Do you like to look at things falling out of the sky? LoCO does! So here is the 2015 list of when the most traditionally visable meteor showers are (approximately) gonna happen:

Quadrantids Jan. 3 Moon view most of the night
Lyrids April 21/22   Moon sets after midnight
Eta Aquarids    May 5 Full Moon
Perseids Aug. 12 Moon rises at dawn
Orionids Oct. 21 Moon sets after midnight
Leonids Nov. 17 Moon sets in late evening
Geminids Dec. 13 Moon sets in early evening

Note: Brighter moons make it hard to see meteors, so we’ve included what that pesky orb will be doing during shower times. Also, conventional wisdom holds that the best place to view is up Kneeland-way.

Have fun looking up, HumCo!

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