New Klamath Dam Removal Plan Announced, Bypassing Congress

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Director of CDFW Enacts Emergency Delay of Commercial Crabbing Season Due to Domoic Acid Levels

Dungenless: California Fish and Game Commission Suspends Crabbing Season Until Domoic Acid Numbers are No Longer a Significant Risk

Dan Ehresman Resigns as Executive Director of the Northcoast Environmental Center

Huffman Announces Nearly $90k in USDA Grants to Promote Local Food

Reggae on the River To Go ‘Water-Neutral’

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Huffman Demands Federal Action to Prevent Klamath River Fish Kill

Academic Paper Suggests Legalizing Weed Would Help the Environment

Yurok Tribe Discovers Early Parasite Infestation in Klamath Salmon

The Hammond Trail Will Soon Extend North to Scenic Drive, Thanks to New Land Acquisition

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Mass Open Cattle Grave Bulldozed; Location of Carcasses Now Unknown

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Barely Half of Humboldt County Residents Believe Global Warming is Mostly Caused By Humans

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