Candidate Statement

From Nicholas Kohl/Sept. 1, 2022, 8:29 p.m.

I would like to represent you in our 5th ward.

I want to listen to your input and perspective.

I feel that this dialog is vital in supporting programs and policy that will be the greatest benefit for our community Born and raised in Humboldt, I have over 20 years of business experience in Old Town. I am the President of the board for Eureka Main Street and the Fourth District representative on the Citizens Advisory Committee of Measure Z. These positions have helped me build a better understanding of the topics facing the City Counsel in the coming years.

My goal is sustainable progress into the future. I believe that through improved land use, we can build opportunities for vibrant economic growth. I want to emphasize increased educational outlets and healthy family spaces. I envision a community we all want to participate in.

We deserve to move towards accessible, modernized infrastructure with inclusion for everyone.

I ask for your Vote. I would commit myself to work with the city and community to actualize Eureka’s prosperity.