Articles by Alejandro Lazo

May 2024

California Climate Programs Would Lose Billions in Newsom’s Budget

April 2024

Vital Climate Tool or License to Pollute? The Battle Over California’s First Carbon Capture Project

March 2024

California Isn’t on Track to Meet Its Climate Change Mandates — and a New Analysis Says It’s Not Even Close

February 2024

California’s Polluted Communities Could Miss Out on Billions Under State’s Flawed System

Legislators Unveil Measure to Ask Voters for $1 Billion Offshore Wind Bond

Californians Bought Record Numbers of Electric Cars as Industry Eyes Slowdown

January 2024

Newsom Unveils Plan to Cut California Climate Funding

December 2023

California Gas Tax Revenue Will Drop by $6 Billion, Threatening Roads

October 2023

Newsom’s Visit Underscores Electric Car Reality: China Holds the Keys to Battery Industry

September 2023

Lawmakers Strike $106 Million Deal for Hydrogen Cars, Trucks

California Scales Back Electric Car Rebates to Focus on Lower-Income Car Buyers

California’s Wildfire Smoke and Climate Change: 4 Things to Know

July 2023

Here’s How California’s Electric Cars Can Feed the Grid and Help Avoid Brownouts

March 2023

State May Scale Down Its New Home Loan Program Designed to Assist First-Time Homebuyers

February 2023

Helping Homeowners: California Expands Mortgage Relief

June 2022

California Legislators Want to Help You Buy a House With Down Payment, ‘Shared Equity’

May 2022

With Inflation, California Worries About Progress on Poverty

March 2022

Will Gov. Newsom Do More to Reduce California Inequality?

February 2022

Did the Pandemic Create More Income Inequality in California?

January 2022

With Pandemic Protections Gone, Essential Workers Face Omicron Surge Alone