Congressman Jared Huffman Endorses Natalie Arroyo for 4th District Supervisor

From Natalie Arroyo/April 19, 2022, 11:10 a.m.

EUREKA, Calif.— Humboldt County Supervisorial candidate Natalie Arroyo has received the endorsement of Congressman Jared Huffman, Humboldt County’s Congressional representative. Congressman Huffman’s endorsement is the most recent in a long line of endorsements from unions, political groups, advocacy organization, and elected officials.


Congressman Huffman stated, “with her proven track record in local government and tireless dedication to our community, Natalie Arroyo will be an outstanding County Supervisor.  She has my enthusiastic endorsement.” 


“I am so appreciative of Congressman Jared Huffman’s leadership, and am delighted that he has chosen to endorse me,” said Arroyo. “Congressman Huffman is a role model to me for his clear and concise way of explaining the issues, his boldness in standing up for his beliefs, and the way he has looked out for his constituents and community. 


Congressman Huffman has represented the North Coast and Humboldt County since 2013. During his four terms in Congress, he has built a reputation as a progressive leader and an environmental expert who focuses on making a difference. 


Arroyo is running for 4th District Supervisor, representing portions of Eureka, Myrtletown, and the Samoa Peninsula. The Primary Election is on June 7, and mail ballots arrive on May 9.

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