Eureka Police Search Squires-Owned Apartment, Find Lots of Heroin

Arcata Man on Probation Arrested with Meth, Guns, Cane Sword

Man With Meth Arrested After Shooting the Sky

Someone’s Trying to Scam You for Bogus ‘Fire Inspection’ Fees, Warn Eureka Public Safety Agencies

In Which We Compare Local Cities’ Crime Clearance Rates to the National Average

Trinidad Trail Fight Flares Up Again, Gets Physical; Coastal Commission Turns the Screws on Aggrieved Homeowner Fighting Public Access

Sheriff’s Office Seeks Help in Putting Name to Body Found in Hoopa Last Week; Personal Effects, Clothing Identified

Beach Patrol! Late-Nite Seaside Revelers Beware, For the Sheriff’s Office’s ATV Squad is Coming For You

(UPDATED) Harris at Union Closed for the Nonce; Suspicious Package Located at Eureka Figueiredo’s

Meth- and Skag-Toting Garberville Man Attempted, Failed to Beat Up Cops Today, Sheriff’s Office Says

Shooting in Eureka Last Night; F Street Resident Shoots Person Standing Outside His Door, Calls Cops

Home Invasion Robbery in McK Last Night Foiled by Victim

University Police Tase Homeless Man on Campus; Former Philosophy Student Resisted Arrest, Cops Say

Large Law Enforcement Convoy At and Around the Humboldt/Trinity Border Today

Judge Orders Psychiatric Evaluation of Bullock, Predicts Early October Trial Date for Priest Murder Case

(PHOTO) Arcata Police Suspect This Todd Snider Fan of Vandalism

District Attorney: Domestic Violence Suspect Found Guilty in Retrial, Could Face Four Years in Prison

Arrests Continue at Blue Heron Motel, Even After Everyone Was Evicted

Dinsmore Hatchet Assault Suspect Arrested, Says Sheriff’s Office

Vincent Ortiz Taken Into Custody in Willow Creek This Afternoon

Hoopa Shooting Victim Succumbs to Injuries, Identified by Coroner

(UPDATED) Search For Vincent Ortiz at Red Lion Called Off; While It Was Underway, the Suspect Became No Longer Wanted for Murder

Limmie Curry Pleads Guilty to Voluntary Manslaughter in 2010 Death of William Reid

(UPDATED) Human Remains Found in the Hoopa Area Yesterday; Deputy Coroner Confirms ‘Criminal Investigation’ Underway

Sheriff’s Office: Three Victims in Saturday’s Shooting in Hoopa; Public’s Help Needed in Searching for Remaining Suspect

One Hoopa Shooting Suspect Taken Into Custody, Says EPD

Sheriff’s Office Picks Up Meth, 15 Pounds of Weed at Garberville Supermarket

(UPDATING) Shooting in Hoopa; Several People Gravely Injured; Suspects Spotted in Eureka

Drive-By Shooting in Eureka Last Night; Unknown Parties Blast Two Shotgun Holes Into Side of Apartment Building

District Attorney: Ferndale Man Found Guilty of Felony Domestic Violence, May Face Four Years in Prison

Sheriff Seeks Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Buddy With a Hatchet

Eureka Police Release Trail Cam Images of Armed Wanted Homeless Encampment Resident

‘Fully Loaded and Chambered to Fire’ Guns Found in Felon’s Vehicle After Traffic Stop

Name of Deceased Fortuna Shooter Released by Coroner’s Office; Update on Status of Victim

Two Busted for Allegedly Buying Alcohol for Minors in EPD ‘Shoulder Tap’ Operation

(UPDATED) Two People Shot in Fortuna Suburb This Morning

With Robert Durst Murder Arrest, National Attention Returns to Karen Mitchell’s Disappearance

Eureka Police Provide Further Details on This Morning’s Homeless Encampment Raid and Removal

(AUDIO) Sheriff’s Office Chases Stolen Truck Through Fernbridge, Fortuna, Hydesville, Carlotta; Eventually Gives Up the Chase

EPD Raids Devil’s Playground Campground Again; Finds Guns, Meth, Chickens, Fully Stocked Bike Shop

Loleta Man Arrested in Connection With Klamath Falls Murder

Sheriff’s Office Seeking Fourth Island Mountain Home Invasion Suspect

Watch Out For This Harassing Person Who Seems Unable to Stay Away From Campus, HSU Says

Sheriff’s Office ‘Maximum Enforcement’ in SoHum; Eight Arrested on Narcotics Charges, Child Endangerment, Etc.

Wanted Island Mountain Home Invasion Suspect Arrested in Eureka After Reckless Driving

Court Adds Carjacking Charge to Bullock Murder Case, Appoints Expert Witnesses

Eureka Police, Fire Responding to Fire Behind Bayshore Mall; ‘Shots Heard’ Believed to be Dumb, Not Scary

Eureka Residents Indicted in ‘Operation Southern Postal Powder’ Appear in Georgia Federal Court, Plead Not Guilty

Hoopa Woman Wanted For Attempted Homicide Found Walking On the Side of the Road, Arrested

The Eureka Police Department Wants YOU: Neighborhood Watch Training Day This Weekend