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Articles by Mikhail Zinshteyn

November 2022

Cal Poly SLO Enrolls the Lowest Rate of Black Students Among All the State’s Public Universities

September 2022

Cal State Says It Can’t Afford a Staff Wage Hike Even if Newsom OKs It

California to Give $2,500 Training Grant to Workers Who Lost Jobs During Pandemic

May 2022

Cal State Raises Issue With Cal Grant Expansion

UC System Takes Another Step Toward Keeping Students Debt-Free

$200 Million Proposal Could Solve Part-Time Health Insurance Problem for Community College Faculty

April 2022

Debt-Free College: California Is on the Verge of Spending $632 Million to Help 360,000 Students Lessen Their College Debt

March 2022

Without SAT, ACT, What’s Next for Cal State Admissions?

The Collapse of Community College Enrollment: Can California Turn It Around?

Lawmakers Pass Legislative Fix to Undo UC Berkeley’s Enrollment Cap

February 2022

Cal State Chancellor Resigns After Criticism Over Handling of Sexual Assault Case

If UC Berkeley Must Cut 3,000 Students, Should It Spare Californians?

Do-Over: Cal State Resubmits Application, Increasing Affordable Student Housing Projection by 800 Beds

California Will Reward Volunteering College Students With Aid — but Spend Half the Money on Overhead

January 2022

Student Housing Is Tight. A California Plan Wants $5 Billion for Affordable Beds

November 2021

Exclusive: Cal State Blunder May Mean Loss of 3,000 New Student Housing Beds

Cal State Races to Boost Graduation Rate and Cut Early Ds and Fs

October 2021

Cal Grant Expansion: Newsom Vetoes Game-Changer Bill for 150,000 College Students

September 2021

California Commits $500 Million More to Student Housing: ‘A Drop in the Bucket’

August 2021

Cal State Deadline Could Lead to Unvaccinated Students on Campus and Missed Classes

June 2021

Thanks, but No Thanks: Why Community Colleges Are Resisting $170 Million

April 2021

Expanding Cal Grant Would Help a Quarter Million Older Students — and Cost Hundreds of Millions More Dollars

January 2021

CSU Promises to Keep Tuition Flat for 2021 School Year

Newsom Calls Textbooks ‘Racket,’ Proposes Money to Create Free Ones

Biden’s Debt Forgiveness Plan Would Help Millions of California Students

August 2020

Prop. 16 Could Boost Racial Equity Among University Faculty

Cal State in the COVID Era: No Tuition Cuts, 4 Other Takeaways From Chancellor Chat

California State Colleges Now Require Ethnic Studies

May 2020

UCs Ditch the SAT and ACT — Set Out to Make a ‘Fairer’ Standardized Test