How 'Bout That Weather

Monday’s Heat Broke Records on the North Coast

(VIDEO) This is What a Sneaker Wave Looks Like

(VIDEO) Caltrans News Flash: Preparing for El Niño Storms

(VIDEO) Sigh, People Just Have to See Big Jetty Waves Up Close, Don’t They?

Eel, Mad Rivers Bust Banks After Weekend Downpour; More Rain Coming This Week

Eel River at Fernbridge will Reach Flood Stage Tonight, Sheriff’s Office Says

(UPDATED) Roads Closed, Flood Warnings Issued as Rain Continues to Pummel North Coast

It’s Wet Out There; Here’s Where to Find Sandbags

Lightning, Hail Shifts to the North; Heavy Rain and Strong Winds Coming Sunday

It’s a High Surf Weekend, Humboldt

It’s Really Windy in Humboldt Today

Sneaker Wave Warning in Effect! Plus: Wind, Weather and … Warmness?

Sheriff’s Office Tries One More Time to Stop People Going to Kneeland for the Snow

WHITE CHRISTMAS: Christmas Eve Eve Will Bring Inches of Snow Down to 2,000 Feet, National Weather Service Predicts

FLOOD ADVISORY: Tons and Tons of Rain Will Fall; Expect Some of It to Clog the Pipes

Smith River Just About All Full Up as Rain Expected to Dump All Week

SNOW! State Nears Normal as White Powdery Stuff Blankets Humboldt Hills and Roads

Excuse Me, My Shed Is On Your House; It Was Stormy Last Night

Here is Video of the Ocean Creeping all the Way to the Road at Centerville Beach (VIDEO)

Here is a Current Tweeted List of Humboldt County Road Closures

Fleeing Humboldt This Weekend? Whoa! Know of Snow Before You Go, Yo!

(VIDEO) Let Humboldt’s Giant Winter Waves Hypnotize You (But Don’t Be Like the Knuckleheads!)

Heavy Rains Bring Flooding, High Waters to Coastal Humboldt (PHOTOS)

Hail, Hail! Reader Submitted Hail! (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

Wind! Rain! Hail! Thunderstorms! All Sorts of Weather Possible This Humboldt Thursday

It’s a Harmonic Convergence of Weather

She’s Gonna Blow! ‘Atmospheric River’ Set to Pummel Humboldt

Storm-Force Winds Ripped Through Humboldt Last Night

Ice Rink Down! How are the High Winds Ruining Your Day, Humboldt?

A Storm Approaches, Humboldt, So Remember to Drive Better

(VIDEO) More Gnar Shredding: Tow-in Surfers Go Big at Humboldt Bay Harbor Entrance

(PHOTOS) Alaskan Storms Cause Big Surf Along the Humboldt Coast

It’s Gonna Be Sneaker Wave Friday in Humboldt! Says NWS

SNOW COMING! Also Frost and Hail and Thunderstorms, Maybe! Hazardous Weather Outlook Issued by the National Weather Service

Hurricane Patricia - How Will It Impact Humboldt?

National Weather Service Ups the Chances of a Wet Humboldt Winter

You Get Your Summer Back This Weekend, Humboldt

El Niño Will Not Save You: Rain, Snow a Big Question Mark for Northern California This Year

RAIN! Humboldt, You Will Be Rained Upon Tonight

Record High Temperature in Eureka Today Still Nowhere Near as Miserable as Redding

Weather! Rain This Morning; Thunderstorms Expected Today; Flash Flood Watches in Trinity and Mendo

Slight Chance of Thunderstorms in Coastal Humboldt Today

This Was Humboldt’s Warmest Winter in the 129 Years Records Have Been Kept

(UPDATE) Big Ol’ Tree Falls on Campus Apartments; Students Relocated (PHOTOS)

Here Are Some Humboldt County Roads That Mother Nature Decided Should Close Today

Large Number of PG&E Outages Leaves Several Thousand Without Power

[UPDATED] 101 Netlink Disabled by High Winds—Much of Southern Humboldt Without Internet

Road Update 9:30 Friday Night

Bridgeville School Closed Today

Avenue of the Giants Closed South of Weott Due to Flooding