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Weed Feed: California Girl Scout Stirs Controversy By Selling 312 Boxes of Cookies In Front of San Diego Pot Shop; In Humboldt It's No Big Deal

The anonymous scout poses in front of the pot shop where she sold more than 300 boxes of cookies.

Girls Scout cookies (GSC) are more than just a strain of weed at some pot shops.

An ambitious Girl Scout sold 312 boxes outside her local weed dispensary in San Diego in six hours earlier this month.

The location raised concerns within the scouts organization, but KGTV in San Diego reports that no rules were broken in the process.

Girl Scouts San Diego spokesperson Alison Bushan told KGTV that her local council consulted the cookie sales rule book, and found that booth sales are allowed in front of almost any business, including weed dispensaries. And while booth sales had not yet begun during the scouts big haul, the anonymous scout and her father were reportedly still within the rules because they were them selling at a distance from their cookie cart.

“If that’s what they were doing and they had their cart, they were walking around their community, then that is right and well within the rules,” Bushan told KGTV.

Girl Scout cookies. Photo by Flickr user Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar.

Rules for Girls Scout cookie sales differ from region to region. For example, in 2014 the Girl Scouts of Colorado banned selling cookies in front of marijuana dispensaries or liquor stores, the New York Times reports.

Meanwhile, the Girls Scouts of Northern California have no issue with scouts selling in front of pot shops, as long as they are with a guardian in a safe location and are following the rules. In fact, local Girl Scout volunteer Cheryl Kingham told the Outpost that scouts sold cookies in front of Arcata’s Heart Humboldt marijuana dispensary last year.

“We dealt with this issue three years ago on our counsci,” Kingham said. “We do not have any prohibition against girl scouts selling in front of any marijuana dispensaries. If a parent is with their child and deems their location safe, then the council is okay with that.”

Booth location rules for the Girl Scouts of Northern California are as follows:

During product sales activities, our primary concern is always the safety and well-being of the girls we serve.

GSNorCal does not dictate “permitted” or “prohibited locations” for booth locations. We rely on parents and volunteers to make wise decisions for their girls. Both Girl Scouts of Northern California and Girl Scouts of the USA offer booth safety guidelines, and we rely on troop leaders and parents to make decisions about the right place for their girls to set up product sales booths based on the varied and diverse communities they live in.

For GSNorCal, this covers urban, suburban and rural locations across 19 counties from Gilroy to the Oregon border. We respect that individual sales and booth decisions will vary for different families and within the context of their communities. We encourage troops to observe our safety guidelines during the cookie sale.

Girl Scout cookies are currently being sold around the county. To find the closest booth near you, visit the organization’s website or download the “Girl Scout Cookie Finder” application on your smart phone.


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