Gordon Clatworthy: The Clear Choice for 1st District Supervisor in Humboldt County

From Gordon Clatworthy/Feb. 28, 2024, 6:33 p.m.

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CA – In the upcoming election for 1st District Supervisor, the choice couldn’t be clearer: Gordon Clatworthy stands as the beacon of progressive leadership and integrity that Humboldt County needs.


With a bold vision for addressing critical issues facing our community, Gordon Clatworthy is committed to building non-market housing owned by the county, ensuring that every resident has access to safe and affordable housing. His plan not only addresses the pressing issue of homelessness but also promotes economic stability and social equity throughout the county.


Moreover, Gordon Clatworthy recognizes the urgent need to bolster mental health services in our community. He understands that mental health is a cornerstone of well-being and aims to implement comprehensive programs that provide support and resources to those in need. By prioritizing mental health initiatives, Gordon Clatworthy demonstrates his dedication to the holistic welfare of Humboldt County residents.


Endorsed by the Humboldt County Democrats, Gordon Clatworthy embodies the values of inclusivity, compassion, and progressivism that define our community. His commitment to environmental stewardship, social justice, and economic empowerment resonates deeply with the diverse population of the 1st District. Furthermore, Gordon Clatworthy is a staunch advocate for addressing climate change, recognizing its profound impact on our community and the planet.


In stark contrast, his opponent, endorsed by the county Republicans, represents a regressive agenda that fails to address the pressing needs of our community. Moreover, the endorsement of a county judge facing 19 counts of alleged misconduct raises serious questions about the judgment and integrity of both the candidate and their supporters. Additionally, during the last session of 2023, his opponent voted against receiving a crucial climate report, displaying a concerning disregard for environmental issues.


In times like these, when the future of our community hangs in the balance, we cannot afford to settle for anything less than principled leadership. Gordon Clatworthy offers a path forward—a path of progress, compassion, and integrity.


For more information about Gordon Clatworthy and his campaign for 1st District Supervisor, please visit http://www.GordonClatworthy.com