FP became a destructive troll and left on his own.

You drank the liberal PC kool aid and are beyond help.

I know I’m late on the reply, but just to be clear, you said GROCERY STORES, and WITHIN A MILE. I am not certain you understand how far a mile …

You to.

How 75 pending lawsuits could distract a donnie trump

Only because Mr Prefect got fed up with your crap & left the forum!!! A$$HOLE!!!

How is the Indian Eminent Domain concept coming along?

<– Is crying (Crocodile Tears) for you, you poor thing!!!!

Your white male privilege is showing again.

Nope, just keepin’ it real.

Bullshit. I call.

Top of the morning Don.

Wooooo getting testy are we.

Dull eyes today. No energy. At least I’m alive. You have a great day, Willie.

Thank you.

She knows, Willie. No doubt of that.

Hi toad. Not today, unfortunately. Yesterday was a good day though. You are sweet, my favorite toad.

That’s sorta kinda hard to do when you have a candidate for POTUS spewing racal slurs with every other word from his vile mouth!!! It very much would be nice …

No doubt inspired by the recent news story that Humboldt County would start pursuing “no-shows” summoned for jury duty,

Little Girl Hillary Clinton Punched Kid In Nose For Endangering Baby Bunnies.…

Really? Not sure I even want to know what he said.Really.


Donald Trump brags about punching his second grade music teacher:… And that was just last week! The teacher is 87 years old now. And, talk about punchable faces….…

Donald Dump is the candidate of pure freaking INSANITY!!!!

Say maybe you should drop it and not seek revenge.

Oh yeah ! Trump the antiWashington corruption vote.… 70% off! Wow! Wally, timmeh, DAV get out those deep Trump supportin’ wallets of yours and dig down. You know you always wanted to have a black card to …

Shame on him! No animal should ever be in his care again!

Uh, oh! The times they are agettin’ desperate. Trump is forced to play the race card…..

Good Morning Duluth, that level of paranoia can’t be healthy…I’m a little worried for you bro.He’s good.…