Humboldt Progressive Democrats Endorse Local Candidates in November Election.

From Kimberley White/Sept. 27, 2020, 5:42 p.m.

I would like to announce that I have been endorsed by Humboldt Progressive Democrats.


Humboldt Progressive Democrats Endorse Local Candidates in November Election.


Humboldt Progressive Democrats endorsed several local candidates at our special meeting Friday night, September 4th. Using a virtual remote meeting platform, each candidate spoke to members about their vision and platform and answered question from members. Topics ranged from sea level rise to defunding the police to living wages and affordable housing.


The Club shall focus its efforts within the County of Humboldt to work toward restoration of citizen ownership of our democracy by mobilizing grassroots participation in the political process; to support candidates and issues through a combination of education, community organizing, and direct action at the local, state, and national levels; to hold elected officials accountable to the electorate; and to promote progressive policies; to advance the goals of the Democratic Party (hereinafter called the Party), through coordination with other Democratic groups, and other activities to benefit the Party.


Progressive policies include, but are not limited to, universal health care; tuition-free public college, human and civil rights for all under the law; protection of our environment; fair trade; worker rights to organize and collectively bargain; abolition of the death penalty; and promoting fairness, peace, justice and sustainability within our community, our state, our country, and the world.


This election will be a game changer as our country and planet are facing unprecedented and existential challenges. As noted by Vice-Chair Michele Walford, “These progressive candidates embody the compassion and humanity that is needed to meet our most urgent needs well as the vision and abilities to make it happen in the most efficient, environmentally friendly, and human-centered way possible.” Humboldt Progressive Democrats is an official Democratic Party Club, chartered by the Humboldt


County Central Committee. We are grassroots, progressive activists mobilizing political participation for social, environmental, & economic justice. Our vision is a free, open, transparent election process where electeds, candidates, and legislation can focus on achieving what the public needs and wants. We believe our progressive agenda will only be advanced by getting big money out of politics - therefore Humboldt Progressive Democrats supports progressive legislation and candidates currently free from

corporate donations. Please join us in making progressive change locally and beyond.


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