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A lovely and meaningful new family tradition.

My nephew and his fiancee spent 2 years in the Peace Corp (him-Madagascar; her-Benin), and when they returned, they started the good practice of donating to non-profits which helped those …

Whether our conversations were about family, work, or what our Lord Jesus was doing in our lives, it was always a pleasure and highlight of my day. You’re a wonderful …

Who is in charge of maintaining his secret stash of sprinkles?

So true… People were so much safer back in those days. They couldn’t walk off a cliff playing Pokémon Go on a payphone.

Urban density provides better access to services (e.g. courthouse, IHSS, hospital, food, fuel, bus lines…) of all types when more centrally located. Cutten might be nice and quiet, until high …

Leave it to Drumpf to screw up one of the greatest things about America. Our parks.

The smart ones don’t get caught! Dumb ass!

Try cutting them off public services when they get a criminal record. MAKE them get their act together.

Peaceful, non-violent and compassionate City of Arcata. Let’s work to make it so in 2018.

You cannot judge this person, he may be a good, honest, hard worker with a past, everyone deserves a 2nd chance. I never see any slackers at Costco!

Put them in the old Kmart building; as that will also house health and human services. And support the “Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2018.”

Leave the statue up. It would cost 75 thousand $’s to move it; spend that money on fixing the roads.

Bad idea. Avoid high density; too many people packed into 1 spot,not good. High density attracts vermin, traffic, ruins the quality of life for those there. Why not a 2 …

Fuckthepolice! Sidewalk pussys in need of a tampon!


You actually looked up the comment?

Larger office space is unnecessary for bureaucrats.

No more office space for bureaucrats.

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OH lets not forget to add in a few MJ dispensers and extraction labs. Think of the tax revenue, Idiots.

EXACTLY WHAT YOU would expect from a society that condones drug use. INCLUDING medical marijuana Abuse. This is also the beginning of a crisis of mental disorders exacerbated by MJ …

Diversity rules!

I know it’s painful, but…Sandy Hook. https://uploads.disquscdn.c…

Hey, Hermit. Maybe you can figure it out. I’m off to do exercises. Peace out.

What on earth is going on over there? It looks like things Got pretty bad over there if Goff is popping in.

You are funny. I’m going to do my P.T. exercises now. Maybe I’ll call you and see if I can count and talk at the same time.

Oh, I did not think of that. No football tickets this year.

We can’t lose your voice. We need your input in our community to keep it strong.

I like our name though. The “good morning friends club”. I know they mean it in a negative way, but that doesn’t mean I have to take it that way. …

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