Articles by Alexei Koseff

February 2024

California Senate Leader Mike McGuire Picks His Team

January 2024

California Lawmakers, Raising Fears of Political Violence, Want to Shield Their Properties

California Picks Its Next Governor in More Than 1,000 Days. Why the Race Is Already So Crowded

December 2023

Five Key Moments From the Newsom-DeSantis Debate

November 2023

The Pride Flag Is Gone. Library Books Are Under Review. It’s a New Era of Backlash Politics in California

October 2023

Newsom Picks Laphonza Butler, Political Ally and Power Player, to Replace Feinstein

September 2023

With the Death of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Who Will Newsom Appoint?

California Gunmakers Fear Their ‘Expiration Date’ in a State That Doesn’t Want Them

California Lawmakers Failed to Fix the Insurance Market. So What Comes Next?

August 2023

Why a Colorado Ambulance Company Wants to Limit California Taxes

Medical Cannabis Paved the Way for Legalization in California. Now Patients Feel Left Behind

June 2023

Let’s Make a Deal: Legislative Leaders Make California Budget Offer to Newsom

May 2023

Tax on Short-Term Rentals Like Airbnb Could Fund California Affordable Housing

California Lawmaker Opens Legal Fund Over Facebook Feud

Balancing Act: Newsom’s Plan to Cover California’s Ballooning Budget Deficit

April 2023

Tobacco Sales Ban Withers in California Without Support From Anti-Tobacco Advocates

March 2023

Newsom Signs Watered-Down Oil Profit Penalty

Trump Is Still the Favorite for California GOP Delegates

February 2023

‘Dream Big:’ Cannabis Workers Search for New Futures as Emerald Triangle Economy Withers

Emerald Triangle Communities Were Built on Cannabis. Legalization Has Pushed Them to the Brink

January 2023

A ‘Resilient’ Budget: Gov. Newsom Outlines Plan to Deal With Deficit

October 2022

What You Need to Know About the California Governor Debate

Governor Newsom Looks to Tax Oil Industry Profits as Gas Prices Increase

Hope and Prayer: California Churches Battle Abortion Ballot Measure

September 2022

What’s Next for Eleni Kounalakis as California Lieutenant Governor?

June 2022

Families Will Get Up to $1,050 to Help With Rising Gas Prices and Inflation Under California Tax Relief Program

California’s Next Cannabis Battle May Be Coming to a City Near You

California Budget: Big Surplus, Big Differences

May 2022

The Great Culling: Which California Bills Did Legislators Kill?

California Democrats Lean Into Abortion Rights as ‘Defining Issue’

April 2022

Where’s Trump? A Campaign Fixture in Some States, His Name Is Nearly Absent in California

‘When You Don’t Know Where to Go, You Come Here:’ California Preps to Be a Haven for Abortion Rights

(VIDEO) What Would Brian Dahle Do as California Governor?

March 2022

What to Know About the State of the State Speech by Gov. Gavin Newsom

Progressives Struggle for Influence Among California Democrats

February 2022

Out of the COVID Crisis, But California Is Still in a State of Emergency

Is This Another Way to End California’s Death Penalty?

Why Single Payer Died in the California Legislature, Again

January 2022

Gavin Newsom Was the Face of Legal Cannabis in California. Can He Fix Its Problems?

What to Know About Newsom’s Budget Blueprint

Potential COVID Exposure Sidelines Legislators