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Tuluwat Examiner: Heart felt thank you from Richard Marks

Sunday, Nov. 11

Tuluwat Examiner: Once again Dumb-ass Donny embarrasses the country with his callous ignorance

Saturday, Nov. 10

Tuluwat Examiner: The Trump Train is slowly going off the rails

Wednesday, Nov. 7

Tuluwat Examiner: Overwhelming rejection of MAGA loonies and train scams in Eureka

Monday, Nov. 5

Tuluwat Examiner: Many MAGA voters in Eureka area confused, angry and not able to vote for their candidates

Saturday, Nov. 3

Tuluwat Examiner: Judge denies Trump’s argument that he’s just “too busy” to deal with emoluments case

Wednesday, Oct. 31

Tuluwat Examiner: Arcata Councilman Winkler is caught grossly exaggerating the cost of McKinley’s departure

Sunday, Oct. 28

Tuluwat Examiner: Richard Marks gains very important Union support in his election race for Harbor District

Tuluwat Examiner: Stand up to Trump and send him a strong message: YES on K!

Saturday, Oct. 27

Tuluwat Examiner: Let’s move Arcata forward

Thursday, Oct. 25

Tuluwat Examiner: Move Eureka forward, our recommendations

Wednesday, Oct. 24

Tuluwat Examiner: It’s never too late to repudiate Imperialism – No on M

Tuesday, Oct. 23

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump’s trade war isn’t helping a struggling Ford Motor Co.

Sunday, Oct. 21

Tuluwat Examiner: Leslie Castellano for Ward 1, Eureka City Council

Saturday, Oct. 20

Tuluwat Examiner: Here’s a really bad idea! Let’s put the incompetent Brady Bunch in charge of the bay!

Friday, Oct. 19

Tuluwat Examiner: “I don’t believe in Global Warming”

Thursday, Oct. 18

Tuluwat Examiner: MY RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH! – The facts on Proposition 10

Sunday, Oct. 14

Tuluwat Examiner: Measure M – More reasons to remove the symbol from the Plaza

Saturday, Oct. 13

Tuluwat Examiner: Professor Michael Eric Dyson: This Is “White Supremacy By Ventriloquism”

Tuluwat Examiner: John Chiv, Creepy Matthew Owen, dishonest Fullerton and the Whole Brady Bunch

Thursday, Oct. 11

Tuluwat Examiner: The 700-page report that sheds light on the end of life as we know it and dumb-ass Donny

Tuesday, Oct. 9

Tuluwat Examiner: Time to call out Marian Brady for lying

Saturday, Oct. 6

Tuluwat Examiner: Eureka election campaign bully outed, surprise! He’s in the Brady bunch

Tuluwat Examiner: These charts break down how and why we are in this disturbing historical moment

Friday, Oct. 5

Tuluwat Examiner: BIA Denies Extension for Public Comment on Proposed 6-story Trinidad Casino-Hotel

Tuluwat Examiner: Historian Christopher Browning warns that there are troubling parallels Hindenburg and McConnell

Thursday, Oct. 4

Tuluwat Examiner: “Brady says the pulp mill cleanup was a mistake” ?!?

Wednesday, Oct. 3

Tuluwat Examiner: More reasons to vote NO on M

Tuesday, Oct. 2

Tuluwat Examiner: Reject Tyrant Trump’s big brother like effort to text every American

Sunday, Sept. 30

Tuluwat Examiner: Important election for Humboldt Bay Harbor District 4th Division Commissioner

Saturday, Sept. 29

Tuluwat Examiner: Here’s your chance to become informed on local election contests

Friday, Sept. 28

Tuluwat Examiner: Kavanaugh must be removed from the Federal Court

Wednesday, Sept. 26

Tuluwat Examiner: Cher-Ae Heights Casino wants to build a 6-story 100 room hotel on Scenic Drive!

Tuesday, Sept. 25

Tuluwat Examiner: Willie Nelson on angry Republicans, “We’re not happy ’til they’re not happy.”…..Go Willie!

Sunday, Sept. 23

Tuluwat Examiner: This week’s WTF! moment: Mathew Owen turns on the Brady Bunch

Saturday, Sept. 22

Tuluwat Examiner: Planning Commission kisses Mercer Fraser’s ass, yet again

Friday, Sept. 21

Tuluwat Examiner: Time to kick out the Good Ol’ Boys from The Humboldt Community Services District

Thursday, Sept. 20

Tuluwat Examiner: Republican courtesy is just for show, they really don’t give a shit

Tuesday, Sept. 18

Tuluwat Examiner: Unable to start a conflict with Iran to divert your attention, Trump escalates trade war with China

Monday, Sept. 17

Tuluwat Examiner: Kavanaugh is not just a conservative jurist, he’s a Republican operative who is posing as a judge

Saturday, Sept. 15

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump’s Hillbilly base rebelling?

Friday, Sept. 14

Tuluwat Examiner: City of Eureka smacked down in court, again

Thursday, Sept. 13

Tuluwat Examiner: St. Joseph Health – Rescind these layoffs, restore their jobs and ensure safe staffing at all times

Wednesday, Sept. 12

Tuluwat Examiner: WTF St. Joseph Heath?

Tuesday, Sept. 11

Tuluwat Examiner: You can track a lot of this insanity and civil strife back 17 years ago

Monday, Sept. 10

Tuluwat Examiner: Mayor & City Council Candidates face off 9/30 & 10/1

Sunday, Sept. 9

Tuluwat Examiner: Russian trolls continue their dirty work

Saturday, Sept. 8

Tuluwat Examiner: Join the calls for adequate key staffing at St. Joseph and Redwood Memorial Hospitals this Monday

Friday, Sept. 7

Tuluwat Examiner: A big middle finger for Trump and the slave masters of the NFL

Wednesday, Sept. 5

Tuluwat Examiner: Another call for McKinley’s departure

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