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Articles by Manuela Tobias

October 2022

Newsom Campaigned on Building 3.5 Million Homes. He Hasn’t Gotten Even Close

California Homeless Population Grew by 22,000 Over Pandemic

July 2022

Got an Eviction Notice? This California Website Will Help You File a Response.

May 2022

Anti-Worker or Pro-Worker? Why Labor Unions Are Fighting Over a Housing Bill

April 2022

With More Enforcement Powers Than Ever, State Relies on Activists to Enforce Duplex Law

Duplex Housing Law Met With Fierce Resistance by California Cities

March 2022

California Lawmakers Struck a Deal on Eviction Protections. What Does It Mean for Tenants?

California Counted Its Homeless Population, but Can It Track the Money?

February 2022

Why Is a Tenant Protection Bill Failing in the California Legislature, Again?

November 2021

Will California’s Plan for Clearing Homeless Camps Work?

October 2021

California Is Increasing Enforcement of Its Housing Goals: Will It Work?

September 2021

What You Need to Know as California Eviction Moratorium Ends

Contractor’s Deal on California Rent Relief Gets More Lucrative

Victorious in Recall, Newsom Refocuses on California Housing Crisis

Out of Time: California Legislators Won’t Extend Eviction Ban

July 2021

Why Are Key California Affordable Housing Bills Bottled Up?

Is Homelessness Newsom’s Weak Point in Recall? Republicans Are Counting on It

June 2021

California’s Eviction Moratorium Extension: What’s in It for Tenants?

Will California’s Eviction Moratorium Be Extended Beyond June 30?

May 2021

Newsom’s Top Housing Adviser Says ‘Start With Yes’

Can Newsom Build on Pandemic Lessons to End Homelessness?

October 2019

California Families Are Hungry While a Third of Crops Rot in Fields