A Quick, Crappy Poem About Your Latest Mysterious Eureka Boom

#HUMBOLDTCOUNTY: redwoodimage Wins Friday!

SPOILER ALERT: Arcata Hostage Crisis Turns Out to Just Be Play Rehearsal

Regional Water Board Takes Over Investigation Into Mass Cattle Grave

DHHS: Humboldt Woman Dies of Influenza; Get Vaccinated

SoHum Rejoice: You Can Drive Between Redway and Garberville Again

Man Sleeping in Downtown Eureka Bushes Woken, Stabbed

Citizens Spot Duo Jiggling Eureka Car Door Handles; Burglary Bust Ensues

Wade Harris Arrested, Named Person of Interest in Recent Holmes Home Invasion

Rollover Accident at Arcata Roundabout

(VIDEO) MSNBC Interviews Hezekiah Allen on the Benefits of Outdoor Marijuana

Twelve-Year-Old Missing From Eureka Home Since Last Night

(!!!)–> The Eaglet Has Landed <---(!!!)

Woman Wanted by Curry County Law Enforcement Located at Garberville’s Lone Pine Motel

OBITUARY: Eloise Shaha, 1951-2015

BOOKED: April 24, 2015

LoCO EARTH: April 24, 2015


#HUMBOLDTCOUNTY: Casey Wins Thursday!

Moviegoers Evacuated as Humboldt Bay Fire Responds to Smoke at Broadway Cinema

(UPDATE) Henderson Center Bank Robbed; EPD Seeking Suspect

Your Week In Ocean: ‘A Dream Come True,” Orca ID’d, Osprey Gets Lunch

Eureka Launching Ambitious Waterfront Development Project

(AUDIO) Humboldt Ranked: List Humboldt’s Most Livable Cities/Towns

Humboldt: The Government App

Today’s Non-Emergency Near McKinleyville High is Another ‘Every 15 Minutes’ Production

(VIDEO) Arcata’s Weird New Circle Thingy Explained

Thursday Lowdown: Humboldt International Film Festival Continues

BOOKED: April 23, 2015

LoCO EARTH: April 23, 2015

Wednesday, April 22

#HUMBOLDTCOUNTY: Turd Ferguson Wins Wednesday!

Suspected Heroin House Shuttered; Redway Resident May Have Had the ‘China White’

Mass Open Cattle Grave Bulldozed; Location of Carcasses Now Unknown

(UPDATED) Sheriff’s Office Called to Holmes Flat for Report of Home Invasion Robbery Early This Morning

BOOKED: April 22, 2015

LoCO EARTH: April 22, 2015

Tuesday, April 21

#HUMBOLDTCOUNTY: Tyler Whiteside Wins Tuesday!

EPD Officer Runs Over Homeless Man Sleeping on the Balloon Track

(VIDEO) Drone Flight Reveals Mass Open Grave of Cattle Carcasses in Arcata Bottoms

(PHOTOS) Crews Begin Dismantling Balloon Track Zombie Trains

(VIDEO) Drone Flyover of Devil’s Playground Homeless Encampments

Eureka Police Looks to Pump Up West Side Neighborhood Watch With ‘Project NOW’

Drug Task Force Serving Search Warrant at Henderson and S; Follow-Up to Last Week’s Weed Mega-Bust

Researchers Part Out Fort Bragg Killer Whale Carcass for Study

OBITUARY: JoAnn Barrote Phillips, 1953-2015

BOOKED: April 21, 2015

Arcata Police: Man Beats Victim With Billy Club Behind Bar Row Before Friend Knocks Him Out Cold

LoCO EARTH: April 21, 2015

Monday, April 20

#HUMBOLDTCOUNTY: Casey Wins Monday!

BOOM! Eureka Explodes Again, Four Times

Arcata Police on Today’s Multi-Agency Manhunt Around Shay Park