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Articles by Ben Christopher

October 2020

Slated for Deception? Beware of All Those Glossy Mailers Telling You How to Vote

Why Do We Keep Voting on This? Exploring the Prop. 13 Tax Revolt Family Tree

California GOP in Legal Trouble for ‘Ballot Harvesting’ With Unofficial Drop Boxes

Lawmakers Want to Amend This Prop? It’ll Take a ‘Super, Super, Super-Duper Majority’

How the Pandemic Reshaped California Politics in 2020

September 2020

If Californians Vote to Raise Taxes on Corporate Landlords, Will Small Biz Foot the Bill?

Suburban Blues: Where Democrats Have Gained Most in California

Unmasked: Tempers Flare and Patience Frays as California Lawmakers Hit Viral End of Session

August 2020

As Trump Takes Aim at Postal Funding, Could He Undermine California’s All-Mail Election?

The Veepstakes Are Over — but Whom Might Newsom Pick to Replace Kamala Harris?

July 2020

If Feds Let Jobless Benefits Drop, Key California Dems Float ‘Backdoor Borrowing’ Idea to Make Up Difference

Big Bet: Why the Country’s Largest Pension Fund Is Getting Into Banking

June 2020

Props to You, Californians: A Preview of What’s on Your November Ballot

Judge to Newsom on Vote-By-Mail Strategy: Restrain Yourself

California Posts Guidelines for Gyms, Bars, Hotels, Camps to Reopen as Soon as June 12

Is Now the Time to Bring Back Affirmative Action in California?

May 2020

Valid Assumptions or ‘Tacky Bluffs’ — the Econ Forecast Shaping Newsom’s Budget

Can California Cities Weather the COVID Recession?

April 2020

Not If, but How: California Prepares for an All Vote-By-Mail Election in November

How Coronavirus Could Test California’s Commitment to Privacy

Shortage on a Stick: More Swabs on the Way, but That Alone Won’t Solve California Test Gap

Reopen California? That’s the Toughest Phase Yet, Newsom Says

Open for Easter? Legal Spat Brews Over Lockdown Restrictions on Sunday Service

Newsom the Beneficent? California Governor Steps Into Pandemic Supply Vacuum

As California’s Coronavirus Curve Bends, Newsom’s Not Ready to Be the Bearer of Good News

March 2020

Coronavirus ‘Can Impact Anybody and Everybody’: L.A. County Teen Is First Infected Youngster to Die in US

With Coronavirus, California’s Economy Is in Uncharted Territory

Last-Minute Special Interest Cash Pours Through California’s $50,000 Loophole

February 2020

If California Polls Hold, Only Bernie Sanders Would Win Any Delegates Chosen by Statewide Vote

Brace for the Deluge: Special Interests Are Spending Millions to Get the California Legislators They Want

The Presidential Contest for California Cash, in 6 Data Visualizations

January 2020

Shenanigans? Under California’s Primary Rules, Some Campaigns Boggle the Mind

FACT CHECK: Trump Hits and Misses as He Campaigns for Re-Election — and Against California

Want to Vote for President in California but Bewildered by the Changing Rules? We’ve Got You.

December 2019

Fight or Switch? One California Republican Legislator Ditches GOP, the Other Gets Primaried

Kamala Harris Quits Presidential Race — What It Means for California

November 2019

Why California’s Trump Tax Return Law — Authored by Sen. Mike McGuire — Was Struck Down by the State’s Top Court Today

No-Shows, Endorsement Spats and Drag Queens: What’s on Tap at This Weekend’s California Democratic Convention

October 2019

Fact Check: Do Californians Really Cool on Ballot Measures as the Election Approaches?

Conservatives Clap Back Against California in Court — Twice

September 2019

Newsom Cracks Down on Vaping — and Asks the Legislature for Help

Vaping Industry Breathes Easier: For Now, California Lawmakers Won’t Restrict Its Business

August 2019

Bluer Than Blue: Are California Democrats Ready to Exploit a Possible Lopsided Primary Turnout?

As Gun Control Efforts Advance in California Capitol, Opponents Turn to the Courts

What Does Trump’s Latest Immigration Crackdown Mean for California?

What California Knows About Kamala Harris

California Stretches Applicant Deadline to Draw Political Districts — Pool’s Too White, Too Male

July 2019

Frontrunner No More: California Poll Puts Harris on Top and Biden (Way) Down

Lawsuit: California Should Open Its Presidential Primary to Independents

Trump’s California Funders — Where They Are and What They’re Giving