Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020


SUN sun
RISE7:44 a.m.
SET6:15 p.m.
2:19 p.m.-
3:37 p.m.
MOON moon
SET5:45 a.m.
RISE5:49 p.m.
PHASEWaxing Gibbous
VENUS venus
RISE4:46 a.m.
SET4:57 p.m.
MARS mars
SET6:08 a.m.
RISE5:26 p.m.
JUPITER jupiter
RISE1:31 p.m.
SET10:51 p.m.
SATURN saturn
RISE1:49 p.m.
SET11:18 p.m.
MERCURY saturn
RISE7:03 a.m.
SET5:53 p.m.
URANUS saturn
SET8:01 a.m.
RISE6:14 p.m.
NEPTUNE saturn
SET3:46 a.m.
RISE4:17 p.m.
PLUTO saturn
RISE1:41 p.m.
SET10:58 p.m.


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