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Tuluwat Examiner: Media pay attention, our children have an important message for you, they want a future!

Saturday, May 25

Tuluwat Examiner: 48 hours of Trump corruption and evil intent

Friday, May 24

Tuluwat Examiner: What is Mueller so afraid of? Trump’s GOP Primary opponent knows

Thursday, May 23

Tuluwat Examiner: There is more CO2 in the atmosphere today than any point since the evolution of humans

Monday, May 20

Tuluwat Examiner: Hemp blow back at tomorrow’s Board of Supervisors hearing

Saturday, May 18

Tuluwat Examiner: OMG! It’s War mongering deja vu all over again

Thursday, May 16

Tuluwat Examiner: “It makes them just as cowardly as the Republicans”…..Nancy are you listening?

Monday, May 13

Tuluwat Examiner: George Orwell called it back in 1949

Sunday, May 12

Tuluwat Examiner: US tax laws prop up frauds like “#Brokeahontas” while screwing over everyday taxpayers.

Saturday, May 11

Tuluwat Examiner: Can an eighteen-year-old beat Rex Bohn? History tells us yes!

Friday, May 10

Tuluwat Examiner: Good luck getting this tyrant out of the White House

Wednesday, May 8

Tuluwat Examiner: F all y’all, the tyrant wants even more power

Monday, May 6

Tuluwat Examiner: Andy Mills brings his draconian solutions to Santa Cruz

Sunday, May 5

Tuluwat Examiner: Law breaking Trump will not voluntarily leave office

Saturday, May 4

Tuluwat Examiner: This so called “Booming economy” benefits only the rich, the rest of us are out of luck

Friday, May 3

Tuluwat Examiner: Time to remove Attorney General Barr for office and put him in jail

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump hates being called a loser

Sunday, April 28

Tuluwat Examiner: Caltrans proposes spending more than 50 million so you can drive fast between Eureka and Arcata

Saturday, April 27

Tuluwat Examiner: Vladimir is outraged, is pretty spy is going to prison, maybe his bbf Donny can pardon her.

Friday, April 26

Tuluwat Examiner: The sweetheart of the NRA and full-on Russian spy is going to jail

Wednesday, April 24

Tuluwat Examiner: Welcome to one-party rule

Tuesday, April 23

Tuluwat Examiner: The similarities between a 1950’s UFO cult and today’s Trump Cult

Monday, April 22

Tuluwat Examiner: Downey defends his MAGA god

Sunday, April 21

Tuluwat Examiner: History will “smile upon” lawmakers who pursue the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Saturday, April 20

Tuluwat Examiner: The current state of Cannabis on the northcoast as viewed by a prominent local citizen

Thursday, April 18

Tuluwat Examiner: A criminal pack of useful idiots and obstructionists

Saturday, April 13

Tuluwat Examiner: Pulitzer winner David Cay Johnston has been warning about Crime Boss Trump for thirty years

Tuluwat Examiner: OK Trump, for once we almost agree with you, it’s a hell of a lot better than what your doing now

Wednesday, April 10

Tuluwat Examiner: Is the fix in for Bass? Sure looks suspicious

Tuesday, April 9

Tuluwat Examiner: Reality Check: Trumps keeps lying his ass off to keep the voters in the dark about his finances

Sunday, April 7

Tuluwat Examiner: Tyson and Sundberg so far failing to bring home the bacon

Wednesday, April 3

Tuluwat Examiner: Here’s a easy way to explain Trump to your kids or to Grandpa and Grandma

Sunday, March 31

Tuluwat Examiner: SNL gives a good summary of the week of Barr BS

Friday, March 29

Tuluwat Examiner: Hey MAGA Martinets “Schiff is correct”! So says senior legal analyst at Fox News

Tuluwat Examiner: NO! It’s not f—ing OK!

Thursday, March 28

Tuluwat Examiner: People aren’t buying the Barr B.S.

Monday, March 25

Tuluwat Examiner: The Barr B.S. press release spin

Sunday, March 24

Tuluwat Examiner: The Fox News all-out war on AOC means they’re really afraid of her, as they should be

Saturday, March 23

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump crime family escapes any indictments, for now, but we shall see

Friday, March 22

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump vindicated?

Tuesday, March 19

Tuluwat Examiner: Snowflake Devin Nunes’ Cow and his lawsuit against twitter parody accounts

Saturday, March 16

Tuluwat Examiner: What does a megalomaniacal Bully named Trump do when he’s cornered?

Friday, March 15

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump incites more violence and threatens attacks on his left leaning critics

Wednesday, March 13

Tuluwat Examiner: The Ugly Ass Hotel project back on the agenda in Trinidad

Monday, March 11

Tuluwat Examiner: With all of Trump’s bigotry on full display, Republican denunciations of others will always be hypocritical

Saturday, March 9

Tuluwat Examiner: Democracy scares the hell out of Republicans

Wednesday, March 6

Tuluwat Examiner: Just what we need, more online right-wing propaganda fo-news sites

Monday, March 4

Tuluwat Examiner: And now for someone really controversial: Ilhan Omar

Sunday, March 3

Tuluwat Examiner: Eureka’s crime-wave has metastasized county wide

Friday, March 1

Tuluwat Examiner: Crossing Trumps “red line” in a big way

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