Articles by John Hardin

January 2019

HARDIN: Watching ‘Murder Mountain’

November 2018

HARDIN: A Plant Can Break Your Heart

October 2018

HARDIN: Murder Mountain

HARDIN: The Cannabis Community and the Fog of War

HARDIN: Cannabis is Not Wine

September 2018

HARDIN: The Future of the Mateel

HARDIN: The War on Drugs Lives On in the Minds of Its Victims

August 2018

HARDIN: A Community in Crisis

July 2018

HARDIN: HSU Blew the ‘K’ out of KHSU

April 2018

HARDIN: The Southern Humboldt Health Care District Wants to Know

February 2018


HARDIN: The ‘Polarization’ of American Politics

January 2018

HARDIN: SoHum’s Goose is Cooked

HARDIN: Celebrating Legalization

HARDIN: A New Brand of Stupid, and a New Way to be Wrong

December 2017

HARDIN: The True Meaning of Christmas

HARDIN: Stand Tall and Celebrate Legalization

HARDIN: Drug Treatment Doesn’t Solve the Housing Crisis

November 2017

HARDIN: Why Aren’t We Just Healing the Opioid Addicts With Weed?

HARDIN: Turn Around the SoHum Slide

HARDIN: ‘Vintage Startraveler’ and the GeoSafari Modular Analog Synthesizer

HARDIN: What’s Wrong With Copyright

October 2017

HARDIN: The Problem with Private Property

HARDIN: Please Don’t Scare the Trimmigrants

HARDIN: Book Review: Kind Nepenthe, by Matthew V. Brockmeyer

HARDIN: Community, What a Concept!

September 2017

HARDIN: Do You Call This ‘Journalism?’

HARDIN: There is No Technological Solution

HARDIN: Service Dogs, Veterans and the Housing Crisis

HARDIN: Cracker v Cracker

August 2017

HARDIN: The Battle for Sidewalk Neutrality in Garberville

HARDIN: An Honest Value in Humboldt County

HARDIN: It Ain’t Art

HARDIN: The Generous Spirit of Cannabis

July 2017

HARDIN: Better People

HARDIN: Skipping ‘The News’

HARDIN: Humboldt’s Economic Potential

HARDIN: What’s the War on Drugs Got To Do With the Humboldt Brand

June 2017

HARDIN: New Ordinance or Not, Consumers Will Decide

HARDIN: Do We Need More New Grows in Humboldt County?

HARDIN: The Failure of Humboldt County’s Medical Marijuana Permit System

HARDIN: The Sorry State of Human Rights in Humboldt

May 2017

HARDIN: What’s $1.5 Million Worth to the Emerald Triangle?

HARDIN: I Think I Know Why Some Parents Don’t Want to Vaccinate Their Kids

HARDIN: I Didn’t March for Science

HARDIN: Denial, the Deepest River in SoHum

April 2017

HARDIN: SoHum’s Community Values

HARDIN: Human Rights in SoHum

HARDIN: Drug Education

HARDIN: Drug Dealers Say the Dumbest Things