A Storm Approaches, Humboldt, So Remember to Drive Better

(VIDEO) More Gnar Shredding: Tow-in Surfers Go Big at Humboldt Bay Harbor Entrance

(PHOTOS) Alaskan Storms Cause Big Surf Along the Humboldt Coast

It’s Gonna Be Sneaker Wave Friday in Humboldt! Says NWS

SNOW COMING! Also Frost and Hail and Thunderstorms, Maybe! Hazardous Weather Outlook Issued by the National Weather Service

Hurricane Patricia - How Will It Impact Humboldt?

National Weather Service Ups the Chances of a Wet Humboldt Winter

You Get Your Summer Back This Weekend, Humboldt

El Niño Will Not Save You: Rain, Snow a Big Question Mark for Northern California This Year

RAIN! Humboldt, You Will Be Rained Upon Tonight

Record High Temperature in Eureka Today Still Nowhere Near as Miserable as Redding

Weather! Rain This Morning; Thunderstorms Expected Today; Flash Flood Watches in Trinity and Mendo

Slight Chance of Thunderstorms in Coastal Humboldt Today

This Was Humboldt’s Warmest Winter in the 129 Years Records Have Been Kept

(UPDATE) Big Ol’ Tree Falls on Campus Apartments; Students Relocated (PHOTOS)

Here Are Some Humboldt County Roads That Mother Nature Decided Should Close Today

Large Number of PG&E Outages Leaves Several Thousand Without Power

[UPDATED] 101 Netlink Disabled by High Winds—Much of Southern Humboldt Without Internet

Road Update 9:30 Friday Night

Bridgeville School Closed Today

Avenue of the Giants Closed South of Weott Due to Flooding

A Foot Of Rain!?

Sudden Violent Squalls Causing Some Chaos Around the County

[UPDATE 11:35 P.M. Sunday] Flooding in Humboldt: Photos and Observations

Old Town Tree Down … ‘Windageddon’?

RAINAGEDDON II: The Rerainening!

A Good Winter Storm - Not Rainageddon

National Weather Service Scales Back Flood Predictions; Minor Flooding Expected at Fernbridge Friday Morning

Extreme Weather Shelter Opened in SoHum

Van Duzen and Parts of Eel Now Predicted to Flood Tonight or Early Tomorrow

(AUDIO) Summing Up Today’s Storm and Previewing Tomorrow’s Flooding

Images of Rainageddon (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Could Be ‘Highest Water” Ever at Fernbridge Except for ‘64 and ‘55 Says The Office of Emergency Services

(UPDATING) Rainageddon Traffic Report: Numerous Local Accidents

Power Outages in Honeydew and Petrolia

The Rainageddon Radar Image Looks Like a Wet Dragon Set to Devour Humboldt

Arcata Fire Predicts Rainageddon Will Be Worst Storm in 40 Years, Offers Tips For Survival

The Eel at Fernbridge Will Flood Friday Morning: UPDATED

Two Park Roads Closed in Advance of Rainageddon

In Case of Flood: Tips For Dealing Humboldt’s Imminent Rainageddon

National Weather Service Issues Gale Watch and High Surf Advisory

Heavy Rain Expected Again - Are we REALLY Still In Drought?

The Rain Came…So What Do You See Where You Are?

Coastal Flood Advisory Issued

Heavy Rain on Friday Followed by Lots More Wet This Weekend

Storm Watch

Look Out, Toto, High Winds on the Way, Even a ‘Slim Chance’ of a Tornado

(AUDIO) Let’s Talk About This Lovely Rain We’re Having!

Heavy Fog in Eureka and Other Coastal Areas

Rain’s Coming: Are You Prepared?