???? Yeah a good view from the bridge.

WHAT? I take my kids there and launch boats to crab. I’ve been going there for years with no problems. What do I need to know?


“deserved to die”- that is a cold and heartless thought.

“…one of the deputies deployed their Taser…” Apparently mastering the English language is not that high on the qualifications to be the person writing the HumCo Sheriff’s press releases.

Thats how it works on here. For real. Say wigger and get deleted. Say honkie or cracker and it stays.


Naughty tentacles aren’t for kids either…..

Not the way they are set up now. How hard would it be. Point being, cheap little cameras take better video.

Sadly, I can now see why this country is heading towards a race and class war. The fires are being stoked by people like you. What do you hope to …

Goes to show, profiling works!

Looks like speed dating. Not a bad idea. Get hooked up so you have some place to go.

Again promoting violence. Remember that when you hear the cracking of your skull. The oppressors foot is pretty big and cold.

Dane, if this place went to anarchy, you wouldn’t last one night!

Oh that’s just… Cannibal Island Road! Kidding, but take a left on Cock robin island and your in for a treat!

Flag the dang things. They keep popping up.

Toodles, deleted and banned for one month.

Wild speculation here…. I would guess these guys were probably selling to and are a part of the areas Mexican/Central American farm worker community. Just makes more sense to me.

My understanding is that amphetamines, pseudoephedrine and ephedrine are needed to make meth and that the makers of these drugs are lobbying bigtime (and winning) to make sure they aren’t ……

Those eyes tho

Thanks for revealing this da troll. Loco needs to have their IP address blocked.

Well, lucky for him.

Ummm…. I’m pretty sure I used to work with this guy at the Mck Ace store…. Lol he world out in the lumber department. I think he was fired then…

Whether they fail or not the roads in the hills are still going to be here needing repair and maintenance to protect water quality.Yes, in my neighborhood the road is …

Doubt that

Why do you need proof?

Read the Journey of Man. Myth, indeed. It’s a fact. Dummdopf.

He swung a machete at another person . That CHP officer was doing his job. The kid deserved to die. The end.

No-no. I didn’t mean the beach of Crab Park. I was referring to that long road that LEADS TO Crab Park—it’s name escapes me. It’s a very pretty walk (fields, …