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I see, said the Blind Man… when someone turned on a light!!!

Shipwrecks used to be common. There are ship bones all over out there.

Watching the news on MSNBC 😁

Ooo. I love fat ass posing!

Yes, that would be why. Probably a good idea to dredge it then.

To quote Dr. McCoy of Star Trek fame, “It’s dead, Jim”!!! ;*p

Like an increase in the cost of doing business? Barge transport is not free. More trips for the same amount of fuel vs. a barge breaking it’s back in the …

Smollett? Is that the creepy little guy from Lord of the Rings? Oh dear, I’m having an episode….

In any other admin this sort of thing would be dealt with swiftly & harshly!!! But in the tRUMP admin it’s ignored & encouraged!!! I’m beyond disgusted!!!

What is truth? Well, where haven’t you ever heard that before…

Ah, a bad chick, not a bad check.

Governor to declare - have a good day, not my problem. Situation abi normal. Where is our take Trumps garbage to Washington guy when we need him?

Me neither. I thought who is he????

That’s great.He was quite a character and also deceased I believe.A lot of people went on that show that later became famous.With the advent of the word processor and printer …


It didn’t.


I always get a few weird strays in winter (in the house?)

Michael Nesmith - Liquid Paper from Television PartsMichael Nesmith cleverly tricks NBC into letting him share that his mother invented Liquid Paper in the opening clip of Television Parts’ first …

First in the entire U.S.A.? Congrats, HSU plant ID team!

I saw my first bumblebee bee since winter.I have no idea what it was doing out because it’s been very cold lately.

Rumor control: looks like strong indications that Biden may select O’Rourke as his Vice President if Biden gets the nomination. Creepy uncle Joe needs a Progressive on the ticket. Great …

It’s a Smollett world after all. What’s funny is that I never heard of this guy. I don’t have a tv so he remains a nobody to me.

The Pentagon has identified it as a genuine national security threat but Trumps gut tells him it’s not real.

I hope this doesn’t affect the arrival of the Tall Ships and the Fish Fest on the last weekend of April.

I hope a parent will recognize these doodles and do something about it.

Any excuse to raise it more though.

Isn’t a Victorian anything racist?

Disgusting what these people did to the statue. Shame on Arcata citizens for letting this happen. The mob rules Arcata.

Its not like gas is cheap here to begin with.

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