Yes. And when said hallucinatory episode is brought on by ones CHOICE to put a harmful substance in their body, there are, and should be, consequences.

Its just those plastic bags are good for dog poop picking up, coloring one’s hair (to help the color develop), picking up stuff in and around the car, wearing over …

The actions of the guy pictured above would be justification enough. When someone is biting you and trying to gouge out your eyes, you have enough reason to defend yourself …

Thanks Jon.Brian, Eureka does not enjoy the quality of life of Denmark,not because we are poor no, we are stupid and bootlickers.

more - on - ick

I’m pro-choice and that goes paper of plastic too. We have just some of freedom. What freedom are we going to lose next.

yes, thank you, thank you. love the scapula’s in the bat eared skull..

thats fetching

nothing to put the heads in when they are lopped off…….

Read the original case, they raided 2 houses in Carlotta area, and a property near Mad River on County Line road. Lots of cash and weapons were found at the …

Personally I’m all for libertarian ideals for myself, I just want a shit-ton of rules for other people because they’re fucking idiots for the most part.

I guess there is no such thing as personal responsibility and choice in the land of unicorns and rainbows.

Yes Jon, please tell us how we are supposed to thing…and oh, by the way. Eureka ain’t Denmark. The only argument you have is name calling…..


that was clever. would be nice though :]

Funniest ever. I received one from a foreigner identifying himself an IRS representative. I asked him if he know the meaning of the English word “idiot”. He kept talking til …

I want a sparkly pink bag so I can prance around Winco saying Heeeeyyyy!!!! to everyone.

Well I could say I would spell it out for u but obviously you are making fun of my spelling so . They could kill you kill your children or …

It’s not “or.” It’s “and.” I quote the last line verbatim from the linked article: “The nature versus nurture debate is no debate at all, son, but then again, that …

That is utter nonsense but it keeps getting repeated by right-wingers. A cloth bag has to be used to carry the amount of groceries you could carry in about 131 …

She must not have seen A Clockwork Orange…

That is why at the moment I am knitting a whole new earth, using nothing but cat hair and used starbucks cups.

Just make sure your reusable bag is not in pastel and your wrist is not limp when carrying and you will be fine.

Somehow they managed pre-plastic bags. The old don’t punish everyone because of few bad apples come to fruition. There are plastic bags everywhere you. I guess some people appreciate trash …

So when will douche-bags be banned?

Three words: Obvious mitigating circumstances.

Not only not funny, but downright contemptible and base.

That deserves a death sentence?

This made me laugh :)

Risky way to make a diagnosis.