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Articles by Nigel Duara

August 2022

Bounty Hunting: Foes of Guns and Abortion Resurrect an Old Idea

July 2022

Drug Courts Face Choice: Close or Expand Access After Prop. 47 Fallout

June 2022

Prison Rehab: Can California Learn Anything From Norway?

Attorney General Candidates Divided on New Police Shootings Law

May 2022

Bill Would Allow Lawsuits for Marketing Guns to Kids

Sex Abuse Suits Pouring in as State’s Catholic Leaders Seek Relief From Highest Court

Bill Would Put Homeless Courts Where the Unhoused Live

April 2022

Stillbirths and the Law: Bill Would End Coroner Investigations of Lost Pregnancies

From Scandal to Scrutiny: How Intense Citizen Oversight Reshaped Oakland Police

February 2022

Meth, a Mother, and a Stillbirth: Imprisoned Mom Wants Her ‘Manslaughter’ Case Reopened

California Crime Story: The Numbers, Explained

December 2021

‘Devil on the Loose’: What’s Behind Kern County’s Soaring Homicide Rate?

June 2021

Los Angeles, Sacramento Announce Reparations Coalition on Juneteenth

Is California Still Facing an Eviction Tsunami When the Moratorium Ends?

April 2021

More Than 2 Million Missing Stimulus Checks

March 2021

How Did $2.7 Billion in Housing Bonds Disappear?

January 2021

California Extends Eviction Moratorium Through June

November 2020

As Pandemic Aid Ends, California Families Will Face Brutal New Year

June 2020

Newsom Seeks Statewide Reform of Police Use of Force

May 2020

Are California Businesses Getting a Fair Share of Coronavirus Loans?

April 2020

Like a Petri Dish for the Virus: Tens of Thousands of California Inmates Are at Risk

March 2020

What You Need to Know About California’s Lockdown of Seniors and the Chronically Ill