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Arcata Fire Acknowledges Measure A Defeat; Vows to Keep Fighting for Additional Staffing

Szechuan Sewage Spill Update: Oh, Actually That Shut Down All Oyster Harvesting on the Bay

PULL UP YOUR PANTS, EUREKA! City Council to Consider Illegalizing Public Nudity

Fortuna Fire Assessment Passes; New Revenue Will Fund Prevention Efforts, Volunteer Retention, District Says

Los Angeles Times Reports on Fraught Relations Between Hoopa Valley Tribe, Sheriff’s Office

Devil’s Playground/Palco Marsh Maintenance Plan on Tomorrow’s Eureka City Council Agenda

Last Chance for Fortuna-Area Property Owners to Vote on Fire Assessment Fees Tonight

SoHUM: County Commission Wants to Hear About How Your Human Rights Are Being Violated

Arcata Begs Residents to Get Just a Teeny Tiny Bit More Serious About Water Conservation

COOL NEW TOOLS: The Fortuna PD Now Has the Best Transparency/Public Crime Reporting Website in the County

Sheriff Deputies’ Union Blasts Supes: Board Risks ‘Breaking Promises’ on Measure Z Funds

Eureka City Council Approves Draft Budget, While Citizens Bemoan Cuts to Public Safety

Grand Jury: Humboldt County’s Firefighting Infrastructure is Way Broken

EUREKA DROUGHT RULES: No Watering on Weekdays That Don’t Start With ‘T’

Eureka’s Final Draft Budget Returns Some Money to Police, Cuts Public Contributions to Booster Organizations

Who Do You Want to Be the Next County Health Department Head? Tell Rex Bohn Later This Month

McK School District Again Refinances Bond Debt as New Gym Nears Completion

Eureka City Manager on Budget Cut Debate: Don’t Say We Aren’t Spending Measure Q Money on Police, Fire

‘Parklets,’ Food Carts, Waterfront Planning on Tuesday’s Eureka City Council Agenda

Let it Grow! Arcata City Council Moves Forward With ‘Marijuana Innovation’ Project

Hey, Arcata – Are You Ready for a Giant ‘Marijuana Innovation Area’ Out on West End Road?

Measure Q Backers Urge Eurekans to Protest Planned Cuts to Police, Fire Services

In Shelter Cove, Cultures Collide on Either End of a Disputed Coastal Trail

Eureka’s Police Services Officers Look to the Public and City Council to Save Their Jobs

Measure Z Committee Recommends Nearly $9M in Funding, Almost Entirely for Public Safety

Eureka Police Seek Six to Serve on New Citizen Advisory Panel

Eureka City Council Votes to Allow Two Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Sheriff’s Office Moves to Dissolve Key Relationship With Hoopa Valley Tribal Police

New General Manager for Humboldt Bay Water District Announced

Facing Yet Another Budget Shortfall, Eureka Looks For Places to Cut

This Video Will Get You Psyched About Jeffrey S. Blanck, Humboldt’s Next County Counsel

In Light of Large Capital Losses, Grand Jury Recommends Major Overhaul of The Headwaters Fund

Will the California Coastal Act Kill Devil’s Playground Cleanup Plans?

Eureka Police Looks to Pump Up West Side Neighborhood Watch With ‘Project NOW’

City of Arcata to Break Ground on New Trail, New Road

Today’s Downtown Treepocalypse Will Lead to a More Eco-Friendly Arcata, City Engineer Says

Trinidad Trail Fight Flares Up Again, Gets Physical; Coastal Commission Turns the Screws on Aggrieved Homeowner Fighting Public Access

Sheriff’s Office Responds to Grand Jury; Says it Is and Will Be in Compliance With the Law

Grand Jury Reminds Poor People That They Can Demand a Ride Home After Being Arrested

Downey Bumped Up: Supes Approve Sheriff-Coroner Pay Hike Unanimously

Board Set to Approve 10 Percent Raise for Sheriff-Coroner Mike Downey

County Beats Back FEMA-Mandated Flood Insurance for Residents of Orick and Parts of Blue Lake

County Health Department: The Affordable Care Act ‘Open Enrollment Period’ is Nigh; Help Available

Coroner Dave Parris Resigns; Look for Quick Consolidation of Coroner’s and Sheriff’s Office

Does God Bless Counties That ‘Trust’ in Him? A Statistical Analysis

Electronic Billboard Backlash Hits Humboldt County’s Facebooks

McK Union School District Calls Special Early Morning Meeting to Refinance Huge Bond Debt

Humboldt Grand Jury: Sheriff, End Nighttime Releases Now! Plus Much More

Special Eureka City Council Meeting This Evening; 2014-15 Budget Proposes Large Cuts to Police, Fire

Rio Dell Looks to Bill Its Volunteer Fire Department for Water