Hoopa Valley Tribe Endorses Measure A, Promotes Environmentally Responsible Cannabis Cultivation

From Yes on A — Cannabis Reform Initiative Proponents/Jan. 16, 2024, 8:11 a.m.

Measure A co-sponsor Mark Thurmond received the support of the Hoopa Valley Tribe today. A letter signed by Vice-Chairman Everett Colegrove Jr. stated that the Hoopa Valley Tribe supports “provisions to stop expansion of industrial ‘mega-grows’ and set caps on total acreage and future permits. We sincerely appreciate the goals to reduce the overall cannabis footprint, promote healthy environments and rural communities, ensure public involvement in future decision-making processes and continue to transition the industry away from industrial mega-grows to small-scale, environmentally-minded cannabis farms.”

The Hoopa Valley Tribe also expressed support that Measure A will “disallow new wells that impair watercourses and springs….” The “majority of cannabis applications in the Upper Supply watershed depend solely on wells as their primary water source.” And further, “We support it [Measure A] wholeheartedly as clean, healthy, and abundant water supplies are at the core of our traditional values. The health of our people and the wildlife we have relied on for sustenance for millennia depends on it.”

Mark Thurmond and co-sponsor Betsy Watson welcomed the support of the Hoopa Valley Tribe, stating, “The environmental needs of Humboldt County and its precious watersheds depend on getting cannabis permitting right. Measure A is a step in that direction and we are honored by the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s strong support. We recognize that, in partnership with Tribal communities, more will need to be done to protect and restore precious natural resources for the present and future health of all beings that call our vast rugged region home.”

The endorsement of the Hoopa Valley Tribe recognizes the value of Measure A in helping to bring back healthy watersheds, rivers, and ecosystems.