Assclowns all. So young and dumb. One will snitch the others out. The families must be proud.

At least a few rounds to the legs and feet, right?

Not the one confused.”What are crimes against humanity? ‘Crimes against humanity’ include any of the following acts committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian …

Not too wise, telling the public where they can get guns just by breaking in while you’re gone.

Same county you live in?

Come in my place, slug to the face.

Myself, never tried it why would I want to smoke something that smells like a 3 day dead skunks ass? If you smoke it fine, but change clothes and take …

This is correct. I have been told if someone breaks into my home to lock myself in a room. If the person beats the locked door down and comes after …

You are confused my friend. Throwing millions of people in cages for consuming a natural occurring harmless herb is the crime I’m referring to.

Opportunistic (surprise, surprise) freeloader’s not only a business failure in the making, he’s got a LOT to learn about marketing.…

You just have to be able to articulate you feared for your life. But I’m with you entirely, don’t get me wrong. I wish the law provided more leniency towards …

If you think the lack of legalization of recreational marijuana is a “crime against humanity,” then you are both woefully ignorant of true human-caused suffering AND apparently totally strung out …

“marijuana entrepreneur”?That’s hilarious, stay stoned my friend, someone has to.

shouldn’t it be attempted armed robbery, attempted armed burglary, possession of a stolen firearm

You best believe if I catch someone in my house who broke in, armed or not they are getting shot.

I want to say you must be protecting life to justify deadly force, even on your own property. You can’t just shoot someone even if they are in your home. …

Prohibitionists are mental midgets! Stop the crimes against humanity! Demand full legalization and nothing less!

keep an eye out for them in your neighborhood..

Sure has taken awhile for info to come out

O o oppps on his porch ?must do inside over your threshold.

Just three more specimens of the Dumboldt County gene pool.

There are many things people enjoy at whatever level they are working at.Sports, music, even writing. Although listening to music and reading seem more enjoyable than watching sports.

as a rule you are in no danger behind a locked door? and are not justified in shooting some one or thing. someone might be in Imperial entanglement?

You forgot to mention if the shooter was arrested or not.

Not feeding this troll.

Nicely done, Barry Evans.

You do remind me of Eastwood, in one strong sense: both of you are full to the brim — of yourselves.


One of the many great things about the web is the ability to find almost any video clip, image, or otherwise visually illustrative aid to give depth to an already …

Hopefully it was justified.