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White-tailed Kite

Kym Kemp / Sunday, July 7, 2013 @ 3:33 p.m. / Featured Image

“This is a composite photo of a White-Tailed Kite at the Arcata Wildlife Sanctuary at sunset,” says Photographer Riley Quarles. “The two images were taken within minutes of each other and and were digitally composited later that evening in my studio.”  Quarles, who had another bird photograph featured on LoCO earlier this year explains that he likes “to play with altering the perception of space and time, and with blurring the lines between what is real, and what could be real.”

Quarles spends a great deal of time at the Wildlife Sanctuary.  He calls it his home away from home. “[M]y visits there often last 3-5 hours,” he says. “I usually walk out away from the regular foot traffic, and try my best to just quietly blend in with the scenery so I can come as close as possible to the wildlife.”

Quarles explains that  he takes a number of photos at each visit. “I always,” he says, “use the burst mode on my camera to capture the right moment, and I easily shoot about 800-1100 photos on each visit.”

“I move very slowly,” he says, “and will often stay motionless for 20 or 30 minutes just watching the birds hunting or interacting with each other. More often than not, I’ll miss a great photo simply because I was too busy watching it all unfold before me. I do not always come away with a nice photo, but I do always thoroughly enjoy my time in-the-moment with nature.”

More of Quarles’ art can be found at his site here.


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