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Articles by Rachel Becker

November 2022

Rural Ranchers Face $4,000 Proposed Fine for Violating State Drought Order

September 2022

Four in a Row: California Drought Likely to Continue

State Lawmakers Reject Bill to Curb Farms’ Water Pumping

August 2022

Ranchers, Tribes, State Officials Clash Over Shasta River Water

Four Things to Know About Colorado River Water in California

Newsom Unveils Long-Term Strategy to Bolster California Water Supply

July 2022

Delta Tunnel: Salmon at Risk From Massive Water Project, State Report Says

California Poised to Restrict Bee-Killing Pesticides

May 2022

‘Everyone Loses’: Sacramento Valley Struggles to Survive Unprecedented Water Cuts

April 2022

Clean-Car Rules: California Unveils Proposed Measure to Ban New Gasoline-Fueled Cars

March 2022

Newsom Imposes New California Water Restrictions, Leaves Details to Locals

State Unveils Long-Awaited Standard for Drinking Water Contaminant

Californians Used More Water as State Braces for Another Dry Year

February 2022

‘Morale Killer’: California Scientists Battle Over Pay Disparities

January 2022

No, California’s Drought Isn’t Over. Here’s Why.

December 2021

New Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment Banned in California in 2024

October 2021

What Does It Mean for Gov. Newsom to Skip the Climate Conference?

What’s at Stake for California and Newsom at Climate Conference?

Newsom Backs Tougher Rules on California Oil Wells

Newsom Declares Drought Emergency Across California

August 2021

California Enacted a Groundwater Law 7 Years Ago. But Wells Are Still Drying Up — and It’s Spreading

Facing ‘Dire Water Shortages,’ California Bans Delta Pumping

July 2021

Forever Chemicals: California Unveils Health Goals for Contaminated Drinking Water

Newsom Urges All Californians to Cut Water Use by 15%

June 2021

Water Shortages: Why Some Californians Are Running Out in 2021 and Others Aren’t

As Drought Intensifies, State Warns Users to Stop Pumping Water From Major Rivers

May 2021

California Weighs Electric Car Mandate for Uber and Lyft

Drought Emergency Declared in Central Valley, Klamath Region

April 2021

Governor Declares Drought Emergency in Northwest Counties

March 2021

Hospitals in Much of California Begin Reopening to Visitors

Premature or Precautionary? California Is First to Tackle Microplastics in Drinking Water

February 2021

Audit Slams State Air Board for ‘Overstating’ Greenhouse Gas Cuts

November 2020

GM Drops Trump Fight Against California Car Standards

October 2020

Unsafe to Drink: Wildfires Threaten Rural Towns With Tainted Water

September 2020

Newsom Orders State to Ban New Gas-Powered Cars by 2035

Legislature Narrowly Rejects Nation’s Toughest Restrictions on Plastics

August 2020

Five Automakers Finalize Deal With California to Clean Up Car Emissions

July 2020

As Wildfire Season Looms, California Adds 900 Firefighters to Its Crews

June 2020

California Mandates Zero-Exhaust Big Rigs, Delivery Trucks

California Re-Evaluating Its Landmark Climate Strategy

A Collision of Epidemics: Coronavirus Disrupts Addiction Treatment

Babies and Oil Don’t Mix: Wells Linked to Low Birthweight

May 2020

State Eases Rules for Reopening Dine-In Restaurants, Stores

California Readies Army of Coronavirus Detectives

April 2020

Coronavirus Detectives: Here’s How Counties Try to Track Everyone Exposed

Could a Blood Test for Coronavirus Antibodies Get California Back to Normal? Lots of Questions Remain

Frustrated Newsom Calls on Task Force to Fix Coronavirus Testing Shortfall

March 2020

48,600 Coronavirus Test Results Still Pending in California

How Overwhelmed Is California’s Health Care System About to Be?

Where California Stands With Coronavirus Testing Right Now