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Husky Burnette

Husky Burnette plays the Brew with a View the Third Thursday of every month! No Cover Charge (but feel free to buy the band a beer!) Here’s what the press has to say about Husky Burnette Music… “They take North Mississippi Hill Country blues, drag it through a few hollers, douse it with kerosene and blow it up real good “ Rubber City Review USA “Facedown In The Dirt: My CD of the year…i f***ing love this beast!” R/N/Z Magazine USA “Husky Burnette brings a rough, shambolic yet fist-tight blues that stomps, honks and grinds it out. My ol’ neighbor lady’d say “That’s Nasty!” She’d be so right. Husky and his drummer rock it like a beast and that’s how we like it, baby. Hunched, sweatin’, swaggerin’ and all up on ya. Think of a hair more traditional early Black Diamond Heavies, a grunge R.L. or a metal influenced T-Bone Walker” Rick Saunders Deep Blues/Ignition Magazine USA “He does put on a pretty damn good Delta Blues-meets-Jimmy Page-circa-“In My Time of Dying” raw duo show. Husky’s blues is a seated, Son House-inspired blend of noise and nuance, his drummer keeping time like a metronome with low battery charge. Burnette’s achingly slow-burn guitar work seems to be in the right place—which is more than most of your Alligator Records crowd can say.” Nashville Scene USA “Do you like your blues raw? Do you like your blues dirty? Do you like your blues done with feelin’? Then you need to check out Husky Burnette and his damn fine 3 track EP ‘Snake Oil Salvation’”. SP Fanzine UK For more info:

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