EPD: Two Arrested, ‘Vast Amount’ of Garbage Removed from Palco Marsh in Follow-Up to Last Week’s Shooting

Mugshots of the Most Wanted: Eureka Police Poster Updated

APD: Kids Robbed of Their Skateboards at Knifepoint; K9 Finds Thief in Bushes

APD: Eureka Man Rams Patrol Car With Vehicle Stolen From Car Dealership in Escape Attempt

Be On the Lookout: Yikes! Stolen Bikes

Be On the Lookout: Guitar Stolen from Green Room at the Mateel

Bicyclist Busted With Baggies

Woman Convicted of Stabbing Another Woman in the Liver

Be On the Lookout: Snazzy Bike Snatched in Arcata

EPD: Cache of Weapons Found in Devil’s Playground Camp Following Accidental Shooting

Your Week in Ocean: “It Was The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Seen”

(UPDATE, Shooting Was Accidental) Devil’s Playground Camper Shot in the Leg; EPD Investigating

Be On the Lookout: F350 Stolen Yesterday

No, It’s Not Just You: Crime in Humboldt County is Getting Much Worse

Updated Eureka Police ‘Most Wanted’ Poster

Pursuit Ends in Hospital for Probationer

HCSO: Thieves Try To Kidnap Canine, Steal Cannabis Instead

Photos of Yesterday’s Drug Lab Explosion—Thousands of Butane Canisters Found at Drug Lab in Rancho Sequoia

[Photo Update] A Hash Lab Explodes on Murder Mountain

Is This Your Stolen Bike or Bike Gear? EPD Busts Suspected Lair of Bicycle Thievery

[UPDATE] Know These Guys? Man Allegedly Catches Two Men in His Shop

Did You Have Your Mail Stolen, Arcata Resident? ‘Cuz APD Caught a Guy

23-Year-Old Woman Stabbed Near Adorni Center Early This Morning

CHP Captures Man Wanted on Felony Warrant

Samoa Drag Strip Damaged by Thieves, Estimated Cost of Repair Will Decimate the Non-Profit’s Reserve Funds

Husband Dies After Being Shot, Trinity County Woman Arrested

Arcata Traffic Stop Leads to Discovery of Heroin, MDMA, .44 Ruger Handgun

Multiple Humboldt Correctional Facility Inmates Released Into a Shiny, New Post-Prop 47 World

DTF Agents Find Heroin, Oxycodone in Hoopa Woman’s Bra

Sheriff Deputy Search Reveals Weed, Hash and Hydrocodone During Fortuna Arrest

Two-Year-Old Taken Into Protective Custody as Result of Marijuana Raid Today

(VIDEO) Arcata Police Would Like to Know the Identity of This Orange-Sweatshirted Alleged Car Burglar

Meth Salesman Stopped, Says APD

APD: Felon in Possession of Firearm … Again

Humboldt County Woman Who Crashed With Two Children Off Hwy 1 Earlier This Month Arrested for Attempted Murder

Man Arrested for 2006 Robbery Spree Sought by EPD After Allegedly Damaging a Patrol Car and Evading Pursuit

Five Arrested in Alleged Rio Dell Burglary Case

APD: You Can Come to the Plaza on Halloween, But We Are Going to Scare the Living Crap Out of You

[UPDATE: Suspect Turned Himself In] Scotia Man Wanted For Sexual Battery

Garberville Gunshot Homicide Victim Identified

If You’ve Had Your Car Broken Into Recently, You Might Want to Contact Arcata Police

Armed Weed Theft; Sheriff’s Office Seek Suspect with ‘Kimberly’ Neck Tatt Driving White Honda Accord

Neighbors Not Super Thrilled About Alleged Drug Trafficking; Three Arrested in Loleta

Eureka Man on Probation For Possession of Stolen Property Pulled Over, Arrested for Possession of Stolen Property

Sheriff’s Office: Who is the Zero Who Tagged the Hell out of Two McK Churches?

EPD: Apologetic Armed Robbery Suspect Returns to Scene of Crime, Surrenders

EPD: Violent Crime in Eureka Down, Property Crime Up

Nearly 1,000 Marijuana Plants, Firearms, Much Cash Discovered in Related Arcata Homes; One Arrested

Blue Lake Burglary Suspect Leaves Bud on Porch, Avoids Taser Zap, Eventually Arrested

19-Year-Old Fleeing ‘Higher Ground’ Arrested With Torn Pants