Gee, it’s like nobody can go into town and have a blast anymore?What a dull place.

Please work on updates. It would be nice to know what happened here.

ROFL! “Instead, at least among the older set, these holidays have become medical confessionals…” —It’s not so much the content of medical tales, but the timing I object to. I’m …

hurts my heart!!

Funny ass article James! Hit a few nails on the head!

Good morning honey! Have a pleasant day baby girl! Miss you!

if captain America was around he would’ve jumped on top of it

Small order of fries!

They sent the bomb bot out to detonate?!?!? Typical. #RobotLivesMatter

wait… don’t they only explode when the pins pulled?was a whole bomb squad necessary?

Oh, silly me, is THAT where I left that?

Corn Stalk!

That’s the meat of why nothing has been done yet. Not enough or any lawsuits being filed. And yes, there has been cause for such

I just herd the detentation 10 mins ago another grenade replica?

You might want to check your facts on the time we came through there at 1 o’clock today and it was already in the river

i just drove through there an hour ago.. wow

That’s terrible and so sad :( condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

Where’s Bud when we need him?

True. They are unrepresented and ignored.

RIP Anthony Michael Pennucci.Bubba’s down at San Quentin is patiently waiting your arrival Richard Villa Dean.


Boon docking is popular among senior’s that can’t afford RV park rates. Most never have a problem like Eric experienced after one night in down town Eureka.

Spot on article Eric. The center of town has become a cess pool with roving meth heads, junkies and criminals. You arrived on a typical night to see Eutweeka in …

For a small town, Eureka has way too many weird nights.

SO AWESOME! Go ‘Jacks!!!

Dude you are one of the most pathetic trolls I have ever seen on the interwebz you follow Eric’s moves online all day every day and flood boards with your …

Nobody is being racist. I think you’re mistaken. the family of the accused man, have stated his mental instability. don’t turn this into something other then what it is. A …

I’ve only know Mike for a short time, but talk to him almost everyday. My heart is broke for the lost of this kind soul. my thoughts and prayers will …

Good morning precious! Missing you baby girl , take care!

Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we feel about Mike’s death. We are here, collectively, to support the entire family in your grieving process. With sincere sympathy.