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Articles by Laurel Rosenhall

October 2020

Good Policy or Ballot Blackmail? Union Takes Its Fights With Health Industry to Voters

Privacy Puzzle: Consumer Advocates Divided Over California’s Prop. 24

September 2020

Trump and Newsom: Political Frenemies Make Nice Amid California’s Mounting Disasters

California Lawmakers Failed to Enact Sweeping Police Reforms. Here’s Why.

August 2020

Amid Raging Fires and Pandemic, Newsom Calls Relationship With Trump ‘Very Effective’

Democrats Divided: Newsom’s Family-Leave Plan Faces Resistance From His Own Party

Faced With Dying Californians and Withering Businesses, Gov. Newsom Steers a Middle Path. Can It Last?

July 2020

#MeToo Claims Filed Against Democratic Lawmaker, but Will Investigations Follow?

Gov. Dad: Family Leave Job Protections Expanded in Bill Backed by Newsom

June 2020

Budget Deal Shields Neediest Californians, Shifts Burden to Middle Class

‘Mutually Repugnant’: Gov. Newsom and Lawmakers Pursue Budget Compromise

May 2020

Blind Spot: Lobbying Behind California Coronavirus Contracts Can Stay Secret

Schools, Health Face Deep Cuts in California’s $203 Billion Budget

California Wires Mask Dealer Half a Billion Dollars, Then Claws It Back

As Protesters Demand ‘Reopen California!’ Here’s Whom Newsom Can’t Afford to Alienate

April 2020

Even Harder Than Shutting Down: How Does Newsom Reopen California?

At California’s Capitol, Lawmakers Want Information; Protesters Want to End Coronavirus Stay-At-Home

California Senators Frustrated by Few Answers, Tech Glitches in Virtual Hearing on Coronavirus Spending

Politics in the Pandemic: Two California Elections in May Provide a Preview

Amid Pandemic, Newsom Faces Scrutiny Over $1B Face-Mask Deal

March 2020

One Upside of the Coronavirus Shutdown, Maybe? Fewer Voter Initiatives

Banks Agree to Coronavirus Mortgage Relief in California Amid Push for Eviction Ban

California Closes Parking Lots at Beaches and Parks to Stem Spread of Coronavirus

Newsom, Trump: More Beds, Masks, Equipment Ahead for Coronavirus

California Passes $1.1 Billion in Emergency Coronavirus Funding — Then Shuts Down the Capitol

Facing Pandemic, California Takes Cover, From the Capitol to Disneyland

February 2020

The New Thing for California Politicians? Sweet Charity

December 2019

CALMATTERS EXPLAINER: How California Is Rewriting the Law on Online Privacy

November 2019

Comforting California, Newsom Bashes a Familiar Villain — PG&E

October 2019

Newsom’s First Rodeo: In Year One, the Governor Bucks Both Trump and Brown

September 2019

Brown Vetoed but They’re Persisting: Take Two of MeToo Hits Newsom’s Desk

Is California About to Weaponize Electric Car Rebates in Its Emissions Battle Against Trump?

As D.A., Kamala Harris Prosecuted a Mentally Ill Woman Shot by Police. The Jury Didn’t Buy It.

Facing Police Opposition, California Lawmakers Limit Bill to Ban Facial Recognition

Alas, Paper Receipt Ban, We Hardly Knew Ye: 2019 Bills Get Winnowed Some More

August 2019

Pregnant or Trying? Here’s How to Get the Most Out of California’s New Paid Family Leave Law

July 2019

Podcast: Guns Make Policing in America Dangerous — To Officers and Civilians Alike

May 2019

California Poised to Pass One of Nation’s Toughest Standards for Police to Shoot as Lawmakers Strike Historic Deal

Why California’s Efforts to Limit Soda Keep Fizzling

In Housing, Privacy and More, a Capitol Lightning Round Nixes Controversial Bills

‘Governor Dad’ Newsom Budgets Tax Breaks for Diapers, Focuses on Families

April 2019

Law Enforcement Backs Down on Deadly Force Standard — For Now, Anyway

California is Advancing a Nationally Watched Police Shooting Bill, and Factions in the Democratic Party Are Taking Shape

March 2019

Governor Newsom Halts Death Penalty in California, Closes San Quentin Execution Chamber

Three Things to Know About California’s Data Privacy Fight