Dollison endorsed by Keith Taylor; Former Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Chief

From Allan Dollison/March 27, 2014, 10:32 a.m.

EUREKA, CA–The Dollison for District Attorney Campaign is pleased to announce the endorsement of former Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Chief Keith Taylor. “I have known Allan for almost his entire time in Humboldt and am nothing less than thoroughly impressed with his skills, professionalism, commitment for justice and compassion in cases” Taylor said.

Taylor had a long and storied career in law enforcement, where he was a State Parole Agent in Southern California. One of his cases was turned into a book that is still available on

Keith also was the Chief of Police for the Hoopa Valley Tribal police department, after he retired here as a parole agent.

 “I got to work very carefully with Allan on the habeas case involving the Murder conviction of John Thompson. Allan’s hard work and dedication paid off when the court denied Mr. Thompson’s petition. Allan spent hours with me discussing the case and preparing me. The case was almost two decades old, but Allan thoroughly engrossed himself in it, and but for his dedication a murderer would be out free today.”

Dollison stated, “I have always valued my personal friendship with Keith. We have not always seen eye to eye on every case, but he always knew that I had a commitment to justice, doing the right thing and firmness in my approach.”

Finally Taylor said, “I have been involved in several DA races here in Humboldt County. This election Allan is the obvious choice. He is hard-working and dedicated, but also independent. He will be independent in dealing with both law enforcement and the defense bar. We need that independence in a District Attorney.”