I believe, if you got a J&J, you should wait 2 months then get a Moderna or Pfizer. Then you’re good for a long while.

agreed. this is the one subset that deserves no mercy…no quarter.

No drugs, so wrong.

He lost his bar license a couple months ago… and why no mention of his recent arrest in Nebraska?

Not to mention an elephant’s metabolism is not the same as a human’s metabolism.

There you go again, projecting.

The same conditions that lead to a season of flu will work on transmission of the Covid virus. I expect a spike again as we head into the holiday season.

That is just wrong. I listened and posted a link to an article below. Are you Russian by any chance?

Actually, the Doctor was requesting that they combat vaccine hesitancy by conducting big enough studies to show the balance between the negative affects of the vaccine to some against the …

I dunno man, depends on the reason. I don’t think it’s too unreasonable here in California, I’ve heard of dudes in other states who are put on the list for …

Report it as spam to disqus with the three dots on his profile. This never-ending misinformation has got to stop somewhere.

An elephant is so much larger, of course they will take much longer than a man and since he had been most in rural areas there would have been time …

Not only did I think the numbers would go down, but they have GONE DOWN in the past few weeks.

I’d be willing to bet that he is already out and celebrating at the casino.

Clown. That is not “the FDA.” That is a public FDA hearing where anyone can comment, including the fringe character at 4:10:00You won’t watch the 8 hours of content that …

He’ll get double, triple super secret probation, a pat on the butt, and massive funding for housing, food, cell phone, medical, and transportation. After all, it was the fault of …

According to the Shasta County Office of Education, eight K-12 schools have had the highest number of cases in the last 14 days. Out of their 23,396, 194 students are …

must say, I won’t be losing sleep over this guy being locked up.

I hope hes not practicing law He shouldn’t be if he is Attorney should be held to a higher standard

A little flip flopping FDA says the 3rd shot is dangerous how is it ok for pregnant women and children? Please listen at 4:10:00…

Let’s hope he gets a lot of jail time It certainly done a lot of other crime


When are j&j boosters available to the public?

Drugs? You smoke a lot?

Thousands…out of how many millions?

I agree

Single payer!

Those would be federal charges on a reservation?

Fuck ‘em , who needs health care workers who don’t believe in public health..

I asked for that. Well played.And no.

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