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Democrats Endorse Latour

From Sharon Latour/April 27, 2014, 8:40 p.m.

Praising Sharon Latour for her record of public service, the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee has resoundingly endorsed her as the best candidate for county supervisor in District 5.

“We are very fortunate to have Sharon Latour as our candidate – and the county will be fortunate to have her as a supervisor,” said Bob Service, central committee chairman.

Humboldt County Democrats were impressed with Latour’s Air Force career, her record as a clergywoman in Humboldt County, and her educational background, which includes a degree that could have led to a career as a city manager, as well as several other advanced degrees, he said.

But above all else, Service said, Democrats admire “the courage she demonstrates in standing up to the monied property interests, who, motivated by greed for short-term gains, would enable the massive conversion of timber and agricultural land through the gutting of the General Plan, a consensus plan arrived at over the course of 15 years and hundreds of community meetings.”

Latour is running against Ryan Sundberg, who has voted to change the General Plan’s fundamental guiding principles in ways that would remove environmental protections and other provisions supported by most Humboldt residents.  She offers a sound alternative to voters in District 5, the northernmost supervisorial district, which includes McKinleyville, Trinidad, Willow Creek, Hoopa and other communities with close ties to the earth.

The Latour campaign is grateful for the Democratic Party’s support, and wants to remind residents that they still have time to register to vote or request an absentee ballot. Voter registration is easy and simple with the register to vote tab on Latour’s website, sharonforsupervisor.com.