I’m sorry your life is filled with hurt, pain, anger, and tears. If you didn’t embrace a diseased worldview (religion), you might allow yourself to realize how fortunate you are …

Miranda’s Rescue? Sequoia Humane Society?

ask NHS they always have the right answers


Last week a dog adopted our family by camping on our porch. We kept her warm and brought her in the next day. Looked for owners, etc. with no luck. …

Save the dogs, give them cat stew.

i’m surprised it wasn’t a flipped car. This town if full of stunt men/women!

Never kill a dog/cat.

I have to say I’m very impressed that the shelter has never faced this crisis before. Good for you, guys.

It got re-classified. Do your research before you jump the gun, buddy.

thanks for sharing this, love your closing lines- In the midst of waiting, of Advent, of the hurts and pains and anger and tears and sickness and death and messy …

If Marijuana is the present and the future, I’ll stick to the past.Merry Christmas!

Thanks james, Thanks Scooter, I needed that Zappa fix worse than I thought!

Show us on the doll where KHUM touched you….

Once again, you fall to assumptions of your own, divorced from reality. You know me no better than you know the situation described in the article. You have only demonstrated …

Whatever you say, guest.

Aw, those intolerant right wingers made you smoke dope. Poor you.

It’s small-batch, artisanal butane.

What happens to the cows in the bottoms?

So you do believe in God, and herb is His sacrament. That’s not creepy at all.

How is Colorado?

You think he should look at sailors?

And people are able to finish holiday prep without being accosted by panhandlers. Seriously, where do the bums go? I live and work in hobo-rich environments. The day before the …

If s/he has a car, it’s not like s/he’s ever gone off the pavement, so don’t bother.

Nice avatar. I’m hungry!

people productions

Looks like a numberof issues that need addressed. First if water is coming into the housearound outside of chimney that wouldmake me think it is the flashing. Your chimney is …

It’s free…

Geometry + Algebra + Trigonometry + PreCalc + Calculus = (Brain Cells / Bong Hits)/ Pineapple) *^ = F(ried) –—Yabba Dabba Doooo! Here Shaggy have another pineapple.