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A few weeks ago the APD said they expected to have a chargeable case to the DA in a few weeks. Don’t see any mention of that here.

Two thumbs up Nielsen’s!

When will the dna report come in?


The few times when it’s come up before I’ve been able to turn captions/subtitles on or off YouTube videos according to on my own viewing preferences — but that doesn’t …

Don’t you dare. They do it for the hearing imparred, people like me.


When he said “Meanwhile — and I don’t want to shock anyone — [Tire Fire] is still president …” I could not help but think of this:…

https://uploads.disquscdn.c… Available here (I have no commercial interest in the UPG).

P.S. I have a beach ball printed with the globe. Boink ‘em right upside the head.

Another great Trey-take.(I couldn’t get the subtitles/captions to go away — ? — despite trying ALL the settings.)

Should’ve left some blank squares — gonna be needing ‘em PDQ.

I wonder if the Lawson family finds any comfort in the efforts outlined.

You’re on the wrong page, buddy boy. To put it plainly:FUCK OFF!Now you’re BLOCKED, baby. Squashed like a bug. Bu-bye now.

Before I block your nasty butt, let me inform you that it’s tRump and the Repugnitans who are the Fascists, ignorant ogre.

Btw Wendy that was a shot below the belt not all homeless are crazy.and go

Probably would have been easier to keister him

Sounds like a plan to me!!! >;-p

G’day to you as well good sir!!!! Just got over to the Nice Folks side of things!!!

Bull Shit!!!!

WRONG AGAIN Trevy!!!! It’s the “Wrong” & tRump that want him to be President for life, Constitution be damned!!! More Fake News from the “Wrong” side of the political spectrum!!!

Small thumbnail

Right?!? Smh!


Why is that toilet hiding? Was it the master Grower?

Was he trying to break into jail?

Maybe this guy should marry the person who found the bomb in Blue Lake and transported it to a “safer place?” How dumb can anyone be? Probably mentally ill and …

Should have left him in the steam vent to cook!

Humboldt is going down the sewer. Time the drug dealers are flushed to turdville!

More weed eaters bite the dust. Nice job law enforcement!

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