McKinleyville Fears a Juvenile Crime Wave, But Can You Call This Group of Delinquents a ‘Gang’?

Coffee Caper: Break-In at Old Town Coffee and Chocolates, Many Beans Burgled

Two Women Arrested in Eureka After Alleged Billy Club Assault

Last Week’s ‘Falling’ Death in Garberville Now Considered a Homicide

Problem Oriented Policing Busts Problem Drug Houses Downtown, in Highland Park

Eureka Police Arrest Two ‘Serial Thieves” (and LoCO Commenters); DA Prepares ‘Master Case’ Against Them

Extensive Search for Danielle Bertolini’s Missing Remains Ends With No New Leads

(UPDATE) Gathering at Everding Home Gets Violent; Man Hospitalized With Lacerations to the Face

Eureka Man Allegedly Threatens to Snap Girlfriend’s Neck During Tense Standoff with Sheriff’s Deputies

Man Subjected to Knife Assault After Night at the Casino

Man Brain Dead After Reported Altercation in Garberville; Sheriff’s Office Investigating

DUI Motorcyclist Suffers Major Injuries After Wiping Out on Fortuna Back Streets

Two People Fatally Stabbed in Laytonville This Morning; Suspect in Custody

Eureka Church Burglarized Last Night

Serial Burglar Attempts to Knock Over Bank, Casino by Crawling Through Air Ducts, Sheriff’s Office Says

Stolen Razor Scooter Proves to Be Poor Method of Escape During Fortuna Man’s Alleged Samoa Creep Spree

Suspect Apprehended; High-Speed Chase Ends When Vehicle Drives Off a Road at Humboldt Hill

Eureka Police: Property Crime Still Trending Up; Violent Crime Still Trending Down

Eureka Continues Sweeps on Homeless Living Behind Bayshore Mall, Citing ‘Mounds of Trash’

BOLO: Suspected Burglar’s Fingerprints Connect Him to Willow Creek Break-Ins, Says Sheriff’s Office

Suspect in Mad River Homicide Identified

Reports of a Homicide Near Mad River and a Shooter on the Run

Sleepy SoHum Burglar Arrested in Redway, Figured a Classroom Was a Good Place to Sleep in the Summer

Burglary Suspect Found Sleeping in Redway Elementary Classroom

Wanted Felon Escaped EPD Pursuit After Driving the Wrong Way and Sideswiping Another Vehicle

Two Felons Arrested After Traffic Stop and Foot Chase in Eureka

Man Arrested For Allegedly Kidnapping a Traveler and Sexually Assaulting Her in His Home For Three Days

Park Rangers Descend Upon Fields Landing; Two Arrested in Theft Investigation

Winship Middle School, McIntosh Farms Among the Latest HumCo Places to Have Their Glass Smashed

Thousands of Dollars in Equipment Swiped from Humboldt State’s Student-Run Radio Station

Shots Fired in Late-Night Hydesville Home Invasion Attempt

Sheriff’s Office Arrests Three People in Three Towns Today, All on Stolen Vehicle Charges

Woman Named April Showers Allegedly Rains Rocks on Ex in Domestic Dispute

Working Under an Expired Labor Contract, Sheriff’s Deputies Say They’re Underpaid, Understaffed

(UPDATE) Pricey Fireworks Stolen From Church Booth in Arcata’s Valley West Shopping Center

Sacramento Man Found Guilty in Eureka Bank Robbery

Jury Finds Arcata Man Guilty of Robbing Teens at Knifepoint

More on Indian Island Shooting; Kayak Thought to Be Stolen; Suspect Expected to Survive

Eureka Police Issue Statement on Today’s Shooting on Indian Island

Shooting on Indian Island; Man Shot in Abdomen at Private Residence

Inmate Found Hanged in Humboldt County Correctional Facility

Fortuna Burglary Suspects Taken Into Custody at Dogpoint

(UPDATE: DECEDENT NAMED) ‘Suspicious Death’ in Devil’s Playground Last Night; Coroner, EPD Investigating

Former Juvenile Corrections Officer Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Possession

With Murder Charge Dropped, Trial Date Confirmed for Benjamin Carter

Masked Man Emerges From Poison Oak Bush and Robs Father and Son Car Shoppers of $6K in Carlotta

Homeless Arcata Man Arrested for Attempted Murder After Girlfriend Bashed in the Head With a Rock

Yesterday’s Pot Bust Involved Members of California Cannabis Voice Humboldt

Eureka Meth Bust (PLUS: EPD Explains How Many ‘Hits’ are in an Ounce of Meth)

Eureka Police Officer’s Nose Broken, Taser Deployed During Arrest Scuffle