If only KPD ever got the receipts she was looking for…

Still waiting for the bus loads he claimed were coming….

sorry folks but there is really no such thing as :affordable housing”. Contractors and owners cannot build for cheep, well, maybe except for Stromberg. Just sayin

I tried to guess where this was from the references but can’t. Why can’t we have a good old-fashioned address? Or at least a “next to the … “

The Westwood Garden Apartments were affordable housing until Strombeck purchased it.

And look at you, hero!

Or fraud. Some cities have had arson rings of local lowlifes that actually got paid by property owners or developers to liquidate overinsured buildings and clear room for new development. …

Be needin’ some chlorine in that gene pool

These comments are pure crazy.

It is not southern Humboldt and they have their own funding. But, hey! Keep up the good thoughts!

You do need a life, son.

Oh sure I’ll hold my breath and wait

He’s arguing with the cop’s press release, which is what they do every time. It is both pathetic and hilarious. They are a sad group. I personally consider my guns …

To bad the person who came forward is to much of a coward to say it to the Sheriff’s face.

Everyone’s a constitutional scholar these days. If you have a problem with assault weapons bans, take it to the Supreme Court. When it was federal law, they rejected every challenge, …

We’ll return to this when it gets done. It will get done

During the meeting, Nordic repeatedly pushed back against actually testing the wastewater for viral load, only providing unsubstantiated excuses. Then they admitted that they would likely find salmon viruses in …

Is the county “bait and switching ” the aquafarm? Making them pay for permits and infrastructure and fixes with no real intention of letting them succeed? They wouldn’t do that …

Every new plan for affordable housing is opposed by nimbys.

God damn Freddy. You think at your age you would have grown up by now.

It will never be built due to energy use and lack of funding

Why is he posted as being from Eureka. He is staying in a hotel. Tell us where he is from.

*Builds a useless aquafarm project in the middle of a recession/depression.Jerome Powell laughing in the background

Who are you, again? Oh, yeah, “Cry baby, cry”. So apt, on so many levels.

Yeah, I have experience with that. But many of the hemp farmers bank on seeds and don’t take the time to verify and separate stable mothers. It saves them 3-6 …

Either a homeless warmth and cheer fire or a landlord building a vacant lot for future development?

I got it off of Google

Whooo aaarrrrrr yooouuu? Said the caterpillar

Cry baby cry, I like Honsal and while I may disagree with him on a few minor issues I have much respect for his devotion to his deputies and his …

Um, yeah.

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