."

CHIV'D: Two days into jury selection, Ziegler case resolves

CHIV'D: Sotolongo sentencing moved up due to Judge's schedule

CHIV'D: Johnson and Von Keener cases may resolve this morning

Wednesday, June 15

CHIV'D: Garberville group lawsuit I reported about is on the agenda for next Eureka City Council meeting

CHIV'D: Two minutes ago it was Mckinleyville, now Eureka

CHIV'D: "Last Wednesday, I congratulated Cheryl Dillingham on her successful run for Auditor-Controller and expressed to her my commitment to work with her to ensure a seamless transition. "

CHIV'D: Two arrests, two probation violations, both booked on new charges

CHIV'D: HCSO needs your help identifying arson suspect 's vehicle

CHIV'D: Jury trial for attempted homicide suspect scheduled for October

Tuesday, June 14

CHIV'D: Three years, three months later Timothy Ziegler finally can no longer delay his jury trial

CHIV'D: Another child safe thanks to Deputy District Attorney Whitney Timm

CHIV'D: Private aircraft made emergency landing near Sun Valley Farms

CHIV'D: Alleged child molestor rejects People's offer

CHIV'D: Help CHP identify the vehicle involved in hit and run

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