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Articles by Elizabeth Aguilera

February 2020

Facing Doctor Shortage, Will California Give Nurse Practitioners More Authority to Treat Patients?

California Lawmakers Have Refused to Restrict Flavored Vaping — Is That About to Change?

January 2020

‘Troubling’ Audit Reveals State Failure to Test Millions of Babies for Toxic Lead

Left Waiting: Workers’ Comp Creates Lengthly Delays for Californians Injured on the Job

November 2019

Med School Free Rides and Loan Repayments —  California Tries to Boost Its Dwindling Doctor Supply

September 2019

Five Things to Know Now About California’s New Vaccine Law

California Democrats Try Again to Provide Health Care to Undocumented Seniors

California at Odds Over Whether to Make Insurers Cover Infertility Treatments

August 2019

Paging More Doctors: California’s Worsening Physician Shortage

Gentrification Is Changing California’s Iconic Gay Communities

July 2019

California Pays Down Their Student Loans, Doctors Agree to Treat Poorer Patients

June 2019

California Poised to Go Further Than Any State to Insure the Undocumented — Too Pricey, or About Time?

May 2019

Industry Aims to Extinguish Bills That Would Make California First State to Ban Flavored Tobacco

Coming Wave of Seniors Will Strain a Caregiver Network Already Stretched Thin

April 2019

State Rethinks Decision to Quit Providing Glasses to Needy Adults

NEWSOM in EL SALVADOR: Governor Says California Deserves Bigger Say in U.S. Immigration Policy

‘The Rhetoric is so Toxic’: Gov. Newsom Lands in El Salvador as Trump Moves to End Aid There

Beyond the Tampon Tax: How Far Will California Go To End ‘Menstrual Inequity’?