Articles by Ricardo Cano

March 2021

Newsom, Lawmakers Unveil Plan to Push Some Schools to Reopen by April 1

February 2021

Lawmakers Blitz Governor on School Reopenings

Teacher Vaccines in California Determined by Location, Luck

January 2021

Why the Majority of California Schools Might Not Reopen Anytime Soon

Newsom’s $2 Billion School Reopening Fund Could Actually Cost Districts Money

Newsom’s School Reopening Plan Puts Tight Deadlines on Districts, Legislature

December 2020

Legislators Increase Pressure to Open Schools as Most Stay Closed This Fall

August 2020

Rural California Schools Prepare for Possible In-Person Teaching

July 2020

Nearly All California Schools Ordered to Shut Down

What California’s Budget Deal Means for K-12 Schools

June 2020

Expect Hybrid Learning to Become Norm This Fall

California Schools Desperate for Guidance, Money as They Plan for Fall Reopening

May 2020

Schools Fear Prospect of Layoffs, Furloughs as State Budget Gets Slashed

March 2020

Confusion Reigns as California Families Ponder Coronavirus Homeschool

Newsom: Coronavirus Likely to Close California Schools for Rest of the Year

School Bonds Usually Are a Cinch in California — What Happened This Time?

December 2019

For Small, Rural, Crumbling — and Closing — Classrooms, New School Bond Rules Could Be Big

November 2019

School Bond Backers Have Some Selling to Do, Poll Shows

October 2019

California Kids’ Test Scores Again Rise by Inches as Achievement Gap Yawns

September 2019

DISASTER DAYS: How Megafires, Guns and Other 21st Century Crises Are Disrupting California Schools

August 2019

Charter Schools, Unions Call a Truce in an Epic Battle as Newsom Brokers a Deal

July 2019

With Early Childhood Education on California’s Agenda, Preschool Teachers Ask Why ‘Cashiers at McDonalds’ Get Better Pay

Teacher Credentials Come in for Tough Grading as California Rethinks Charter School Rules

April 2019

Charter-Mageddon! Lawmakers Advance a Raft of Union-Backed Charter School Curbs

March 2019

‘Common Sense Regulations’ or ‘An Extended Middle Finger’: How Far Will California Go on Charter Schools?