(PHOTOS) Bud, Edibles and Concentrate! I Was a Judge at the Humboldt County Cup

U-Haul Truck Going Wrong Way With No Headlights Turns Out to Be Full of Weed

800 lbs. of Freshly Harvested Weed Found Down an Embankment Along Highway 36; One Arrested

VICE Takes a Long Look at Humboldt’s ‘War in Weed Country’

Federal Court Sentences Eureka Trespass Megagrow Bros to Seven Years Each

Two Hoopa Men Arrested in Wyoming Traffic Stop With 57 Pounds in the Hyundai

Medical Weed Will Be Regulated, But Industry Still Can’t Access Banks

Landowners Fight for Inclusion in Arcata’s New Medical Marijuana Innovation Zone

Supervisors Ask Staff to Loosen Regulations in Draft Marijuana Ordinance

Governor Brown Signs Weed Bills

Here’s the County’s Draft Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance

Two Texas Men Arrested in Eureka Motel with 50 lbs. of Packaged Marijuana

Sign These Weed Bills, Jerry: State Lawmakers Bogart Courthouse Steps for AB 243 and 266 Rally

260 Plants Seized From Rio Dell Marijuana Grow Op

‘Sign Our Weed Bills, Governor’; Assemblymembers to Hold Rally on Courthouse Steps

2,043 Plants Seized, One Arrested During Bridgeville Marijuana Grow Raid

‘Sheriff Allman Made a Grave Mistake’: Pinoleville Pomo Vow to Challenge Mendo’s Weed Raid on Tribal Territory

Four McKinleyville Residents Indicted for Pot Trafficking, Money Laundering

Mendo Sheriffs Raid Marijuana Operation on Tribal Territory; Pinoleville Pomo Megagrow Busted

Drug Task Force Raids Three New McKinleyville Houses, Finds Weed and More

County Takes the Reins on Marijuana Regs as CCVH Steps Back

Agreement Reached on Historic Statewide Medical Marijuana Bill

Cops, Unions, Cities Urge Action as Deadline Looms for Medical Weed Bill

‘There Is No Consensus’: Environmental Groups Call BS On CCVH Unity Announcement

California Cannabis Voice Humboldt Announces Consensus Agreement With Local Environmental Groups

Marijuana Bills Gutted and Advanced in State Legislature

Eureka Residents’ Hash Lab, Trespass Grow Discovered Near Origin of Weaverville’s Democrat Fire; 700 Plants Eradicated

Cops Tiptoe Up on Sleepy Trespass Growers Near Whitethorn; Almost 1,000 Plants Eradicated From Public Lands

California Cannabis Voice Humboldt Delivers Public Comments to Supes

SF Weekly Story About Bad Data on Marijuana Industry Uses Bad Data on Marijuana Industry

Supervisors Approve Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ordinance

Former Humboldt County Resident Sends a Video Birthday Present to Wife From Federal Prison … and on National Television!

INTRODUCING WEED OR NO WEED: The Game Where We Find All the Weed in Humboldt County

California Cannabis Voice Humboldt Fires Back at NEC Director Over Criticisms of Draft Ordinance

Assemblyman Jim Wood Talks Cannabis, Oysters and Raising the Smoking Age to 21

Yesterday’s Saber Tooth Road Raid By the Numbers: 2,000 Plants, 12 Detained, 17 Environmental Violations…

NEC Calls for Public Critiques of California Cannabis Voice-Humboldt Draft Ordinance

State Officials Explore Banking Options for Weed Dispensaries

Willow Creek Marijuana Grow Raided; 1,481 Plants, Environmental Violations Discovered

Supervisors Postpone Dispensary Ordinance Vote For (at Least) Three Weeks

Academic Paper Suggests Legalizing Weed Would Help the Environment

County Supervisors May Open the Door to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Tuesday

Over 60,000 Marijuana Plants Eradicated This Month in Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Eight Arrested

55,000 Marijuana Plants Eradicated During ‘Operation Yurok’, Says Tribe (PHOTOS)

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Found Hanging Out at Mendocino Marijuana Grow During Raid

Three Casino Hotel Guests Arrested for Possession of Marijuana for Sales

Al Jazeera America Covers Last Week’s Marijuana Mega-Bust in Weitchpec

Sheriff’s Office Chops Down 270 Plants Trespassing on Humboldt Redwood Company Land

Marijuana Nonprofit Offers Advice to Growers Worried About a Visit From the Law

City of Rio Dell a Little Peeved About Having to Clean Up Someone’s Illegally Discarded Cannabis Farming Materials