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Wednesday, July 5

Liberal Jon: Joy Reid to the State of Jefferson: Get Over Yourself

Tuesday, July 4

Liberal Jon: This July 4th: Were We the Baddies?

Monday, July 3

Liberal Jon: Racism NYC Style = Racism Humboldt Style.

Saturday, July 1

Liberal Jon: Russian Interference Matters Bigly, but Republicans ARE in Charge.

Friday, June 30

Liberal Jon: Morals and Squaring the Circle of Politics and Power

Monday, June 26

Liberal Jon: Republican(s Don’t)Care | CA-21

Saturday, June 24

Liberal Jon: Trump(Don’t)Care…

Thursday, June 22

Liberal Jon: Is “Trumpcare = Choice” a Lie?

Monday, June 19

Liberal Jon: GA06 Democrats Should Consider Voting for a Republican

Saturday, June 10

Liberal Jon: Matt McFarland and Black Lives Matter Front and Center on The Root!

Wednesday, June 7

Liberal Jon: An Outlet for Comments Banned or Censored from Conservative Sites.

Saturday, June 3

Liberal Jon: Rose Welsh on Racists and Racism

Friday, June 2

Liberal Jon: “Pittsburg, Not Paris”

Thursday, May 25

Liberal Jon: Republicans:  Go on the record, speak out against bullies today!

Friday, May 19

Liberal Jon: PSA: Please Ignore John Chiv

Saturday, May 13

Liberal Jon: 10 am Today, Humboldt Courthouse. #JusticeforJosiah

Thursday, May 11

Liberal Jon: When Does the Campaign End and When Does Governing Begin?

Wednesday, May 10

Liberal Jon: Republicans: You Own Trump, Comey, and Putin Election Meddling…

Tuesday, May 9

Liberal Jon: HSU Walkout Today at Noon #JusticeForJosiah

Sunday, May 7

Liberal Jon: Q: Should We Strive to Elect 53 Democratic Representatives to Congress?

Saturday, May 6

Liberal Jon: A Black Life Lost v Defacement of Public Property

Wednesday, May 3

Liberal Jon: What is Medi-Cal?  A Timely NYT Opinion Piece. (NEWCU)

Saturday, April 22

Liberal Jon: Science and Awesomeness

Sunday, April 9

Liberal Jon: Meet CA Dem Chair Candidate Kimberly Ellis TODAY!

Monday, March 27

Liberal Jon: May President Trump Serve All 4 Years.

Sunday, March 26

Liberal Jon: Towards Better Governance: Filibuster Neil Gorsuch

Friday, March 24

Liberal Jon: Can Republicans Reconcile The Big Lie?

Thursday, March 23

Liberal Jon: Ungoverning Healthcare Is Out of Our* Control

Friday, March 17

Liberal Jon: Decoding Michael Reagan’s TS Editorial

Friday, March 10

Liberal Jon: AHCA: Not an Act of Mercy but Malice

Thursday, March 9

Liberal Jon: The War on the Poor. Health Care Edition

Wednesday, March 8

Liberal Jon: Conservative’s War on the Poor

Tuesday, March 7

Liberal Jon: Supervisor Rex Bohn Hearts Taxes (and Weed)

Liberal Jon: The Obamacare Provision You May Have Missed…

Sunday, March 5

Liberal Jon: The Victimhood at the Heart of Conservative Politics in Humboldt

Tuesday, Feb. 28

Liberal Jon: When Republican Rhetoric Meets Reality: Obamacare Edition

Sunday, Feb. 26

Liberal Jon: Reflections: Tom Perez Elected DNC Chair

Saturday, Feb. 25

Liberal Jon: DNC Chair Vote Today. (Not) Live Coverage!

Friday, Feb. 24

Liberal Jon: Secede? No. Lead? Yes! #SB562

Thursday, Feb. 23

Liberal Jon: FYI for Tonight: Congressman Huffman’s Mother Passed Last Sunday

Sunday, Feb. 12

Liberal Jon: Should Democrats Apologize for Slavery?

Tuesday, Feb. 7

Liberal Jon: In Defense of Liberals and Progressives

Monday, Feb. 6

Liberal Jon: Elizabeth Warren Regarding The Stolen Seat.

Sunday, Feb. 5

Liberal Jon: Today’s Survivalist Tools for the Trump Administration

Saturday, Feb. 4

Liberal Jon: #OurWild

Saturday, Jan. 28

Liberal Jon: Matthew Owen and Political ^* Polarization

Thursday, Jan. 19

Liberal Jon: Coast Seafoods v Humboldt Bay.

Tuesday, Jan. 17

Liberal Jon: When “Illegals” are not Illegal.

Sunday, Jan. 15

Liberal Jon: An Unexpected Holiday Wish Comes True.

Monday, Jan. 9

Liberal Jon: District 02 ADEM Results: Huzzah!

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