Articles by Jocelyn Wiener

May 2024

Newsom Releases Billions for Mental Health Housing Ahead of Schedule: ‘Time to Deliver’

March 2024

With Prop. 1, Gavin Newsom Again Changes How Californians With Mental Illness Get Help

February 2024

California Voters Will Decide on Newsom’s Mental Health Overhaul. How Did We Get Here?

January 2024

New California Laws for 2024: Nursing Homes Must Provide More Information Before Evictions

December 2023

Mental Health Programs That Served Hundreds of Kids — Including in Humboldt — to Close After California Payment Changes

October 2023

California Mental Health Agency on the Hot Seat as Lawmakers Review ‘Groundbreaking’ Law

Gavin Newsom Signs New Law in ‘Overhaul’ of Mental Health System. It Changes Decades of Practice

September 2022

Governor Signs Contentious Nursing Home Licensing Bill That Splintered Advocates

Unanswered Cries: Why California Faces a Shortage of Mental Health Workers

August 2022

Kaiser Mental Health Workers Signal Open-Ended Strike in Northern California

July 2022

Dial 988: State’s New Mental Health Crisis Hotline Debuts

June 2022

Lawmakers Weaken California Nursing Homes Bill — Sponsors Yank Their Support

March 2022

When Children Suffer: California to Funnel Billions Into Mental Health Overhaul

Newsom Unveils ‘Completely New Strategy’ for California’s Mental Health Crisis

October 2021

State Health Department Blasted Over Nursing Home Oversight

Shlomo Rechnitz Nursing Home Suit Over COVID Deaths Reflects ‘Broken State Licensing’

September 2021

Stranded in the ER: Can California Change Its Treatment of Kids in Crisis?

Call 988: How Will California Pay for the New Crisis Hotline?

April 2021

‘People Are Dying as We Wait’: Bid to Tighten California Nursing Home Oversight Sputters

September 2020

LETTER FROM HUMBOLDT: A Mental Health ‘Tsunami’ Looms: Can California Prevent a Surge in Suicides?

‘I Was Looking for Someone Like Me’

August 2020

California Poised to Become National Leader on Mental Health and Addiction Coverage

Why Californians With Mental Illness Are Dropping Private Insurance to Get Taxpayer-Funded Treatment

July 2020

Audit: Don’t Make It Easier to Force Mentally Ill Californians Into Treatment — Just Improve Treatment

Who Responds to Nonviolent Crises? New Urgency to Remove Police From the Equation

June 2020

Newsom Empathizes With Protesters as Trump Threatens Military Intervention

April 2020

Acts of Grace From Everyday Californians Are Getting Us Through Coronavirus Pandemic

March 2020

How to Get Past the Coronavirus Crisis Without Losing Your Mental Health

February 2020

Inside the Governor’s Bid to Fix Homelessness: Changing How California Deals With Mental Illness

December 2019

‘We’ve Lost Our Compass.’ For California’s Most Visible Mentally Ill, Is a Return to Forced Treatment a Solution or a False Promise?

June 2019

Treatment for Psychosis — And Other Mental Illness — Differs Drastically by County

April 2019

Overlooked Mental Health ‘Catastrophe’: Vanishing Board-and-Care-Homes Leave Residents With Few Options