Um, accident was yesterday.

Interesting that you translated what he said into “having my back.” Wackabilly101 just doesn’t have much sense.

Baby girl hope your thanksgiving was a good one! Take care!

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Broomsticks For All!

This is why they call it Black Friday

Get a life

Most likely Hank’s headline

“Clusterfuck” in the headline. Marvelous Ryan. Maybe put that in your portfolio when you apply for an internship at the New York Times or Washington Post.

It was fun and interesting.

was pole snapped in two?

any body have a picture?

How is that possible, lol

I saw the carcass about 50 ft off the right side of 299 about 1/4 mile west of the Blue Lake entrance to westbound 299. It appeared to be a …

Maybe you should re-read my post and see what I said instead of being rude and trying to start #$#@!!

Godspeed my brothers.

That is SO COOL!!!

May the Lord be with you. -BNJesus Blessing Boat & Fishermen

I think you are talking to the wrong person!!! I was clarifying that the news said about how the accident began. it didn’t just take place in the parking lot. …

P.S. Thank God for the ones who still come to work from the receptionists and Same Day Services to the ones on the floor!


Good night baby girl ! Take care!

“Most of the rural counties are solely on telemedicine. So we feel fortunate…” Who is this ‘we’ of whom you speak?! I don’t feel fortunate. In my experience, telemed is …

Key thing missing is the actual location of the reporters when they were taking photos. Obviously there’s the one in the article, but nothing that gives any indication that they …

Except for the fact that the mall is private property and you have to get permission from management to film there. Kinda hard to sue when you’re in violation of …

DHHS isn’t motivated to fix anything. They have become so apathetic and uncooperative that those who suffer from acute mental illness usually land in jail. The Humboldt County Correctional Facility …

U guys are all morons why don’t u mind our own business and let people do what they do how would u like it it people butted into our business …

community advocacy by who? - the mentally ill? they struggle getting up in the morning and going through the day. As a family member of a mentally ill man I …

Very sad. Why no protest ? Don’t people who need mental health care deserve the same community advocacy ?