Spot on!

He’s due out on Wednesday.…

I just figured out that 1/4 lb is the approximate equivalent of about 57 days worth of being high for a 2 gr/day user. For what it’s worth.

I have a great solution for the heroin/meth problem but I don’t think most people would go for it. Possession for sale or quantities over, say 1/2 ounce, if convicted, …

Not okay.

I wonder if there needs to be permanent GPS monitoring of certain people since it’s obvious they can’t keep their lives, veins, and rap sheets clean.

To Mr. and Ms. Dweck, brother Jacob, and to all her other family and friends — most sincere condolences. So sorry for your loss.

What led to posting the obituary of Mr. Crosswhite? I am not familiar with him. Was he a notable? I think it is unusual to put an obit on LoCo.

WOW!! This guy is ripe for the picking to be jacked up!! If you need a spot of cash man….head out to Arcata; look for good old Robert Louis Huntzinger …

Stop being such a racist. Your comments are offensive.See how that’s not engaging in a discussion, it’s just being an asshole?

You’re the only one expressing any prejudice here, assuming that the students are well informed about a matter they so obviously are not. Again, have any actual facts or do …

RIP Richard Crosswhite. My sympathies to his family.

You tax-and-spend conservatives make me sick. Pay for more prisons? No thanks. Let em go for it and try to rob me…

My deepest sympathies to the Kayakers circle of friends & family. R.I.P.

Richard was a man who loved God and cherished his family. He will be sorely missed.

Well said. Adding to your thoughts, the taxes we pay to the state for entire state representation, mainly goes into the red tape offices & raises, retirement funds for the …


If you are talking about the Arcata bust of the Blue Laker, that last name is Huntzinger. This gal is a Hupa Hunsucker.

Ha. I was thinking the same thing.

A quarter pound of heroin a week harms a whole hell of a lot of people.

and the people he robed to afford a QP of H

Worst mule ever! Why are they still giving that guy drugs to sell?

Two Hunsucker in two days…ahh Humco you are too small for that type of BS

Even though he harmed no one but himself..

Rehab, recovery, probation, parole, juvie, jail, prison have all failed… Give’em a hot shot and call the coroner! Problem solved on the cheap. Double amputation- no jail time also acceptable.

A life vest won’t save you in the case of foot entrapment or getting hung up on a strainer. While life vests usually save lives of kayakers and rafters, there …

Thank you!!!

Tell me about! Our judicial system sucks!

our Humboldt Jail is like the way some folks fish….”Catch and release”…..

Probably wasn’t wearing a life vest so sad rip