Articles by Matt Levin

December 2020

How the Remote Work Revolution Could Change California’s Housing Crisis

Lawmakers Weigh Moratorium Extension as Eviction Cliff Looms

November 2020

Can Gov. Newsom Use the Pandemic to Beat Back Homelessness?

October 2020

How California Expats Are Helping Turn Texas Into a Battleground State

September 2020

Democratic Squabbling Doomed California’s ‘Year of Housing Production.’ What Will Happen in 2021?

Analysis: How Renters, Landlords and Banks Fared in the Eviction Compromise

August 2020

Newsom, Lawmakers Strike Pandemic Eviction Deal. Here’s What You Need to Know

The Tough Questions Pushing California to an Eviction Cliff

June 2020

Converting a Motel to Homeless Housing, Step by Step

May 2020

The Pandemic Hasn’t Killed California’s Big Housing Plans — but They Have Mutated

Lawmakers Propose Sweeping Relief to Missed Rent Payments

April 2020

Newsom: Cities Blocking Hotels for Homeless Will Be ‘Judged’ by History

Here’s How Putting California’s Homeless in Hotels Actually Works

March 2020

Newsom Did Not Issue a Statewide Eviction Ban. Tenant Groups Say Renters’ Health Could Be Threatened

February 2020

The Hidden Housing Measure on Your March Ballot

January 2020

California’s Most Controversial Homebuilding Bill Just Died. What Will Newsom Do Now?

November 2019

Will Paradise Be Rebuilt Without Its Largest Low-Income Housing Complex?

October 2019

Can Factory-Built Apartments Solve California’s Housing Woes?

September 2019

Big Rent Hikes Are About to Be Illegal in California. Here’s What You Should Know

August 2019

Nearly 40% of Young Adult Californians Live With Their Parents. Here’s Everything to Know About Them

June 2019

Lawmakers — Cutting Big Checks to Combat the Housing Crisis — Fight Over Who Gets the Money

Developers and Unions ‘Not Close’ on Deal to Spur Housing Construction

May 2019

A Rare Tenant Win and a Lingering Question: Why Don’t California’s Renters Have More Political Punch?

With California’s Most Closely Watched Housing Bill on Life Support, What’s Next?

Amid the Housing NIMBYs and YIMBYs, Meet PIMBYs — ‘Parents in My Backyard’

April 2019

California’s Hottest Housing Bill Moves Ahead — With a Break for Smaller Counties