A Good Winter Storm - Not Rainageddon

Cliff Berkowitz / Thursday, Dec. 11 @ 7:07 a.m. / Weather

We still have a good winter storm, but not the worst storm in 40 years that some predicted. This morning I spoke with Brian Garcia of the NOAA office on Woodly Island. Last night the models showed the Eel River at Ferbridge cresting at 26.2 feet by early Friday Morning. That would have made it the 3rd most significant flood at that location in recorded history.

As of now those predictions have backed off significantly. Although the river is still expected to exceed flood stage at Fernbridge by early Friday morning, it should only be at 20.4 feet. That is only inches above flood stage. And while that may get the fields a bit wet, it will not close State Route 211. The Eel at Scotia, once predicted to flood, will not even be getting to monitor stage. The only other significant rise will be the Van Duzen at Bridgeville, and that will only reach monitor stage.

We are still expecting up to an additional inch of rain on the coast and significant wind gusts through the morning. Rain and wind should back down to showers and small gusts by afternoon.

As of this morning there are power outages reported in McKinleyville, Arcata, Westhaven and Miranda. School closures include Miranda, Leggett Valley, Rio Dell and Scotia.



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6150 Kings Valley Rd (Crescent City office): Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt

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Power Outages Pepper Northern California

Kym Kemp / Thursday, Dec. 11 @ 6:53 a.m. / News

Screenshot taken about 6:45 a.m.

Power is out in several areas of Humboldt County. In fact, PG&E’s outage map in Northern California looks like it was hit with a shotgun blast. 

To find out about outages in your area, go here. Click on the dot in the area of the outage you are concerned about to learn more including estimated times for restoring the power. However, don’t expect PG&E to get right to your outage as they are a mite busy right now.

There are too many outages to name individuall,y but two of the biggest are McKinleyville, which has about 1,800 customers without power, and Rio Dell, which has about 1,000 customers without power.

National Weather Service Scales Back Flood Predictions; Minor Flooding Expected at Fernbridge Friday Morning

Hank Sims / Thursday, Dec. 11 @ 6:25 a.m. / Weather

Yesterday’s overheated flood fears have cooled down quite a bit as of this morning.

Right now, the National Weather Service is predicting only minor flooding at Fernbridge when the river peaks at around 4 a.m. tomorrow. The South Fork, Van Duzen and Mad rivers are now all expected to stay within their banks throughout the duration of the storn, at least at the monitoring locations (Miranda, Bridgeville and Arcata, respectively).

This isn’t to say that there will be no flooding anywhere in the county: Notoriously flood-prone areas such as Elk River, Hookton Slough and King Salmon will likely spend a good deal of the day partially submerged. But it looks like the major rivers will all behave.

[7 a.m. UPDATE] Roads in Humboldt—What’s Closed and What’s Impacted

Kym Kemp / Thursday, Dec. 11 @ 6:06 a.m. / News

We will update as information comes in but here is what we know as of 7. a.m. (See update here.)

Avenue of the Giants south of Miranda one lane blocked. 

Bell Springs Rd. closed at Harris.

Thomas Rd near Miranda now open closed approximately two miles west of Salmon Creek. See here for updates.



36 is complete blocked as of 7 a.m. by a tree across all lanes. This is at Mile Marker 21.88 which is about 2 miles west of Bridgeville.

101 has southbound lanes blocked north of Richardson’s Grove as of 7 a.m. according to CHP dispatch. A tree has fallen. Northbound lanes open intermittently. See here for latest.

299 partially closed five miles west of Willow Creek as of 7 a.m. There is an active rockfall blocking the westbound lane. The east bound lane is partially blocked. Caltrans is responding. See here for latest.


Schools That Are Closed in Humboldt County

Kym Kemp / Thursday, Dec. 11 @ 5:42 a.m. / News

UPDATE 10:30 a.m.: The Southern Humboldt Unified School District Board Meeting has been postponed until next Tuesday, December 16th.  Same time and place.

UPDATE 10:28 a.m.: McKinleyville High School sent home at 10 a.m.

UPDATE 8:04 a.m.: Peninsula Union in Samoa closed. 

UPDATE 7:59 a.m.: Lost Coast High School closed.

UPDATE 7:49 a.m.: Skyfish School at Briceland is closed.

UPDATE 7:36 a.m.: Rio Dell School closed.

UPDATE 7:19 a.m.: All Southern Humboldt Unified School District Schools are closed today this includes Agnes Johnson School Weott, Casterlin School, and Redway School.  

UPDATE 7:09 a.m.: Whale Gulch school closed today.

UPDATE 7:06 a.m.: Scotia School is closed today.

UPDATE 6:36 a.m.: Leggett Valley School closed today.

Update 5:57 a.m.: Whitethorn School also closed due to power outage.


Original post:

As of 5:30 a.m., due to a power outage, all the schools in Miranda will be closed today. This includes South Fork High School, Miranda Junior High and Osprey Learning Center. We will update this list as more information comes in. 

If you know of any school that is being closed, please contact me at mskymkemp@gmail.com. We will attempt to verify this information and keep this list as current as possible.

Extreme Weather Shelter Opened in SoHum

Kym Kemp / Wednesday, Dec. 10 @ 8:55 p.m. / Weather

An Extreme Weather Shelter has opened in Southern Humboldt at the Garberville Veterans Hall. According to Debra Carey, an activist, there are over 20 people and about 10 dogs at the shelter as of 8 p.m.

“Tonight it is about safe, warm and dry,” she said. “Hopefully they’ll get dried out… When you stay wet for a couple of days you start into hypothermia.” 

Dinner was served to those who came to the shelter. [Photos provided by Lois Cordova.]

Those in need were fed dinner and provided shelter, she explained. However, those who came mostly provided their own gear. “We had eight blankets donated,” she said. “We don’t even have the heat on. We’re just providing them with a roof.”

In addition to the people, “We have 10 dogs. They’re fine and their owners sit with them. They are well behaved. That has always been my experience when we shelter them.”

Dogs cuddle with their owner at the shelter.

If the weather continues as predicted, the shelter should be open tomorrow night, also.

Van Duzen and Parts of Eel Now Predicted to Flood Tonight or Early Tomorrow

Kym Kemp / Wednesday, Dec. 10 @ 7:45 p.m. / Weather

UPDATE 7:49 p.m.: Supervisor Estelle Fennel’s statement:


Highway 36 at Bridgeville is projected to flood early tomorrow morning around 3 am and flooding is also projected along Highway 254 at the Avenue of the Giants. The Sheriff is requesting that people move away from the low-lying areas near those places, as well as the low-lying areas along Highway 101 in the southern parts of the county. The volunteer fire departments in Bridgeville and Carlotta have gotten the message and will relay it to people in those areas. The Sheriff will also send personnel to those areas to let people know the river will flood those areas tonight.

The Eel River at Fernbridge and Scotia will both hit flood stage tomorrow at 1 p.m. Sheriff will have personnel (possibly those who live in Ferndale) on duty and on the other side of the river in Ferndale before then.

Please pass this word along if you have friends in those areas. 
Also, Redwood Creek west of Redway is rising rapidly and the bridge near Whittemore Grove has a lot of standing water. 
Please travel only if necessary, drive slowly and take all necessary precautions.


Original post

Humboldt County press release:

Significant rainfall from the storm that hit Northern California today will cause flooding late tonight/early tomorrow morning along the Van Duzen River at Bridgeville. If you are in the low-lying areas along the river you are advised that you should seek higher ground for the evening and take precautions to protect your life and property. Owners of livestock should take appropriate action to protect livestock from rising river levels.

The river was originally forecast to hit flood stage around mid-day tomorrow, but new projections from the National Weather Service released this afternoon show that the river will rise to 17.1 feet at 3 a.m., and will rise to 20 feet by 9 a.m. This will flood Highway 36, especially east of Carlotta and near Grizzly Creek State Park. Portions of River Bar Road and in the Starvation Flat area are likely to be impassable. In the State Park water may reach near the office.

If you know anyone in this area, please check on them to make sure they have received this flood warning. If you are physically unable to leave on your own, ask a neighbor to help or call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251.

For information on County road conditions and closures, call 707-445-7421 during normal business hours or visit humboldtgov.org/roads. For information on all State highways, call 1-800-GAS-ROAD (1-800-427-7623), or visit the CalTrans QuickMap online.

Visit the National Weather Service site to monitor local rivers at http://www.cnrfc.noaa.gov.