Local Government

County Health Department: The Affordable Care Act ‘Open Enrollment Period’ is Nigh; Help Available

Coroner Dave Parris Resigns; Look for Quick Consolidation of Coroner’s and Sheriff’s Office

Does God Bless Counties That ‘Trust’ in Him? A Statistical Analysis

Electronic Billboard Backlash Hits Humboldt County’s Facebooks

McK Union School District Calls Special Early Morning Meeting to Refinance Huge Bond Debt

Humboldt Grand Jury: Sheriff, End Nighttime Releases Now! Plus Much More

Special Eureka City Council Meeting This Evening; 2014-15 Budget Proposes Large Cuts to Police, Fire

Rio Dell Looks to Bill Its Volunteer Fire Department for Water

Sheriff’s Office Changes Midnight Release Policies; Mental Health Screenings, Call to Friends and Family Now Standard Procedure.

New Visions for Old Pulp Mill

Supervisor Virginia Bass Kicks Off Campaign With Star-Studded Rally

WATER DISTRICT: Don’t Panic Yet, But if You’d Like to Conserve, That’d Be Nice

PRAY ON, PRAYA! Judge Rules in Favor of Eureka City Council Religious Invocations

Earth First! To Rally For McKay Tract Community Forest at Board of Supes Tomorrow

With a Two-Carpetbagger Council Nigh, Isn’t it Time for Eureka To Scrap Its Ludicrous Electoral System?

Alex Stillman and Jessica Hall on Arcata’s New Plastic Bag Ordinance

Arcata Faces the Music: Special City Council Meeting Tomorrow on Payback of $4.5 Million in Funds Misappropriated From the State

Read North Coast Railroad Director Bernie Meyers’ Brilliant FAQ on NCRA Matters

Environmental Groups Applaud Coastal Commission Decision on Caltrans’ Safety Corridor Project

Eureka City Manager Bill Panos Resigns

With an Angry Letter, Michael Johnson Withdraws His Candidacy For Eureka Police Chief

North Coast Railroad Authority Committee Floats the Possibility of Impending Bankruptcy

Arcata Fire Selects One of its Own as New Chief

Eureka City Council Suddenly Punts on Stillman/NCRA Question

Rail-Heads Seek Stillman Ouster From NCRA Board

Harbor Commissioner Aaron Newman Arrested by Dep’t of Fish and Wildlife on Felony Perjury Charges

Railroadies Defeated at Board of Supervisors Today; Board Opts for Richard Marks Over RR Favorite Dan Hauser

This Week in Ocean, Part One: The Future of Humboldt Bay

Supes Likely To Rename Airport Today

Notorious Arcata Liberal Alex Stillman Appointed to North Coast Railroad Authority Board

Sheriff Set to Dig Up Remains of Mendo County Supervisor’s Wife

County-wide Grower Tax?

Airport Showdown Averted: Surprise Hulsey Resignation Saves Layoff of Program Director

Showdown Over Airport Budget at Tomorrow’s Board of Supes

North Coast Railroad Authority Tosses EIR

Big Showdown A-Brewin’ for Tomorrow’s North Coast Railroad Authority Meeting in Eureka

Eureka City Council Calls Special Meeting to Get a Bunch of Public Money for the East-West Train

City of Arcata to Proudly Fly Rainbow Flag During Supreme Court Prop. 8 Hearing

Humboldt County’s Response to the Green Rush: Understanding the New Draft Medical Marijuana Outdoor Cultivation Ordinance

Ulansey Gets Supes’ Planning Commission Appointment, Immediately Delivers Lovelace Dis

Supes Set to Appoint New Planning Commissioner Tuesday; Everything Coming up HumCPR?

Drug Task Force Crew Parks Illegally for Lunch, Goes Ballistic on Tow Truck Driver; Disciplinary Action and Probable Lawsuit Ensues

Special Supes Report: ‘Hey, What Now?’

Eureka Finance Director Paul Rodrigues on Pension Bonds, City Debt

City of Eureka Looks to Sell Bonds to Fund Pension Debt; High-Interest CABs Potentially in the Mix

McKinleyville Union Superintendent on His District’s Capital Appreciation Bonds

Eureka Hires West Sacramento Port Director as New City Manager

Paying $56 Million to Borrow $4 Million: School District Capital Appreciation Bonds in Humboldt County

CHP Announces Results of Thanksgiving Maximum Enforcement

Gov. Brown Appoints Notorious Arcata Liberal to the Redwood Acres Fair Board