Emily Grace Goldstein Has Earned 7 Endorsements for Arcata City Council

From Emily Grace Goldstein/Oct. 10, 2020, 5:01 p.m.

This week many of us received our ballots in the mail, and I hope that you will consider me, Emily Grace Goldstein, for a position on the Arcata City Council. I have received 7 endorsements from major organizations: the North Coast People’s Alliance, Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee, California Young Democrats, Humboldt Young Democrats, Humboldt Progressive Democrats, Humboldt and Del Norte Central Labor Council, and the United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 5. I am proud that my message is resonating so strongly with these organizations, and also proud of the hundreds of individuals that have reached out in support.


Equity and justice are central to my beliefs and will shape how I build and implement policies that center the needs of all of the people in Arcata. I have a Master’s in Social Work with a focus on Public Policy and I currently work promoting public health policies in Arcata and throughout the rural north coast. I see quality and culturally responsive mental health services, affordable and accessible housing, and support for both our public schools and teachers and our local groups providing community education as central to a thriving community. My plan also centralizes environmental justice, and the importance of creating well-paying jobs in renewable energy sectors, expanding Arcata’s public transportation and addressing the intersections of climate change, poverty, income inequality, and racial discrimination. For more information about me please visit my website at emilyforarcata.com, or on social media on Facebook and Instagram, or via email at emilyforarcata@gmail.com.