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Articles by Grace Gedye

March 2023

Court Ruling Opens Door to Gig Driver Unionization Bill, Union Says

February 2023

Utilities Commission Explores Ways to Mitigate High Natural Gas Prices

January 2023

Would a Wealth Tax Actually Drive the Rich Out of California?

Why You Should File Taxes Even if You Don’t Owe Any

December 2022

Here’s What You Need to Know About California’s New Pay Transparency Law

Study: Paid Family Leave in California Keeps Women in Jobs

Is California’s Beleaguered Jobless Benefits Agency Ready for a Recession?

October 2022

This Is How Much Money You’ll Get From the California Gas Rebate

California Is a Hotspot for Catalytic Converter Theft. Will New Laws Make a Difference?

September 2022

Fact Checking Ads for California’s Sports Betting Propositions

Lawmakers Approve Groundbreaking Internet Privacy Law for Kids

August 2022

California Unemployment Checks: New Report Explores Why They’re Often So Hard to Get

July 2022

Small Business Grants Overshadow Loan Program in COVID-19 Response

Some Seniors and Disabled People Will Miss Out on New California State Payments

June 2022

What Happens if Californians Pass Two Sports Betting Initiatives?

May 2022

California Wants to Force Insurers to Reward Homeowners for Fireproofing Homes

Are California Companies About to Get More Transparent?

April 2022

California Sports Betting Initiative Backed by FanDuel, DraftKings Would Block Small Competitors

A California Labor Law That Lets Workers Sue on the State’s Behalf Faces Its Toughest Test

March 2022

California Contradiction: Ban Gas Cars Later, but Cushion Gas Prices Now?

Gas Money: Is It Better to Send Out Checks or Suspend a Tax?

Here’s How State Lawmakers Want to Help Californians With High Gas Prices

February 2022

New COVID Sick Leave Would Leave Out at Least 1 in 4 California Workers

January 2022

COVID Work Rules: A Guide for California Workers

Here’s What’s Changed as California’s Revised COVID Workplace Rules Go Into Effect

Here’s What’s Ahead for California Businesses in 2022

December 2021

Why Does California Have the Highest Jobless Rate in the Country?

November 2021

California Rolled Out Websites and Apps to Fight COVID-19 — Did They Work?

Here’s What California Could Do to Fix the Supply Chain

October 2021

How Much Do Wildfires Really Cost California’s Economy?

August 2021

Yoga Classes, Therapy and 401(k)s: California Businesses Beefing Up Benefits to Attract Workers

July 2021

‘Is Something Around the Corner?’ Small Businesses Reopen to Find New Challenges