Jeez “DAV” your MWS is outpacing Ebola. Can we shoot the TV’s yet?

That’s Obama’s fault.

When I was young I remember it being referred to as ‘Moscow West’

Plus they look just like so many others in Eureka can blend right in.

Yea but what about the carbon foot print of the high speed pursuit?

In this case, you could say “high speed” had to do more with the controlled substance within.

Heard he ripped off the girls grandparents by stealing a gas card and charging it up…..bragged about it

Don’t forget he was putting around on the freeway.

I wish this was the typical news item every day. Humboldt County is going be famous for about 15 minutes thanks to this guy.

haha, i was right :)

that was clearly her opinion…what she asked for was the ‘statistics that show complaints’ perhaps too obviously so that she could discuss the issue with facts, then you bully her …

Sad but true. If they won’t do their job, then fire em.

Just utilize the one we have..

In my humble opinion, Meth is responsible for the substantial increase in murder and violence. It destroys your emotions and brain to the point human life becomes meaningless.Then there’s the …

I will quite happily remain ignorant of grower ebonics thank you; I don’t need to understand the intricacies of drug production and distribution to understand the overall consequences to society.

Unfortunately we have parameters that we must by Contract adhere to. Federal EPA and State WaterBoards paid for the Celestre Parcels,collateralizing the properties, stipulating that there should be no use …

I witnessed this event. It’s safe to say two things: the golf cart owner surely was “tee’d,” and the real problem in this golf-related incident was the “driver.”

No that tan line means they only found his indoor lol

Can local leo’s even track LoJack?

I completely disagree with you.

Im unfortunately his sons ex glad i was smart enough too leave that situation and relationships

I don’t believe you!!!

Spot on….In the words of Rev. Wright, “The chickens are comming home to roost.”

Spot on….

Spot on…There’s no justice in our criminal justice system.

Agreed. People need to learn to accept responsibility for their action rather than blaming the influences of their surroundings. The longer I’m around the less I see people owning their …

Many of us have been there so just ignore the rude remarks because they don’t matter and never will.All the best to your Dad.

Since most of the men you mentioned were dead before the turn of the LAST century, I can only conclude you are not a fan of “modern times”. Indeed, all …

I survive to strive to thrive. Goddamn, that’s trite! You gotta find a way to help me say that without rhythm or rhyme.