Hub & Spoke Coordinator

Aegis Treatment Centers

Posted: Dec. 9, 2017

Aegis Treatment Centers, LLC., ("Aegis") operates one of the largest networks of Narcotic Treatment Programs (NTPs), also known as Opiate Treatment Programs (OTPs), in the nation. With over 30 clinics across California, we are committed to providing evidence-based comprehensive treatment services incorporating multidisciplinary modalities. We promote the highest standard of patient care in the treatment of substance abuse and related medical, psychological and socio-economic conditions. Aegis and its staff members pursue excellence, integrity & commitment in the provision of effective patient care.

Recently, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announced the 21st Century Cures Act-authorized funding for 50 states, the District of Columbia, and four territories to address opioid abuse. California’s project is named “Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Expansion.” California will strategically focus on populations with limited MAT access including rural areas. The grant focuses on two projects: The California Hub and Spoke System (CA H&SS) and the Tribal MAT Project. Aegis is pleased to be part of the California Hub and Spoke System Grant.

We are currently looking for a Hub & Spoke Coordinator who can demonstrate a history of commitment, professionalism, and hard work that is compatible with Aegis organizational culture.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Manage for Aegis performance of one of the Northern California CA H&SS Awarded Grants
o Regulatory Compliance in relation to Hub & Spokes patients’
o Spoke Development and Ongoing Communication with Spoke Administration
o Effectively communicate with State, Federal, County and other Government Agencies. Attend Steering Committee meeting and relevant Grant Trainings.

• CA H&SS grant patients care and outcomes
o Clinical outcomes
o Patient satisfaction and complaint management
o Data collection and reporting to UCLA and DHCS

• CA H&SS Grant MAT Team Employees
o Correct MAT Team Staffing Levels
o Employee satisfaction
o Manage staff turnover
o Recruiting
o Staff trainings
o HR relations/staff issues

• Community outreach and business development
o Community Outreach and Engagement including joining or creating Opioid Coalitions
o Relationship Development & Collaboration with both Hub and Spoke Counties
o Communicate with State, Federal, County and other support agencies.
o Attend Grant Steering Committee Meetings and Grant Trainings.
o Participate and provide outcomes to the Grant Learning Collaborative Team.
o Assess the ongoing needs & demand for services for development of future Aegis Clinics or Medication Units in Spoke locations

Position Requirements

• Knowledgeable and well experienced with all regulatory requirements.
• Accurately demonstrates knowledge and support of Aegis policies, procedures and protocols.
• Effectively manages CA H&SS MAT Teams.
• Possess strong organizational skills, supervisory skills, clinical skills, analytical skills, social and communication skills.


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