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Articles by Ben Christopher

September 2022

Misfire: Behind the California Concealed Carry Bill’s Big Fail

August 2022

Decision Day: Which Bills Did California Lawmakers Kill?

June 2022

California’s Change to Concealed Carry Permits Would Reduce Wide Variations Among Counties

Supreme Court Ruling Puts Target on California Concealed Carry Law

Topsy-Turvy Top-Two: Is California Primary System Keeping Its Promises?

May 2022

Money Wars: Special Interests Spend Big in California Primary

California’s $100 Billion Surplus: What to Know About Newsom’s Spending Plan

What Would Anne Marie Schubert Do as California Attorney General?

April 2022

Can a Conservative Break Through for California Attorney General?

January 2022

What’s Behind the ‘Great Resignation’ of California Lawmakers?

December 2021

Fund the Police: Newsom Responds to California Crime Concerns

September 2021

Full Speed Ahead on Overhauling California Recalls

California Recall: The 2022 Campaign Starts Now

Polling Error: How One Survey Changed the Newsom Recall Campaign

Kamala Harris Comes to Newsom’s Rescue, Whether He Needs It or Not

Why Is Larry Elder Focusing So Much on Reaching Out to Latino and Asian Voters?

August 2021

Who Is Larry Elder and What Would He Do as Governor?

How Did John Cox Go From GOP Standard-Bearer to Bears and Trash Balls?

July 2021

Recall Money Wars: What Do Newsom’s Million-Dollar Donors Want?

June 2021

A Serious Man: Can Kevin Faulconer Run for Governor Without the Gimmicks?

California’s Big Reopening: What Changes — and What Doesn’t — on June 15?

May 2021

Vax for Cash: Newsom Offers Big Bucks for Californians Who Get Their Shots

Who’s Bankrolling the Newsom Recall Campaigns?

Facing Recall, Newsom Uses Anti-Tax Amendment for His Own Devices

California’s Population Shrank, in 2020, but Don’t Call It an Exodus

Recall Backers Raise More, but Newsom’s Side Has More Cash in the Bank

April 2021

California Loses Congressional Seat for First Time

Carrots, Sticks and Jabs: What Will California Do to Win Over Vaccine Skeptics?

March 2021

Gov. Newsom and Legislators Have Lots of Money to Spend, Few Strings Attached

How California’s Recall Rules Could Spell Trouble for Gavin Newsom

February 2021

The Squeeze Is On: Amid Recall Threat, Newsom Faces Single-Payer Dilemma

Despite Months to Prep, Why California Lags on COVID Vaccination

January 2021

Better Than ‘Anyone Could Have Imagined’: Inside Newsom’s Optimistic, Record-Breaking Budget Proposal

Next Secretary of State Aims to Teach Californians ‘How Fragile the Democracy Is’

December 2020

Five Things to Know About California’s New US Senator, Alex Padilla

With Barrett on Supreme Court, California’s Church COVID Limits in Legal Jeopardy

November 2020

Now That the Results Are In, Did Big Political Spenders Get What They Paid For?

The Trumpiest and Most Anti-Trump Counties in California: Where Does Yours Rank?

In Liberal California, Election Shows Prop. 13 Tax Revolt Is Alive

California Election Results: What We Know and Don’t Know

October 2020

Is It Too Late to Mail in Your Ballot? Here’s Why You Don’t Need to Panic

Slated for Deception? Beware of All Those Glossy Mailers Telling You How to Vote

Why Do We Keep Voting on This? Exploring the Prop. 13 Tax Revolt Family Tree

California GOP in Legal Trouble for ‘Ballot Harvesting’ With Unofficial Drop Boxes

Lawmakers Want to Amend This Prop? It’ll Take a ‘Super, Super, Super-Duper Majority’

How the Pandemic Reshaped California Politics in 2020

September 2020

If Californians Vote to Raise Taxes on Corporate Landlords, Will Small Biz Foot the Bill?

Suburban Blues: Where Democrats Have Gained Most in California

Unmasked: Tempers Flare and Patience Frays as California Lawmakers Hit Viral End of Session

August 2020

As Trump Takes Aim at Postal Funding, Could He Undermine California’s All-Mail Election?