Liberty’s Birthday With Hazzard’s Cure Trecelence Wrath DMT


Angry Hammer Productions



A special celebration of the escape from fetus jail of Liberty Williams with some Killer California Metal of variatas styles.



Hazzard’s Cure - Oakland Metal Crust



Trecelence - Santa Rosa Thrash



Wrath - San Francisco Death/Thrash



Death Mode Trippers - local metal



In Honor of Liberty’s birthday, on this night you will mosh in a fucking circle pit. None of that ping pong bullshit. The mosh pit is not a wrestling ring or a karate dojo, y’all know who you are. Liberty wants one thing from you and that is circle pits. Action figures will also be accepted. But if I catch you doing any of that other shit I will refund you and kick you the fuck out.



Saturday Dec. 9th
All ages
Siren’s Song Tavern
325 2nd St. Eureka


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