No. orr

Dont you think family should be notified first. Jesus christ. People use some couth!

If tweakers and junkies could develop warp drive technology or end world hunger whilst high, i’d buy the drugs for them. Alas, They are barely capable of wiping their butts …

Or testing of only the unemployed, because working stiffs never, ever show up to work high, drunk, or hung over.

The guy who used to play pool and gamble a lot in the Arcata bars??

Ok ladies and Gents, let us remember Winston. Curchill was drunk by seven every morning all of his adult life. If u close the door on someone because of a …

he is not black or bald. Now you see why cops don’t like to give out info. From a witness that may be wrong or lying.

Looks like Charles manson!!!

Have you seen the large group of homeless behind the mall and Burger King? I will admit it has been a few months since I peeked back there. Maybe it …

I have read and followed the stories of cities having tiny houses. A great idea. The land the tiny houses are on have to be city or state owned and …

James Mason?


hey booger..fuck off!

A woman named Jessica.

That guy was never the owner… He is the baby brother of the owners.

That is her mom dipshit

looks like a Mason relative

Smart agenda.


I thought they said a man was shot in the head.? Crazy ass shit Phillipsville is a close knit town where everyone knows each other so does anybody know who …

Nope I’m sitting at home reading all this my hart goes out for those involvedI know the outpost has been s*** for years and it seems now that Kim has …

Who got shot?

Yawn. Good to see you’re so special that you will only demand mandatory drug testing of others.

Great food. Hope they weren’t badly damaged.

I didn’t pry a board off or anything like that. I just walked by and you could see chicken heads. I’m not making this up. Lots and lots of chicken …

I always see at least a few people coping I mean camping there whenever I walk by late @ night.

Your dog is awsome!!!

Earl Roberts?

Yes yes you are

Really? This one doesn’t.