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The Grandfather Tree

Kym Kemp / Monday, June 23, 2014 @ noon / Featured Image

Image: Bolithio

This enormous tree awes frequent commenter Bolithio. He wrote, “This is the largest Douglas-fir tree I have ever seen (in Humboldt County). And I have never seen such ridiculous limbs. The limbs themselves are like 4′ feet in diameter and 80′ tall! The fact that it can support all that weight is a testament to the structural integrity of Douglas-fir.”

Bolithio wrote about this tree on his blog.  He calls it the Grandfather Tree. Anyone taken any photos of big or unusual Douglas Firs in Humboldt.  If so, upload your photos into the comment section. It will be fun to compare them.

For more photos of the wilder parts of Humboldt, check out Bolithio’s blog which showcases beautiful places he’s seen in his day job as a forester. Almost every photo post contains a mini lesson on the forest.

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