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Friday, Sept. 20

Tuluwat Examiner: Giuliani’s careening gibberish and admissions about crimes involving Ukraine

Tuesday, Sept. 17

Tuluwat Examiner: Kentucky’s “Moscow Mitch” the Senate’s crime boss

Sunday, Sept. 15

Tuluwat Examiner: The desperate Trump campaign, with nowhere else to go, targets the nonvoter

Saturday, Sept. 14

Tuluwat Examiner: S. Carolina, Nevada, Arizona, and Kansas have canceled their Republican primaries because Trump is so scared

Friday, Sept. 13

Tuluwat Examiner: Ignorance, arrogance, greed and entitlement….same ol’ same ol’

Saturday, Sept. 7

Tuluwat Examiner: What a buffoon

Friday, Sept. 6

Tuluwat Examiner: How Trump’s International Collusion Threatens American Democracy

Sunday, Sept. 1

Tuluwat Examiner: Climate Crisis, do we really have only 12 years to act?

Saturday, Aug. 31

Tuluwat Examiner: Women are leading the way during the climate crisis, while the right attacks

Friday, Aug. 30

Tuluwat Examiner: The Terminator takes on the Nazis

Friday, Aug. 23

Tuluwat Examiner: Natalynne DeLapp former ED at EPIC has now become a true corperate shill…..sad

Tuluwat Examiner: Environmental holocaust in South American caused by the Brazilian Trump

Tuesday, Aug. 20

Tuluwat Examiner: Time to throw the incumbent supervisors out

Sunday, Aug. 18

Tuluwat Examiner: Please, we have 12 short years to start making big changes

Saturday, Aug. 17

Tuluwat Examiner: Lying Trumplicans just keep lying

Friday, Aug. 16

Tuluwat Examiner: Don’t worry everything is fine Trump and his stooges are in control

Sunday, Aug. 11

Tuluwat Examiner: Suicide? Hmmm….How convenient, or deadmen tell no tales

Friday, Aug. 9

Tuluwat Examiner: Cyanide bombs to kill wildlife, the latest of the daily Trump atrocities

Wednesday, Aug. 7

Tuluwat Examiner: The greatest threat to democracy; it’s not just Trump

Sunday, Aug. 4

Tuluwat Examiner: The climate Trump and Fox News has fostered

Saturday, Aug. 3

Tuluwat Examiner: Genocide and extinction or the “Western way of life” suffers a setback over the Grizzly Bear

Thursday, Aug. 1

Tuluwat Examiner: CNN does the debate WWE style to please Trump

Monday, July 29

Tuluwat Examiner: The Director of National Intelligence: From bad to much worse

Saturday, July 27

Tuluwat Examiner: When he’s finished putting down your dog, Trump is going to………..

Friday, July 26

Tuluwat Examiner: Intelligence Committee: Russians hacked election systems in all 50 states, #MoscowMitch is cool with it

Thursday, July 25

Tuluwat Examiner: Mueller stumbled and bumbled, but still dilivered important facts

Sunday, July 21

Tuluwat Examiner: German’s know a fascist racist when they see one and they called it in 2017

Friday, July 19

Tuluwat Examiner: Republican Hypocrisy: Balancing the budget on the backs of the 9/11 first responder community

Wednesday, July 17

Tuluwat Examiner: Once a perv always a perv

Sunday, July 14

Tuluwat Examiner: OMG! Hell has indeed frozen over; Matthew Owen makes a valid point

Friday, July 12

Tuluwat Examiner: Mueller has downplayed the importance of some key events and felony crimes in his report

Tuesday, July 9

Tuluwat Examiner: Appeals Court rules Trump violated the First Amendment

Saturday, July 6

Tuluwat Examiner: Let’s quit wasting money on a “spaceforce” and save the earth by planting lots of trees

Tuesday, July 2

Tuluwat Examiner: Korean Central News Agency or FOX which is worst, or are they the same?

Saturday, June 29

Tuluwat Examiner: Trumps Fanboy Groveling Tour meets with his best friends, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-un.

Friday, June 28

Tuluwat Examiner: Racists, Traitors anti-free press and more election interference just another day in Trump world

Monday, June 24

Tuluwat Examiner: Here’s yet another concerning factor about Terra-Gen’s Ridgetop Turbine Project

Saturday, June 22

Tuluwat Examiner: This is life in the US with a reality TV star running the show

Friday, June 21

Tuluwat Examiner: Collusion and Obstruction, the Video

Wednesday, June 19

Tuluwat Examiner: Recreational hate mongering or a fun Thrusday nite in Florida

Saturday, June 15

Tuluwat Examiner: Time to defeat Mitch “the grim reaper” McConnell

Thursday, June 13

Tuluwat Examiner: a set back for the monster hotel project in Trinidad

Sunday, June 9

Tuluwat Examiner: A very divisive political troll verses the real concerns about the TeraGen project

Saturday, June 8

Tuluwat Examiner: Trump once again uses migrants as his political whipping boy

Thursday, June 6

Tuluwat Examiner: A billion people displaced in a world of chaos where political panic is the norm

Monday, June 3

Tuluwat Examiner: Ken Miller counters the TeraGen/Stantec propaganda machine

Sunday, June 2

Tuluwat Examiner: We didn’t benefit from the Trump tax give way to the rich, now we get to pay for his trade war with China

Friday, May 31

Tuluwat Examiner: Republican Federal Prosecutors bust complicit Barr and crime-boss Trump. Time to throw the bums out!

Thursday, May 30

Tuluwat Examiner: TerraGen’s Wind Project

Wednesday, May 29

Tuluwat Examiner: Stalinist show trials in America? That’s Trump’s diabolical plan

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