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How about Google search suing the words “grief” &/or “condolences” &/or “loss” with “quote” &/or “message” and see what turns up? You can also add the name of a favored …

Vietnam was one of those pointless wars. The only thing a war like that is good for (not really) is population control. There are better ways of achieving that.

Some wars accidentally serve useful functions amidst the chaos that they cause!!! Seldom but when they do it is usually fairly significant!!! The only thing Vietnam taught us is we …

“Allen told the Times. “It is the worst year on record…”“I’m pretty sure there is no “record” with which to compare.

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Don’t get me wrong I love it just bad timing but I will make a poster out of it or a hologram.

All places switched to veg in the 90’s. Then switched to a new veg when it was making people sick. Studies now show that unsaturated fats (veg) that lowers cholesterol …

Volatility is indeed another downside to Prohibition.

Yeah, after I asked you that it dawned on me that it was not in good taste. I was looking at it like Bonnie and Don did though, a phoenix.

It’s just the name. go check out the menu.

Good day to you Don.

I seen some untouched video come out of Santa Rosa and it had some animal that weren’t to lucky being burned alive,family filming there ranch as they ran.

I feel pity for you. Not a lick of compassion left in your soul.

Can’t get much lower than that … except for the death-wishing haters that expose themselves below. To hell with you guys.

Thanks Bonnie.☺

I once said said something like that when I was young. Actually, I said there was never any good reason for war and nobody ever really won. I was then …

Why would they find it offensive?

what’s left has a nice smoky finish to it

Now THAT is a horse!!! Not to mention one of a “Different Color” for a fact!!!

Exceedingly so for a fact!!! As a first hand observer of a war I can testify that it benefits No One, except those supplying either side with materials of war!!!


This is so great, that you guys are here to help in cliffside cases. Sonoma Co Sheriff had a copter pilot who’d saved 50 people by the time he crashed. …

Yeh because my legs are getting tired.

Any updates for him? Still missing?

they take jobs away from our community

They need only file an insurance…oh wait, I forgot. They only follow their own rules.

Great day to you, Willie.That rain dance has a song that goes with it, so keep singing (praying) for those clouds that will release the blessed rain to dampen down …

I like it some might take offense to it.

Maybe this will help keep Humboldts economy around for 1 more year

Hi there, Willie!

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