Meth Pipes and Illegal Fireworks Taken in Blue Lake Traffic Stop

Gunshot Victim Says He Wandered for Hours

‘Operation Yurok’ Stats: Almost 13,000 Plants, 300 Pounds, Seven Guns and Environmental Violations Galore

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BOOKED: July 27, 2014

BOOKED: July 28, 2014

Six Rivers Planned Parenthood Getting Taken Over by Regional Affiliate


Bayside Man Chased Down By K-9 Unit ‘Nordy’ After Allegedly Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend

Suspected DUI Driver Damages Three Cars in Eureka

Five Dumpster Fires in Eureka Last Night

LoCO on the Pot: I Love Marijuana With My Heart and Soul

Pastor Bethany: Why Church Matters

Saturday, July 26

Crews Challenged by Sugarbowl Fire

Glean Gardens or Get Rid of Your Extra Produce to Help the Hungry

Friday, July 25

West Nile Virus Found in Local Bird

[OPEN to One Way Traffic Now] Hwy 96 Still Closed Due to Sugarbowl Fire

NEW SERIES: What’s the Story With That Place?

Flatmo’d: Piercer’s Remorse

(VIDEO) No, Seriously … Dylan Really Wants to Start a Band, Humboldt

Deputy Nets Hundreds of Crabs During Traffic Stop

Autopsy Confirms Second Victim in Rancho Sequoia Died of Gunshot Wound

Arcata Police Looking For Girl with ‘GRIT’ Chest Tattoo

Blaze Closes Hwy 96

Humboldt Wins Gold at State Fair

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Thursday, July 24

Australia Visits Humboldt and Looks at the Pot Economy

(VIDEO) Does Anyone in Humboldt Want to Start a Metal Band With Dylan?

Arcata Fire Extinguishes Manila Mobile Home Blaze

Highway 36 Man Citizen-Arrested for Brandishing Gun at Tow Truck Driver

(VIDEO) Stephen Colbert Suggests a New Flag for the State of Jefferson

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Wednesday, July 23

HITCHED, July 23, 2014

Six Rivers National Forest Just Got 320 Acres Bigger

Trinity County Sheriff’s Office Says Deputies Shoot at Armed Marijuana Growers

Northern California Wildflowers: Tiger or Leopard?

Arcata Police Raid Todd Court Marijuana Grow Op

They’re Angels in My Eyes: Henry Shares a Smile and Shows His New iPad

Driver Allegedly Evades Spike Strips and Pursuit/ Eureka Police Put Out a BOLO

Dave Rawlings Machine Added to CenterArts Lineup

Victim Named in Monday’s Rancho Sequoia Homicide

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Tuesday, July 22

Thunderstorm Warning for Northeastern Humboldt

Supervisors Renew Contract With Wildlife Services, Move Forward on Plastic Bag Ban

HUMBOLDT APPROVED: Who is Humboldt’s Best Singer?

County Supervisors Vote to Put Revenue Measure on November Ballot

Lowdown: Tuesday Night’s Best Bet For a Ghanaian Drum Solo

Suspect in Rancho Sequoia Homicide in Custody

BOOKED: July 22, 2014

Monday, July 21

(UPDATING) Another Shooting in Rancho Sequoia Area

Flipped Car at Buhne & I in Eureka