What and pack them out on donkeys?



That’s a lot of wilderness track to try and protect from earth first Sabotage.✊🏽


Hmm 🤔 I did also, and I was nowhere near Gavin.

That nailed it.

You clueless goofball. You are so conceited that you can’t even read that half my bluster is an act. LoCo is theater you ninny. Flower power gets it, Edrington gets …

Mango Mussolini and his crew are not going to make life better for anyone but themselves.

Weird how stuff catches up with you. A man can’t get away with anything nowadays.

Oh. He knows. It is just another one if his absurd comments. More of the same.

I think you’re fretting over nothing. The best way to preserve nature and wildlife as well as clean up the toxic ties is a trail system.

Arcata to at least Rio Dell would be fabulous

In reality, very few people go for really long walks and most of them are more concerned about the enviornment than you are

You are delusional.

I remember Larry from JR high school and don’t think he was racist.

It seems you take great pride in being the biggest blowhard Loco has seen in some time, but be responsible for your own vote. Sheesh - take your own blah …

The reality is they don’t have a plan and they don’t have money to even do the remediation that would be necessary to even have a trail building plan. Removing …

if I remember correctly the Dems have the house, senate and White House

Yet here we are.

How about them Repub’s, the last President starting his term with fear-mongering (his ‘American Carnage’ speech), and ending term overseeing … American Carnage (Jan6). Freaks out the country, then freaks …

My support is 100% behind KPD, because I believe she is very competent.

Opposed to the road they plan to build. It’s not a trail. Also opposed to a slew of idiot tourists ruining that remote canyon country. There will be a lot …

statistics say different.

Yay, Don!

How do we stop the material of coal from being transported through Humboldt? That is a better approach than stopping the train itself.

Repubs don’t care about the American people, just remaining in power. Trump wanted gun control laws after one if the countless mass murders. His Chief of staff told him no, …

Well we know that Karen lied and actually is aware of the problems with HBMWD…

Why are you opposed to a trail?

It’s his pattern of pointless comments. Nothing new. But here is for the role call of those who’ve paid with their lives for their antivax views.

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