I was just asking, I didn’t accuse.

Then you must be an avid hobbyist, since you practice yours 24/7/365. Isn’t that exhausting?:-)

You are guilty of hyperbole as you have never seen one of my meltdowns.


Rest in Peace to one of California’s best people ever.

Ah, but it is bound to be less expensive than housing built later, which is what would happen if this is delayed.

Good way to eliminate those jobs. Good for the cooks though. Else wise touch screen will end the order takers.

organized religion is one of the greatest threats to humanity

Wow, this one is interesting.

What a beautiful story, thanks for sharing. Rest in peace.

maybe if you spend enough on a college degree you, too, can spell “ridiculous” correctly on a website some day!

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

Uh oh…. No bueno.

Fast food jobs are a first time job to get experience. They are not meant to support a family on. These people are expecting to make wages that are for …

Thanks for the link. I just signed up. LoCo, how about putting the link into the article? I’m sure I’m not the only one who is about fed up with …

Your taunt is the same as the hobby taunt. I don’t watch television. I prefer to ‘watch’ other things.You do watch something.Atheism certainly does have its scriptures. And because much …

What do you believe with regard to your own question?Apart from omniscience, we have no choice but to live by faith. Our science (knowledge) is tentative.

Either you do know definitively or you do not. You tell me. I thought you already had.

Of course I can, same as you. Simply turn the question around. It’s a double edged sword you know-Can you list all the empirical evidence that impersonal nature is behind …

Listen Guy, I’m just breaking it down to all the suckers that are buying this affordable housing story. Unless it’s built with tax dollars, it will be more expensive than …

Nice. Well you have a good day.

Already said all that I wanted to say.

Eye Candy. Yet another reason we should all be hiking the local trails! XD

While you’re literally making assumptions and taking my words personally?Tiny shorts indicated the type of serious bicycle rider that generally wears bike shorts. You decided it was meant negatively and …

This is truly fascinating.32% are one of three groups of Christians, the largest proportion of which is Evangelicals who comprise 14% of our neighbors. “Mainline” Protestants at 10% and Catholics …

Why don’t you include agnostics as a category? Is that too radical for you??

So you have a belief? Well then state it and stop leaving the rest of us in suspense. (Not that we care that much.)

Looks like there’s a link missing from the article. They’ve got a volunteer page at

These things are true as I understand them:1) Eureka has an excess of unused parking. Big events don’t count. We shouldn’t build parking to that standard. Look at Bayshore Mall’s …

42% is not a majority.

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