Articles by Rachel Becker

February 2021

Audit Slams State Air Board for ‘Overstating’ Greenhouse Gas Cuts

November 2020

GM Drops Trump Fight Against California Car Standards

October 2020

Unsafe to Drink: Wildfires Threaten Rural Towns With Tainted Water

September 2020

Newsom Orders State to Ban New Gas-Powered Cars by 2035

Legislature Narrowly Rejects Nation’s Toughest Restrictions on Plastics

August 2020

Five Automakers Finalize Deal With California to Clean Up Car Emissions

July 2020

As Wildfire Season Looms, California Adds 900 Firefighters to Its Crews

June 2020

California Mandates Zero-Exhaust Big Rigs, Delivery Trucks

California Re-Evaluating Its Landmark Climate Strategy

A Collision of Epidemics: Coronavirus Disrupts Addiction Treatment

Babies and Oil Don’t Mix: Wells Linked to Low Birthweight

May 2020

State Eases Rules for Reopening Dine-In Restaurants, Stores

California Readies Army of Coronavirus Detectives

April 2020

Coronavirus Detectives: Here’s How Counties Try to Track Everyone Exposed

Could a Blood Test for Coronavirus Antibodies Get California Back to Normal? Lots of Questions Remain

Frustrated Newsom Calls on Task Force to Fix Coronavirus Testing Shortfall

March 2020

48,600 Coronavirus Test Results Still Pending in California

How Overwhelmed Is California’s Health Care System About to Be?

Where California Stands With Coronavirus Testing Right Now

California Adds Online Triage for Coronavirus to Help With Test Shortages

February 2020

Drought or Dangerous Flooding? Research Aims to Tame Atmospheric River Risks — and Save California’s Rain

California Analysts Urge Lawmakers: Reject Gov. Newsom’s $1 Billion Climate Loan Proposal

January 2020

California’s Renewable Energy Targets Slashed Carbon Pollution — Now There’s a Proposal to Pause Them

December 2019

California Weighs Controversial Rule to Tackle Truck Tailpipe Pollution

November 2019

California Says It Won’t Buy Cars From GM, Toyota, Others Opposing Tough Tailpipe Standards

As California Burns, Scientists Search the Smoke for Threats to Firefighter Health

October 2019

Nasty Letters. Funding Threats. Here’s Why California’s Clean Air Fight With the Feds Matters

Blunt Warning Says Californians Must Step Up to Meet Climate Goals

September 2019

Trump’s Dual Threat to California’s Car Deal

August 2019

Seabirds Eating Plastic. Recyclers Struggling. This Is What California’s Waste Crisis Looks Like

July 2019

Worried About Wildfires, Californians Ready to Spend, Vote to Fight Climate Change

California’s Emissions Deal With Automakers Dodges Trump EPA Plan to Gut Rules

California’s Pollution Enforcers Would Like to Save Tropical Forests. But at What Cost?

June 2019

Why a California Lawmaker Wants to Ban Cigarette Filters and Disposable Vapes

Why Fighting for Clean Water With Climate Change Money Worries Some California Lawmakers

No Longer the Loneliest? Why Oregon’s All-In Climate Push Matters to California

May 2019

Why California’s Air Board Won’t Ban Gas-Powered Cars Yet